Inactive Book II - Part III - Irrlicht Irritation!
Just when it seemed like the battle against Zangoose and Seviper was lost-

"That's not what happened at all!"

-just when it seemed like the battle against Zangoose and Seviper was lost, Fairlulu's Acafia ate through the ropes around the wild Virlich, which started to dance around Team Revivalist's Pokémon to confuse them into KOing each other! Ruxi and Kozr mistook it for some kind of break dance, and then Unown used its signature move and blew the bad guys away and then went off flying all like "Team Revivalists getting sent underground agaaaaaaain!" and became a distant twinkle in the sky.

"That's not how visual media works!"
"How did they get blown through the entire tunnel? Hidden Power's not that strong."

T-t-t- Shut up! It blew up the mecha or something! And that totally didn't upset the environment even worse! And now you all went outside through the hole the mecha blew because the Virlich led you that way or something!

"Oooooh! The badlands are beautiful! I can't believe we almost missed out on this because you had us going through the tunnel instead, Ashdelaide!"
"Hey, that was your idea!"
"Did Virlich want to show us this?"
"Hey, look. What's Virlich doing now...?"

OOC: Time for a wild.
Having seen your might disposing of Team Revivalist, Virlich decided he wanted to try taking you on himself!

Wild Virlich appeared!

[16][sp=m][sp=virlich] 52/52 [Flash Fire]
OOC: Yule Ball, go!

If unsuccessful, send out Continuity Error.
You threw the Pokeball. It shook once... twice... three times! Congratulations, you caught a Virlich! Would you like to name your newly caught Pokemon?
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"... Did it just reach into one of my Pokéballs and catch itself?"
"Aww, it likes you!"
"Eh, well, that Pokéball's yours anyway. I don't know what it was doing on my belt."
"This means I get to nickname it!"
"... Spare me."

And so, laughing and having fun and watching a beautiful sunset on the badlands, our heroes continued moving forward, to Route 617.

See you in the next repetition of the formula!

OOC: Did all of the following myself:
Nicknamed the Virlich as Friendly Fire.
Used the Rock Smash TM on The Great Cowabunga and High Five.
Used the Ley Cross TM on Friendly Fire.

Aaaand I'll be moving ahead from here.

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