Hello everyone!

I was looking for an interesting, active, and friendly looking Pokémon site, and after some due searching, RPG directory lead me here. First time RPing in a Pokémon centric site, but have been a play by post RPer on general settings for about 8 years now. Here's hoping to start with the right foot, cheers!
Why hello there, good sir!
Always nice to see a new face here, since, you know, staff-member ratio imbalanced, overthrow the mod oppressors, etc.
Anyway, welcome to Turqoise, hope you'll stay for longer, as always interested in your adventure, don't be shy to talk to people over on the c-box, even though most the talking happens over Discord these days, and be wary of homicidal maniacs, we have a lot of those!
Hmm... Yeah, that's a signature... I think I'll keep it that way until I find anything better.
Oh, nice, would you happen to have a link to the Discord chat?
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Hmm... Yeah, that's a signature... I think I'll keep it that way until I find anything better.
Well howdy there, new member!

I'm Eonrider, your friendly neighbourhood RPG mod. I hope you enjoy your stay here at Turquoise, and if you have any questions, feel free to shoot them at me or one of our other mods. Oh, and don't let Inquisitor and his talk of rebellion fool you. We're not going anywhere.
Hey, newbie to sacrifice torture chat with!

Don't mind me, I don't bite. I do a lot other things, but I don't bite. We do chat on Discord more, but be wary that we all a bunch of lunatics.

In addition, if you have any interest in tabletop RPGs, we're trying to get a campaign off the ground and welcome new players.
This often catches me out, too, but Xander the Crocoal is female.
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Hello there! I'm the honorary mod! Welcome to our friendly little community, now 99% demon free! Enjoy your stay!
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Well hello everyone, nice to see that the community is friendly! I think I'll have to ask for an invite to the Discord, one of those discord.gg thingamajigs.

That aside, yus, I love tabletop RPGs, personally a fan of Anima, Tenra, Exalted, and Pathfinder. I've also been trying to find a group that would let me play Pokemon Tabletop United with them as a player, since otherwise I am the default DM with my local gang XD
Ah. Yes. Silly me. Wrong link.
Hmm... Yeah, that's a signature... I think I'll keep it that way until I find anything better.

I'm Taav, an active scapegoat admin of PT. Hope you stick around and enjoy the RPG! And if you need anything, I am only a PM or Discord message away.
~ Taav
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