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How the Ostento Stole Christmas

Rating: Medium
Number of Players: Any
Requirements: None
Rewards: 1 Red, Blue, or Green Mystery Box, [sp=snohberry]
Objective: Get back the stolen Christmas presents from the Ostento and its gang of Curlsa and Coiffaire.
Location: Szlazan City

On Christmas Eve in Szlazan City, all the children went to sleep with stacks of wrapped presents under their Christmas trees, eagerly awaiting the following morning when they could tear them open with zeal and enjoy the toys, games and sweets hidden inside. Imagine their horror when they awoke and discovered that each and every present in their homes had been spirited away overnight!

The police are having trouble finding the culprit, and are asking goodhearted Trainers to help with the investigation. They say that witnesses noticed an unusual amount of Curlsa and Coiffaire roaming the streets on Christmas Eve, and suspect that they may be under the command of a wily Ostento leader, a species of Pokemon known for its habit of stealing and hoarding trinkets. Please, kind Trainers! Help get those presents back where they belong!
My second player is already set, so I'm making this thread just as a precaution.
Kaelyn wanted to do an IRP with me, so we're giving this a go.
Yup. Of course, since this is my first time, I'm not quite sure how exactly it goes. x3 This'll be OOC for Clara, and I'm going to assume that we are already either in Szlazan City, or we're about to be there. How would you like to begin, Orchestra? :)

Also, I'm assuming that this thread here is the "organization thread", and even though it says "closed" at the top, we can still post in it. *was reading the directions/info again*

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