Kaitlynn Teremal
Kaitlynn Teremal
Age: 14
Gender: F
Kaitlynn is a dark-skinned girl with wild brown hair she keeps in a ponytail. She wears brown glittery nail poilsh with gold, silver and purple swirls to look like galaxies, which she maintains well. She wears a rounded hematite ring on her left ring finger. Her clothes that she brought are a pink button-up plaid shirt, a pair of thick blue jeans, a pair of navy fingerless gloves and a blue hair bow. Her shoes are black sneakers with thick soles and long flowery laces and her names printed on the heels with permanent marker. She keeps a blue tote on her most of the time, containing a quilt, a parka for the cold, a pair of flowery sunglasses, food and water, and space for the rest of her things. She really wants a folding bike, and is kind to her Pokémon but sometimes cold to actual people. She really wants to catch enough Eevees to evolve them into every evolution.

Gender: ♀
Mian is a bit fluffier than a usual Crocoal, and has a charred nose from a bad cold a week back. She's outgoing and strong, and loves showing off her fire power no matter how weak. Her favourite game is spitting embers like fireworks and watching them explode. Kait begs her not to, as she could start a big fire. She's a valuable team member and loves to cuddle. She loves strawberry jelly donuts.

Kait's rival Sam is her adoptive sister. Her parents took in a young orphan child they'd met wandering around without a guardian, and she grew into a happy and boisterous young girl.

Will be updated as game progresses.
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