Inactive Exterminating [9-1]
"Aqua Jet."
"I'll bet he'll use a priority attack again, based on the last two attacks. ." Hercules mused to himself. "In which case we'll just have to beat him at it -- use Quick Attack, Mandicore!"

Hercules had been correct in guessing the next move, and as Pandive gathered water around himself to once more jet across the swampy field, Mandicore shot off faster than the water bird could keep up with. The bug and dark type plowed into the Fisher pokemon with her whole body, and then slammed into the wall as she couldn't get her speed under control enough to stop. The Pandive was left squished and submerged in the mud, unable to battle. Hercules wiped some sweat from his brow, and it wasn't just from the heat of the gym.   

Mandicore used Quick Attack! (-11 HP)
Pandive Fainted. Who will Lee send out now?

[28] [sp=male] [sp=pandive] 0/99 [Torrent] @ [sp=snowcrystal]
[31] [sp=female] [sp=mandicore] 27/116 [Hustle] (knows Super Sting) (-1 Atk)

"Bojina, Shadow Sneak."
"Oh, your last pokemon is a ghost? Wonderful -- Mandicore, use Bite!" Hercules clearly thought he had this battle in the bag, but Lee was about to show him wrong. First, the Faceless Badger pokemon's eyeless stare made Mandicore pause for a number of seconds. Then, the attack the ghost type used allowed her to melt into the shadows and strike Mandicore from behind before the bug could realize where Bojina had gone. Trying to clamp her mandibles around the elusive badger, the Pincer pokemon spun around to grab a hold of her opponent -- but her mandibles clapped shut on nothing but air.

Bojina's faceless stare freaked Mandicore out!
Mandicore's Attack was lowered.
Bojina used Shadow Sneak! (-6 HP)
Mandicore used Bite! The attack missed. . .

[28] [sp=female] [sp=bojina] 109/109 [Intimidate]
[31] [sp=female] [sp=mandicore] 21/116 [Hustle] (knows Super Sting) (-2 Atk)

Use Potion on Lobovo.
"Try again, Mandicore!" Hercules called, noting that Lee was healing his other pokemon just in case. Smart move, indeed, especially if his bug missed her mark again. Then again, as Mandicore charged, she was right on aim, and caught Bojina around the middle, squeezing with what power she had left. The bug and dark type let go and Bojina hurriedly increased the space between them again.

Lee used a Potion on Lobovo. (+20 HP)
Mandicore used Bite! It's super effective! (-56 HP)

[28] [sp=female] [sp=bojina] 53/109 [Intimidate]
[31] [sp=female] [sp=mandicore] 21/116 [Hustle] (knows Super Sting) (-2 Atk)

Use Potion on Lobovo.
Repeating the methods for this round as the last, both Trainers did the exact same thing. Hercules knew that by now, the Challenger's last pokemon would probably be a problem, but there wasn't really anything he could do about it. Mandicore shot off one last time, ripping Bojina into shreds -- the ghost type would have Flinched had she not been knocked out first. The bug and dark type skittered back to the back of the field, behind some bushes to wait for Lee's last pokemon.

Lee used another Potion on Lobovo. (+20 HP)
Mandicore used Bite! It's super effective! (-53 HP)
Bojina Fainted.

[28] [sp=female] [sp=bojina] 0/109 [Intimidate]
[31] [sp=female] [sp=mandicore] 21/116 [Hustle] (knows Super Sting) (-2 Atk)

"Lobovo, Tackle."
Lobovo came back out after a semi-good rest and found herself face-to-face with a weakened version of the same bug. Or rather, where the bug was hiding. Suddenly Hearing rustling behind her, Lobovo turned around -- only to be met with Mandicore's stinging attack. Getting some space between the two combatants, however, the Deceitful pokemon charged and rammed a full body blow into the bug, almost sealing her fate. Hercules stood stock-still, not believing that the ground type was still standing and in very good health. What had happened to Mandicore's mighty attack strength?

Mandicore used Super Sting! (-28 HP)
Lobovo used Tackle! (-9 HP)

[27] [sp=female] [sp=lobovo] 48/94 [Tough Hide]
[31] [sp=female] [sp=mandicore] 12/116 [Hustle] (knows Super Sting) (-2 Atk)

Mandicore attacked again as Hercules commanded, this time by ramming into Lobovo and crunching down with her mandibles again. After fighting to get free, the ground type rammed her shoulder into the bug, knocking her over. Both pokemon were extremely tired, and it was a wonder that Mandicore wasn’t missing her target more often. Hercules looked quite a bit stressed, as Mandicore’s low remaining strength was not something he was accustomed to seeing. This Trainer was definitely an accomplished pokemon handler; but would he be able to pull it off still? Both pokemon were pretty much on their last legs for the battle.

Mandicore used Bite! (-28 HP)
Lobovo used Tackle! (-8 HP)

[27] [sp=female] [sp=lobovo] 20/94 [Tough Hide]
[31] [sp=female] [sp=mandicore] 4/116 [Hustle] (knows Super Sting) (-2 Atk)

Hercules panicked at the last moment, seeing Mandicore so weakened, and went for a priority move, despite already having the speed necessary and needing the power of a stronger attack. Mandicore zipped by Lobovo, clipping her side, and crashed into the wall behind the ground type. Lobovo turned as quickly as she could to bodily squish the bug against the wall some more, thereby securing her final victory.

Hercules blew out a sigh, and Recalled his last fallen bug. He wiped the sweat from his face and came over to Lee in order to shake his hand and give him what he'd earned for a hard-fought battle. Cash exchanged hands and Hercules placed the Elytra Badge in Lee's open palm, congratulating him on the effort and teamwork he'd displayed with his pokemon. Hercules sent him off with a grin and a wave before disappearing into the back of the gym again and going back to his work-out.

Mandicore used Quick Attack! (-15 HP)
Lobovo used Tackle! (-4 HP)
Mandicore Fainted!
Lobovo gained 151% exp. Lobovo grew to level 28!
Lee received the Elytra Badge, as well as 3100P and the [sp=tmbug]TM [Super Sting]!

[27] [sp=female] [sp=lobovo] 5/94 [Tough Hide]
[31] [sp=female] [sp=mandicore] 0/116 [Hustle] (knows Super Sting) (-2 Atk)

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