Dante Kade's Journal
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Entry One: 12 January
Guess I should start this since I’m about to leave on my journey. Within a month, I’ll be gone. I’ll leave this decrepit old house and its wretched, self-appointed ruler behind forever. Years of dealing with my father’s bullshit and my brother’s arrogance have left me cold toward them. I guess they did do something good for me, though: they made me tough. I’m not going to back down from anything anymore. Guess you could say I’ve finally snapped. They certainly did. But I don’t care. I couldn’t care less what they think anymore; they’re not worth my time. My brother seems to be happy living in my father’s shadow, rising to his expectations if only because he gets treated marginally better because of it. He wants to butter up the old stiff, good for him - he can have this life. It’s not for me.

I’ll be on my own path soon enough. Good riddance, old man. I hope you kick a Voltorb sitting in a field of Electrodes one day.
One dark night in the middle of the day,
two dead boys went out to play.
Back to back, they faced each other,
drew their swords, and shot each other.
A deaf policeman heard the shot
and came and got them two dead boys.
If you don’t believe this story that’s true,
ask any blind man; he saw it, too.

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Favorite Words
Agathokakological, Deleterious, Discombobulated, Existential Cessation, Impugn,
Irascible, Poetaster/Poeticule/Poetling, Rodomontade, Schadenfreude, Transmorgrify

Percussive Maintenance: When you beat something until it works. (Shan, Imythess C-Box)

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It’s better to die quick fighting on your feet than to live forever begging on your knees.

Judge not another by hir stature, especially when hir stick is bigger than yours.

The American way is lost.
There is only the commercial way,
which has become a communist capitalism
concealed behind a thin veil of democracy.

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