IRP How the Hairdo Ruined Everything. (Cecilia and Clara)
Clara had recently arrived in Szlazan City, and it was only a few days before a New Logoran holiday celebration called Christmas, coupled with another one called New Year roughly a week later. Clara wasn’t sure if such things existed elsewhere, but she figured she’d join in the festivities and activities like the locals were doing. It didn’t take much to figure out that one was supposed to get surprise presents for their significant others for one holiday, and to stay up until the new day arrived, celebrating and partying for the other holiday. So many people were talking about it, that it didn’t take the girl very long to figure it out at all. Clara had gotten a little lonely, however, seeing as most peoples’ significant others were not their pokemon partners, but rather other humans that they shared their time and lives with. Clara had no such people with her of course; she only had her pokemon partners. As such, she was excited to find the best and most appropriate gift for each of them, before the supposed deadline, of course.

Before her shopping began, she had gone to the pokemon center, made sure that everyone was in good form, and then left everyone but Máirín in the room she had been given. She figured that she and the water and dragon typed pokemon could still benefit from some good old bonding time. The creature, of course, decided that Clara ought to buy her the best, fanciest, and undoubtedly most expensive thing there was in every shop they visited. They had several arguments all day long, but eventually the pokemon settled for only one of them, and with relief, the girl bought that one last. Let’s see here. This one is Kenneth’s, and this is for Jayden. This one’s Lilith’s. . . Oh! Oops…. There we go. . . Titania’s. And *Siorcha’s/Rei’s gift [(or is it Amanita’s?)]. And this expensive thing is for Máirín. Her mental checklist done, Clara found a place that would expertly wrap all the gifts for a small fee, and then set out back toward the pokemon center. By the time she had arrived, the sky was dark and people were turning in for the night. It must have been quite late. . . .

Hurrying up to her room, Clara quickly put all of the gifts under the mini triangular-shaped tree that the pokemon center had put in the room. The girl assumed that one had been put in each room. Looking at it, however, she couldn’t tell if it was real or fake. Either way, she told each of her pokemon that they couldn’t go near the tree (and the gifts, obviously) until the morning. Excited for the next day, each of them found their place for the night. Nearly everyone decided to snuggle up to their Trainer in her bed, and fell asleep, dreaming of the gift-opening they would enjoy in the morning.

The next morning, Clara awoke from a tranquil sleep to bird pokemon (probably mostly Auriole) chirping outside, and stretched lazily as though she didn’t have a care in the world. She did, of course, but for right now, it was time to enjoy the holiday and gift opening. Carefully maneuvering herself out from underneath most of her Team, Clara slid out of bed and went to check on the gifts to make sure no one had snuck around last night and opened theirs. Instead, she found the space underneath the tree completely devoid of the gifts she had set down.

With a cry that woke up her pokemon, Clara rounded on them, and the group spent the next couple of minutes trying to convince their Trainer that none of them had done it. After a while, Clara started to believe them, unless they were all in on the same joke.

“Well, if it wasn’t you guys, then what happened?” Shrugs, grunts, twitters and other noises were the only thing that Clara got in return. Sighing, the girl Recalled each of them, and made her way outside the pokemon center, where she received quite another picture altogether.

Outside, there were quite a lot of people, many of them wanting answers from the police. But what was going on? As Clara approached a rather large group, she overheard many of the adults saying that their presents and other gifts had vanished by morning! Was it the same thing as what had happened to the young Trainer? Just what is going on here?!

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"What the freaking hell happened to our presents?!"

Yelling could be heard from inside the pokemon center, but their sheer rage made it difficult to tell if it was coming from a man or a woman. A cacophony of various pokemon cries started at the yelling stopped, and soon a loud slam could be heard, the doors to the building vibrating from the impact. The doors let out a ping as they slid open, allowing a teenage girl to limp out, the female surrounded by several pokemon.

"Oka- sssss" she hissed as she stepped out, obviously favoring her left leg as she limped with the right, "Okay, what the heck is going o- Move out of the way!"

The girl stopped long enough to scream at poor Clara, grabbing the stranger by her shirt and yanking her out of the way before continuing on her warpath. She stopped again a few steps later when she noticed how crowded the police were, knowing it would be a futile endeavor to bother them. She turned enough to get a look at Clara, her glasses doing nothing to block the fire and anger in her eyes.

"You. You, the brat in my way. Do you know anything about what is going on? Better yet, do you know who is responsible for stealing our presents? I need to know who's face to plant my size nine boot in."

Meanwhile, the angry teen's pokemon had gathered around, several of which had hidden behind Clara, afraid to approach their enraged trainer.

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Before Clara really got a chance to ask anybody (including the police) for any information, angry sounds coming from the pokemon center she had just exited exploded behind her as the doors dinged open. Turning slightly, Clara caught a glance of an older female Trainer limping out and yelling at the top of her lungs. Clara tried to mind her own business then, and turned back around to try her hand at getting the police officer’s attention.

Instead, she heard a gruff command of “Move out of the way” accompanied by a sharp jerk on her shirt that nearly pulled her off her feet and onto the ground. The girl suddenly found herself behind the upset, shouting Trainer. The younger Trainer felt slighted, but she wasn’t really quite sure what she could do in this situation other than just stay out of the way. Maybe the other female would forget about her in a few minutes and she could get back to asking what the police knew about the missing gifts.

However, that wasn’t to be as the older Trainer once more inquired to the air about her missing presents, surveyed the situation in front of her (with the crowd and all), and spun on her heel to face Clara. The only thing Clara could think about was that it seemed to be that she wasn’t the only one who had a gift-disappearing issue this morning and was angry, though her anger was nowhere near the fury that this Trainer was exhibiting.

Clara got a good look at this older Trainer and realized that she was only a few years older than herself. The older teen was a brunette, and Clara was suddenly struck with how much taller she was. It probably didn't help that their faces were in close proximity to each other. The only other thing the girl noticed was that the other Trainer wore a pair of glasses, though for fashion or because she needed them, Clara couldn't tell. After few seconds of looking at the other female, Clara realized that the older teen was yelling and pointing her finger at her!

“You. You, the brat in my way. Do you know anything about what is going on? Better yet, do you know who is responsible for stealing our presents? I need to know whose face to plant my size nine boot in."

“Uuhh-- I-- uhh…” Clara stammered, not quite sure how to respond to the older teen’s behavior. She herself didn’t know the answer, but what was she to say? Surely, if she said as such, the other female would only be more enraged. It was then that Clara realized she had several other bodies pressed against her back and legs in various locations. At first she thought that her Team had released themselves in defense of their Trainer, but none of them felt familiar.

A few more seconds and Clara had the inkling that perhaps the bodies were indeed pokemon, but instead of hers, they must have been the other female’s pokemon. A few of them were trembling, and all of them had themselves pressed tight against her as though she would be able to shield them and withstand the wrath of their Trainer. Clara finally spoke in a small, squeaky voice, afraid just as much as the pokemon, but with hopes of warding the older teen off to a different unlucky person.

“Perhaps the police officers over there would know? I-- I don’t have any-- any information. . . . I’m sorry. . . The gifts I had were also gone by this morning. I was going to ask the police officers when everyone else was done. . .”
Before Cecelia could raise her voice again, she noticed the how frightened the child before her was. She lowered her finger and heaved a heavy sigh in an attempt to calm herself.

"So I'm not the only one that was robbed. Well that is just fan-tucking-fastic..."

As Cecelia relaxed, her pokemon crept out from behind the timid girl and cautiously approached Cecelia. All aside from her Natu, Sufi, who had fluttered onto Clara's shoulder, the round green bird giving the trainer's head a gentle pat with her wing, as if to say 'There there.'

"I would talk to the police," Cecelia spoke, now crouching as she stroked along her Seviper's head, "but I can't handle crowds. From how angry everyone looks, I doubt the police even know what happened."

For a minute or two, Cecelia simply sat there as she tried to think of how to fix things, her pokemon resting at her feet as they awaited their trainer's orders... or next raging hissyfit.

"Well... If this many people were robbed, the perp knew what they were doing. And if I were a criminal, I would take advantage of this mayhem." Cecelia stood, cupping her chin as she thought out loud, having completely forgotten about Clara as she went into her own little world, "Since all of these people are out of their homes, the thief could be getting back to work. With the streets this crowded, they wouldn't be able to move as freely, if they're even here anymore..."

Cecelia continued this line of thought, her pokemon watching and waiting for the brunette to finish. She suddenly stopped, her team jumping back as she whipped around to the group. Cecelia pulled several pokeballs from the strap of her bag, recalling Seviper, Pindillo and Wyrmal, leaving only her Natu, Tinimer and off-colored Minccino out.

"Okay team, here is the plan: Minccino and I are heading back to our room to search for clues. Sufi and Tinimer, take to the sky and scan the city. Notify us if anyone or anything seems o-"

'Nat nat!'

"Huh?" Cecelia looked over at Sufi, the Natu still roosting on Clara's shoulder and nodding her head at the blonde, "She doesn't look very useful, but if you think she can help..." Cecelia replied, not fully understanding Sufi's plan but rolling with it anyway. She approached Clara, looking down at the slightly shorter child, "Do you have any ideas or suggestions? You're not going crazy like those people," she said, nodding back to the adults mobbing the police, "so you must be somewhat intelligent. Well? Do you have anything?"

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Clara shivered slightly as she watched one of the creatures that had been against her back slither over to their Trainer for a pat and rub on the head. I thought there was something big against my back, but to think there was a giant snake with fangs That long right behind me is a bit scary! Maybe this Trainer likes tough, scary pokemon. . . . But then again. . . The young girl surveyed the other pokemon that revealed themselves as their Trainer appeared to have calmed down enough. Besides the snake, there was a pink armadillo, a fluffy mammal, a smaller drake, and a small bug with a balloon. The other pokemon don’t seem very scary at all. Most of them I’ve never seen before, but they look kind of cute. The girl then felt a weight settle upon her shoulder, and judging by the tiny claws that dug into her, she guessed that it was the other Trainer’s sixth pokemon, and a lightweight bird at that. The bird fluttered its wings, almost patting at Clara’s face, as though to reassure her that everything was going to be okay.

The younger Trainer listened intently as the other female grumbled about not being the only one with a crisis and then addressed her, saying that she didn’t do well in crowds like those that still surrounded the police, looking and yelling for answers. As the Trainer began to think, Clara watched as the brunette’s pokemon settled comfortably around her, awaiting orders, or perhaps just on the lookout in case they needed to scramble out of the way again. A strange relationship this Trainer had with her pokemon, no?

Regardless, Clara was eager for another’s mind to work with, and she was not disappointed as the older teen began to think out loud. Gaining insight to a more experienced Trainer’s thought-process was intriguing, but incomplete, as Clara suddenly found that only the bird on her shoulder, the bug, and the fluffy pinkish pokemon were left outside their pokeballs. The others had been Recalled, and it seemed as though the older teen had come up with a plan of sorts. Wonderful. Perhaps Clara would be able to assist and together they could maybe find out what had happened to the gifts that everyone seemed to be missing this morning.

The older female began to order her plan but was interrupted when the bird on Clara's shoulder called out. Suddenly there was a conversation that the young Trainer only understood the human-spoken half and it seemed to be about herself. As the brunette approached Clara, she asked,

"Do you have any ideas or suggestions? You're not going crazy like those people, "so you must be somewhat intelligent. Well? Do you have anything?"

A bit rude, I think. Clara thought, But she seems to be more comfortable with pokemon than people. Maybe that’s simply how she is. Did she have anything to contribute to the plan, though? Perhaps she could wait around and ask the police about it when the chance to squeeze in there came, or maybe she could go back and search her own room, to see if there may have been anything left or dropped, some clue as to how or why the gifts disappeared. What else could there be to do? They really didn't have any idea of where to start.

“I think I could also go back and search my room for anything. Perhaps while we do that, the crowd around the police will disperse and we would have no problems approaching them for information.” Clara volunteered, addressing the older teen as an equal. “I could also ask Jayden, my Auriole, to search for whatever you wanted your other two to search for. He could assist, I’m sure.”
Cecelia was surprised to hear the younger trainer speak above a timid whisper, not realizing that her abrasive actions are what caused her to shrink away. Cecelia inhaled, holding her breath for a moment before finally exhaling, remembering that talking offline is nothing like being online.

"The more, the better. If you think Jayden can help, great." Cecelia said slowly, her awkward manner of speaking showing just how unnatural speaking face-to-face is for her, "Basically, look for anything strange. People moving large amounts of items, cliche robbers in striped clothes with money bags, whatever. Anything that seems off."

Sufi, the little Natu on Clara's shoulder nodded her head and chirruped at Tinimer, who didn't seem to be paying any attention as Cecelia spoke. Sufi began to flap her tiny round wings, fluttering up to the shimmering spider and relaying the plan. Shortly after, the two took off, Sufi flitting one way while Tinimer casually floated another, more happy to have a bit of freedom at the moment.

'Ugh, she doesn't even care. Stupid bug...' Cecelia muttered under her breath as the two flew off. She then looked down at Minccino, who had taken a seat on her trainer's boot and began to preen her tail, "Minccino, we're going. Uh... Come up here..."

Though the two had traveled for a while, Cecelia wasn't really used to the Pecha-Pink mammal. Minccino looked up with a confused expression and a squeak before scrambling up her trainer's body, taking a seat atop her shoulder and coiling her newly-cleaned tail around Cecelia's neck.

"We're heading back to our room. When we're done, we'll come by yours. We're gonna find these thieving ba-" Cecelia cut herself off, realizing that kind of language shouldn't be said in front of such a young girl, "Baaaaaa...gels? Bagels? Yeah..."

Cecelia trailed off and stepped off to the side, her face flushed at her own stupidity as she headed back toward the pokemon center.
While Cecelia was unaware that her abrasive actions were what caused Clara to shy away from the teen at first, Clara was likewise ignorant of what truly plagued the older teen (communication-wise) and the fact that the brunette was surprised at her earlier actions of speaking up. Because of this, the girl continued speaking, somewhat excited that she might be able to help with something. Who knows, maybe she'll get money out of doing the deed, if they ever managed to find the missing gifts. Or, she was going to speak more, until she realized that the older teen was talking again.

While the little round bird and the bug left to go look around for what their Trainer wanted to find, Clara released Jayden, relaying the short instructions to him, and then watched him fly off. Catching the other female behind her muttering something else, the younger Trainer turned to her, but only caught wind that she had wanted her fluffy mammal, called Minccino, to come up onto her shoulder. Whatever else it was that she’d said was lost to the younger Trainer. The Minccino apparently knew what its Trainer wanted, for, as Clara watched (slightly amused), the creature scrambled up and sat on her shoulder, wrapping her tail around the female’s neck like a fluffy, self-heating scarf. For a moment, Clara felt a bit of jealousy, also wanting some sort of mutual relationship such as that with her own pokemon. For now, she only had a working relationship with each of them, while they continued to grow and learn together, both from each other and from each new situation they found themselves in. Bringing herself out of her self-absorbed thoughts, the younger girl tuned into what the older teen was saying (again).

“. . . room. When we're done, we'll come by yours. We're gonna find these thieving ba-- . . Baaaaaa . . . gels? Bagels? Yeah . . ."

Thieving bagels? What in the name of Arceus was she talking about? The brunette turned so that she wasn’t facing Clara anymore, and for some odd reason seemed extremely embarrassed, or put off, at least. She would be too, Clara figured, if she started talking about bagels that were stealing things. . . Or was she referring to whomever it may have been that was responsible for the missing gifts? Or. . . . or maybe she was going to say something else entirely. But then why change what she was going to say? It had sounded like the “a” in the first word was pronounced differently from the “a’ in “bagels”, but. . . .? Clara was at a loss to that, and decided to somewhat ignore it. Awkward. . .

“Uhh. . . Anyway, I will also go search my room again, and then meet up with you. Hopefully we can find some clue to this. . . occurrence.” The older Trainer simply stepped away and headed back toward the pokemon center, so Clara was unsure if she had heard her response or not. In any case, Clara followed her to the building, intent on going straight to her room. Perhaps her other pokemon could help her find something while Jayden was out searching the area?
The door to the pokemon slid open with a resounding ping before shutting behind Cecelia, only to ping once more when she was a few feet inside the building. She glanced over her shoulder, finding the girl from before following her. Despite having chatted with the child moments ago, this instantly put Cecelia into a state of Red Alert panic mode! Her pace quickened, her boots clacking loudly against the tiled floor as she sped her way to her room, turning only to enter her room. Once in, she shut and locked the door behind her, her social phobias overriding her common sense as usual. As she leaned against the door, supporting herself as she tried to calm down, poor Minccino nuzzled her trainer's cheek in an attempt to calm her the frig down.

"Oh, right. You're here..." This reaction caused Minccino to stop her nuzzling and instead repeatedly bop the top of her trainer's head as she squeaked furiously, "Okay, o- okay! Stop! I'm sorry." Cecelia cried, grabbing the chinchilla and holding her out by the scruff, "Sorry. Just being stupid..."

When Minccino finally relaxed, knelt down, setting the creature on the floor in front of her.

"Alright, I've read that your kind are total neat freaks. Mind helping me look for clues?"

"Chii?" Minccino chirped.

"Someone stole our freaking presents! We need clues to find the stupid jerk."

"Chiiiiiin..." Minccino began to back away, hugging her tail tight. Seeing how much her raised voice frightened the rodent, Cecelia heaved a sigh and tried to calm down.

"Look, many people, and more importantly, we were robbed. This is unforgivable. If anyone is going to rob someone, it's going to be us~" Cecelia smirked, partly joking, "Let's look for clues. If we find nothing, at least we can say we tried..."

Trailing off, Cecelia only meant half of what she said. If they couldn't find anything, odds are she would go on the warpath once more and burn this miserable city to the ground. If she couldn't have her stuff, then no one can!

"Chi!" Minccino squeaked, nodding at her trainer's request then scampering away, checking every inch of the floor while Cecelia looked over the table, bed, everything.

... Squat. Zip. Zero. Nada. Goose egg. Nil. Nothing. That is exactly what the pair managed to dig up.

"Grrrrrrrr, whoever did this is freaking good. Did you find anything, Minccino?"

Minccino crawled out from under the bed, shaking her little pink head no.

"Grrrrah!" Cecelia lost her cool once more, suddenly kicking one of the two chairs by the table, the impact causing it to fall apart, "Someone gun freaking die this Christmas!"

Flinging the door to her room open, Cecelia stormed out and headed back to the center's entrance, when something caught her eye. The room next to her's was open, and inside was a familiar face; The blonde trainer from before.

Maybe she found something... If not, maybe she'll enjoy wrecking this stupid city with me. Cecelia thought as she approached the open door and asking as sweetly as she could, "Heeeeeey buddy. Find anything?"
As Clara entered the pokemon center after the older teen, she spotted the brunette glancing backwards at her, before seeming to panic and flee to the stairs to where the young Trainer presumed her room was. Clara also ascended the stairs and headed to her room, distinctly hearing a door slam shut somewhere on her floor as she reached the landing. Someone must also be angry because of the missing gifts, or maybe they just liked to close the door loudly?

Weaving through the hallways and entering her room, the girl’s eyes swept around, looking for anything obvious. Leaving the door slightly ajar, thinking that nothing would happen, Clara walked further into the room, and then decided that some of her remaining pokemon may/would be able to help.

Releasing Kenneth, Amanita [probably not Siorcha yet], and Titania, the young girl instructed them to look for clues. Kenneth was asked to see if he could detect or smell anything that was out of place; perhaps the thief(ving) [bagel(s)] had left some sort of scent that Kenneth could perhaps identify. There was something in the air, Kenneth thought, but it was nothing that he could put a name to, so he just shrugged. Amanita was asked to look in the hard to reach spots, just in case there was something left behind; she came up with empty pincers. The Lurker pokemon floated everywhere else to find any type of disturbance that could possibly be anywhere in the room. She also came up with nothing. At some point during this searching, Clara was sure she’d heard a loud bang, perhaps coming from one of the room beside hers. Perhaps it was that same person? Maybe not. . . And then another slam. . . Geez. . . .

Sighing, Clara was about to Return her pokemon to their pokeballs when she heard something behind her. It seemed to be quite a familiar voice, though sweet and soothing.

“Heeeeeey buddy. Find anything?" Turning all the way around, the girl found the older Trainer casually leaning into the room from the doorway. Had she found anything and was just asking out of formality? Just then, something moved on the moulding of the doorway, catching the light. This, in turn, caught Clara’s attention and she swiftly moved to pluck whatever it was off. Having it in her fingers, she turned to the other Trainer and held it up for both of them to see.

It appeared to be a very small tuft of light golden hair or fur, so fine, that normally anyone would have missed it. Only the fact that it was in Clara’s point of view at the right moment had it been discovered. Otherwise, they probably never would have found it. Excited, Clara held the stuff to the light for a better look. Could it perhaps belong to a pokemon? Or perhaps someone’s clothing?

“What do you suppose this is? Could it be a clue that would help us? Oh, and did you find anything?” Clara was going to address the brunette, but then realized that they had never exchanged names. “My name’s Clara, by the way. . . Sorry, I never introduced myself. . .”

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"Huh? Oh uh..." Cecelia stopped, having stepped away from the door frame after the child rushed over. When the blonde pulled a golden strands away, she had to walk over, leaning in and adjusting her glasses to get a better look at what the girl was holding, "Cecelia... What is that?" she seemed to trail off at saying her name, more focused on the possible clue in this 'Clara's' hand.

Glancing at the hair, then to Clara's, back to the tuft, then Clara again, Cecelia suddenly reached in, grabbing Clara's hand with one of her own, then a lock of the trainer's blonde hair and held them close together.

"Hmm... Nn... No, doesn't look like yours." Cecelia stood upright and pushed her glasses up onto her nose, "I guess you're not a suspect then... For now."

Stepping back, Cecelia had begun to pace, chin resting in her hand, elbow on the other as she tried to think of anyone or anymon that might have hair like this. Not exactly being a 'people person,' she couldn't remember many people she had met on the way, but when it came to pokemon, she always had a back-up to help her remember. Stopping to rummage through her bag, Cecelia pulled her Pokedex from the messy contents, flipping it open and quickly tapping the buttons on its face.

"Let's see..." Cecelia seemed completely engrossed in the device as she scrolled down the list of pokemon she had seen, "No, no, not yellow, doesn't have hair, no, no, n-"


"The hell?!" Cecelia cried as she jumped, then quickly scrambled to catch her now airborne pokedex. Something pink shot into the room, latching onto the older girl's leg. When Cecelia looked down, she found her Minccino clinging to her leg, her fur frizzed up and body trembling furiously.

"Minccino," Cecelia reached down, prying the chinchilla from her leg and bringing the pokemon to her face, "What are you doing? I thought you were goi-omf!" before she could finish her thought, Minccino grabbed onto her trainer's face, paws, legs and tail wrapped tightly around her.

"Mrnchrno, grr rff!" Cecelia pulled at the frightened creature, and finally managed to get it to take a spot on her shoulder, "I did not need to know what rat fur tasted like..." she said as she spat, pulling a pink strand of fur from her tongue.

"Ciiiin! Cin!" Minccino was tugging at Cecelia's hair as she pointed at the hallway.

"Huh? Somethin' up?" Cecelia asked, curious as to why this normally calm pokemon was so freaked out. Peeking into the hall for a moment, she leaned back into the room just long enough to grab Clara's arm and drag her to the door, "Think they might have any ideas?

Down the hall, the door to a room marked 'Broom Closet' had been flung open, with a pair of short bear-like creatures with fancy curled fur on their head and chest. One, pushing a mop bucket filled with random junk, and the other waddled out carrying a stack of packaged toilet paper, sponges and a single loofah. The two seemed to have a jolly good time, laughing and pushing each other playfully... until they noticed the many pairs of eyes staring at them.


The two strange pokemon looked at Cecelia and Clara, then to each other, have a short conversation, and then... booked it! The one carrying everything tossed what it had been carrying into the bucket then jumped in with everything before the other started to push it, the pair taking off for the exit.

Looking to Clara, Cecelia asked in a calm voice that his the growing rage welling up in her.

"Shall we?"
The other teen made no mention of her name, nor reacted much when Clara introduced herself. She, instead, mumbled to herself, gave Clara several quizzical looks amidst staring at the fluff that the younger girl had found, and then yanked on her hair! The older teen compared the two “items” and then said offhand,

"Hmm... Nn... No, doesn't look like yours. I guess you're not a suspect then... For now." The girl then stood up straight and pushed her glasses back up on her nose. Really? What was up with that? Clara wanted to give some sort of complaint, but the other Trainer went directly to thinking out loud again while pacing about the room. Kenneth, Amanita, and Titania all followed the other girl with their eyes, the Paras getting kind of dizzy and deciding to just sit down.

Out of the blue, the older teen’s pink mammal came barreling through the doorway and started all sorts of commotion. The creature launched itself at its Trainer and eventually ended up stuck to her face. Clara attempted to stifle a laugh, and just barely managed with only a squeak.

Judging from the older teen’s reactions to the frantic Minccino, the young girl suspected that the creature did not normally act in this way. Especially since she had already seen the creature beforehand, and the two behavioral patterns did not match at all. The younger Trainer was going to ask the other female what she thought of it, but before she had a chance, the other moved toward the door at the behest of the pokemon and then suddenly grabbed her arm, pulling her over as well. The two peered around the corner, and found the source of the pink pokemon’s distress.

"Think they might have any ideas?” The brunette asked her. As Clara focused on what was going on in the hallway, she found two pale-furred creatures whom had golden hair/fur at their necks and on their heads. The two pokemon were carrying odds and ends from a cleaning closet. They seemed to be having a grand fun time, that is, until they realized both she and the other Trainer were watching!

Quickly, as the two golden creatures were high-tailing it out of there, Clara fumbled with her pokedex out of her backpack and hopefully aimed the device correctly. As the two pokemon disappeared behind the corner of the hallway, Clara hoped she had gotten something. Two painfully long seconds ticked by, and then the pokedex piped up with the name and species of the pokemon.

“Yes!” Clara hissed triumphantly, and then realized (by looking at the picture closely) that the two pokemon seemed to have similar fur to what the girl had found in her room. Jumping to conclusions, Clara jumped out into the hallway and started after them, yelling,

“I think those are the ones that did all the gift-stealing! We’ve got to catch them!” She had not heard Cecelia ask if she was ready to begin a chase as the hunter. Off the young Trainer went around the corner, forgetting in the excitement, that she only had Lilith and Máirín with her.

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"Oh Arceus, don't make me run!"

Cecelia's boots pounded against the tiled floor as she chased after Clara, slowing down only to carefully climb down the stairs (safety first,) before hoofing it once more after the excited girl. The door to the center slid open with its usual annoying 'bing bong' as Cecelia dashed out, stopping to look around to see where Clara had run off to.

'Cin cin!' Minccino chirped, tugging her trainer's brown locks and pointing off to the right, spotting Clara ducking between a pair of buildings not far off.

"Huff... Not made... for running..." Cecelia groaned as she gave chase once more, her arms less swinging and more flopping as she quickly tired out. Turning the corner, she could finally get a good view of Clara, who was bee-lining it for the pair of cubs, straight toward the back exit of the city!

Uggggh, next time, I'm teaming up with someone that can friggin' carry me. Went through Cecelia's head, along with various other complaints and naughty words that a girl her age shouldn't be saying, I'd better get a reward for this nonsense...

Wherever the pair were heading, one thing was a safe bet; they will not be having a merry Christmas once Cecelia gets a hold of the thieving little craps...

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Granted, it was a foolhardy and split-second decision to chase after the two bear cubs called Cursla, but Clara had not thought the two creatures would be this fast! Trying to catch the two left the young Trainer nearly breathless, and a stitch was beginning to form below her ribs on the left side. After shooting down the stairs and catching a small breather coming out of the pokemon center, Clara was able to start off again, heading toward the two bears, whom had dashed off into the street and appeared to be heading toward an unknown alleyway.

Giving a spurt of energy and power to her legs, Clara sprinted toward the general area, weaving past the few numbers of people who were about. Clara didn’t pay any attention to them, her gaze zeroing in on where the Cursla were disappearing from her sight.

Finally making it to the entrance of the alley, the girl found the two scuttling toward the outskirts of the city! Trying to reduce the distance, she made as straight a beeline as possible, but it didn’t look like she was going to make it. Jayden suddenly swooped in from above, chirping several times. This gave the two Cursla pause and they slowed down to a near stop in front of the Auriole. Two yellow fur-balls looked at each other as Jayden continued, and this allowed Clara to draw closer to them, just within a few feet of the pokemon.

However helpful Jayden’s actions were, it didn’t do enough to let Clara catch the creatures. They dashed off yet again, leaving the cleaning supplies behind in their haste this time, and Clara cried out in dismay. Trying to catch her breath again and calm down a little, the girl asked Jayden to track the two pokemon as stealthy as possible. The young Trainer hoped this was enough. As soon as she felt ready, she walked farther into the wild area surrounding the back end of the city, casting hopeful glances to the sky for Jayden.

Not far behind the brunette Trainer were Kenneth, and Titania. Amanita the Paras was riding on the Lurker pokemon’s back. The pokemon had been taken by surprise when their Trainer dashed off without them, but they were sure that they could catch up to the two Trainers regardless. Easily finding the other human that was not their Trainer, the group tried to push her (by pushing against her legs) in the direction that Kenneth said he had smelled Clara’s scent go in.

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With Clara moving at a slower pace as she followed the thieving cubs ninja-style, and with the help of Jayden flitting between the two Trainers every so often, Cecelia was finally able to catch up to the younger crime solver.

"Huh... g-guh..." Cecelia groaned, soaked in sweat with her coat around her waist, Clara's pokemon trying to push the nearly dead trainer along. Once Cecelia and her helpers caught up, she flopped to the ground, heaving heavily as she rested on the ground.

"Mama, they dun kilt yer lil gurl..." Cecelia whined, unable to tell how loud she was being with the drum-like pounding in her ears. Clara tried to hush her, but all this did was elicit more whining and cursing from the older girl.

After a while of catching her breath, Cecelia followed the young blonde to behind some bushes and a few wide trees. Beyond them, both girls watched as the two Cursla disappeared behind some thick brush. Cecelia watched as Clara signaled to Jayden, who had taken a roost behind them, hidden by some branches. The bird flew off, carefully scouting the area where the two bears had vanished. He returned, and with a few peculiar chirps and tweets, relayed his report. It took a few more minutes for the younger Trainer to understand the gist of what the Auriole was saying. Apparently, it was enough, because the younger Trainer then Recalled each of her pokemon. Then, she relayed that there appeared to be a cave entrance behind the thick vegetation and that it was most likely the home of those bears, and where all the gifts had most likely been taken.

"Well, I didn't sweat all these pounds off for nothin'." Cecelia spoke as she stepped out from behind their hiding spot. As much as she wanted to storm in there and raise hell, she was still far too burned out from the run to do much more than flail angrily given the chance. So instead, the pair of investigators approached, wondering just what they would find in the thieves home...

Stepping into the cave's maw, the pair of trainers came across a most peculiar site; the inside of the cave was akin to an average human house. A rug worn and stained from age, makeshift shelves built from rocks and branches, and even some chairs and a table that, from the look of their wear and tear, were probably pilfered from a dump. This wasn't the only room from the look of it either. A set of holes had been carved into the cave walls, leading into other rooms. If the cave weren't, you know, a cave, Cecelia would have thought this was an actual home.

"Huh... If it didn't look like total crap, I'd say the place was cute..." As Cecelia finished her thought, one of the rolls of toilet paper the cubs had stolen was chucked at her head, followed by both Curlsa going into a screaming fit at her. "Shaddap!" she screamed back, stomping a foot forward, only for the pair to mimic her action, stomping their own feet forward.

"What is with the ruckus, children?"

"Huh?" Cecelia looked up to see where the voice had come from, while the Curlsa cubs had completely stiffened up, as if afraid of the voice's owner. Shuffling could be heard, as a short old man stepped out of one of the nearby 'rooms,' along with another taller figure similar to that of the Curlsa's.

"Oh, why hello there." The man seemed to struggle to speak above a whisper. His knees shaking as he stood, the other golden, well-groomed creature pulled one of the nearby chairs over for the man to sit in, "Thank you, Bently."

"Sten." The pokemon spoke in a gruff voice, trying to put up a tough facade despite showing such a gentle nature.

"Now," the man said, elbows on his knees with his head resting in his hands, "how may I help you two young men?"

Men?! Cecelia thought, tempted to slug the old fart.

After a brief explanation, most of which Clara had to take care of while Cecelia fumed, the old man gave an annoyed grunt, making the three bears stiffen up.

"I see. I was wondering where the young ones were heading off to at night." The man looked over to the pair of cubs, the two trembling fiercely, as if their lives were about to end that very instant.

"See, we used to celebrate the holidays back when I was a contest performer. Bently here won many contests for me back when I could compete, but" the man paused for a second waving a hand in front of his eyes, "time is a cruel mistress to us all."

The old man rambled on about his heyday, being a champion at Tough and Cute contests with his Ostento, but due to his weak eyesight at a young age and worsening through the years, it was only a matter of time before his career ended.

This struck a chord with Cecelia, whose own eyes were pretty craptastic, though spending countless hours in front of both computer and gaming screens probably helped with that.

"Oh, I am terribly sorry, boys-" the man cut his tangent when he realized how long he had been talking.

He said it again!

"You're probably in a hurry to get back to town..." the man looked over at the cubs, who stood at attention while sweating nervously, "Boys, take everything you stole back to town. Now."

The pair took off in a flash of yellow, gathering as much of their stolen goods as they could.

"Bently, you help too. I know they didn't come up with this idea alone."

Despite being such a strong, burly pokemon, Bently was shaking as his trainer's voice took a stern tone. Soon he too was helping the cubs gather their pilfered presents.

"We're going on ahead then." Cecelia spoke with a grin, enjoying the misery of the three bears, "We'll go tell the police that the culprits are returning the goods. Maybe that'll help shut the mob up too."

Before the man could ramble again, Cecelia grabbed Clara by the arm, dragging the younger trainer out while their pokemon followed. As they passed the mouth of the cave, Cecelia stopped, looking back inside and yelling "And my presents better be in one piece, ya hear?! Or else I'ma have a new pair of Curlsa slippers!"

Within a couple of hours, what was dubbed as 'The Case of the Goldilocks' Three Grinches,' the stupidest possible name the police could come up with, was soon closed. The presents were returned, left in a pile in the center of town so the people could gather their goods and go about their business.


"Well, today just freaking sucked. Damned holidays." Cecelia grumbled as she sipped some grape soda, her team snacking as they enjoyed their own presents, "Tomorrow I'll have to send the rest to old man Gibari... Gahari... the professor's place so everyone else can get their swag on."


"Hmm?" Cecelia looked in in the direction Seviper was looking, only to be greeted by a pair of familiar bear cubs who, somehow, managed to climb to the second story window. "The hell do you two w-arf!"

Cecelia was quickly silenced as a small wrapped box was tossed at her head, the Curlsa cubs giggling mischievously as they climbed down, their giggling echoing as they scampered away.

"Little rat bas... huh." Glancing at the neatly wrapped gift, Cecelia looked it over, giving it a slight shake before setting it down, "I guess they're not entirely bad. Maybe... I wonder what they got me."

Cecelia's team gathered around, until the peculiar scent wafting from the box reached their collective noses, making each shrink away.

"What? What's wrong with" With the box open and its contents in sight, Cecelia heaved a heavy sigh before chucking the box out the opened window, not giving a crap if it hit someone, "Merry freaking... whatever."

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