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Hi everyone,

I randomly stumbled upon the phoenixdex (which impressed me) and by extension this RPG forum, immediately I had to sign up, as I'm both a fan of RPing and Pokemon, I have been since it was on "Cheez TV" here in Australia back when I was 10 or so (damn that makes it almost 18 years ago)

I haven't kept up with the anime but I have with the games.

Anyways I hope to be an active member in the forums as I am on a disability pension due to an accident which gives me a lot of spare time.

See you around New Logora.
Dude! Another game-over-anime! WOOOOOOO!!! I'M NOT ALOOOOOONE!!!

In all honesty, it's great to see another newbie around here. Someone else to...actually, I'm not going to threaten death/torture/grevous bodily harm on you. I already fulfilled my weekly quota for that.

Hop around the forums, we're a friendly bunch. Be sure to check out the Getting Started guide, go the front page and check the Shoutbox (C-box), clikc the link to Discord on said C-box to go to where most of our conversations are, and poke around the non-Pokemon related forums for discussion, silliness, RP, and an attempt to get a tabletop RPG campaign using FATE mechanics off the ground. See you around!
This often catches me out, too, but Xander the Crocoal is female.
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Welcome aboard, Fuzz! It's good to see some new faces around here. We hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have questions, we have answers!

Also yeah, games are totally better than the anime. But check out some of the manga too, if you've never experienced it (Pokemon Adventures is particularly amazing :D).
~ Taav
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An Aussie? As the local Kiwi and an RPG mod, I am obligated to make all attacks against you crit.

Jokes aside, welcome to the forums! It's always good to see a new face around here. I hope you enjoy your stay.
Welcome young one! Our little neck of the Netherworld, now 98% demon free, humbly accepts you! :D
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