TA Lite 11/26 - PCT Update
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Finally, a PCT Update!
by: Taav

Yeah, I know. Not a lot has been happening for the past couple of months. There are some questions hanging in the back of everyone's minds, and this update will try to answer them.

1. What ever happened to the PCT?

It's still going on. Since the previous PCT Organizers are no longer available to update the rounds, this task has been passed down to other members of staff. Special thanks to Eonrider and Orchestra for volunteering to help out in this regard.

With this adjustment, you will have to PM your results to your new referee. The following matches will be assigned refs, effective immediately.

Round 1 - Match 3 (Referee: Taav)
Turistar vs. Galorindle

Round 2 - Match 1 (Referee: Eonrider)
Dasfix vs. Skrelp

Round 2 - Match 2 (Referee: Orchestra)
Minijina vs. Tinimer

As before, you have 72 hours to send in your commands. Good luck!

2. When can we use the PCT Pokemon we caught in our adventures?

Now! I have added them to your profiles, and you can begin using them right away. Feel free to request nicknames in this thread. Additional moves will be added after the conclusion of the tournament for the winners. As promised, all PCT Pokemon have had their levels lowered to that of the highest level in each player's party and PC.

Thank you for your patience! On behalf of the staff team, I apologize for the wait. Several months later, we're still seeing this through to the end, so we hope you enjoy the long awaited remainder of the competition!

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Help Wanted!
by: Taav

The staff team has been a little scattered up until recently, and we are working hard to regroup and plan for the future. If you have enjoyed the Pokemon Turquoise RPG and the community we provide here, please consider extending a hand! It will make the experience better for everyone.

1. Community Mod

Fun fact - we don't have any community mods. Community mods play the important role of up-keeping the forums outside of the RPG. They help host community events such as posting sprees, bingo nights, and other activities. Cool, right? You can apply here.

2. RPG Mod

The more RPG mods updating, the faster everyone gets updated! RPG mods learn the inside mechanics to the TRPG, and use their creative minds to guide people through New Logora. You can apply here.

3. Advertising

We have an advertising thread located here. Even if you can't take on a full-time staff position, you should consider advertising at other forums. Tell your friends about PT so they can get in on the fun.

Until next time,
The Turquoise Staff
~ Taav
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