Takaya and Tamal

Takaya is a clean 6 feet tall, having started growing at a young age. Dark brown hair covers his head in loose springy curls, it is thick and a little on the long side. His face is angular, with prominent cheek bones and a strong jawline. His eyes are large, innocent and dark chocolate brown. His skin is on the pale side, not so much as to appear sickly but suggestive of an unadventurous life, mostly spent indoors. Indeed Takaya has so far dedicated his life to his studies and spent a lot of his time isolated within his bedroom, with books as friends. From the many stories he has read Takaya has become a seasoned theoretical adventurer, however he lacks any practical experience to back up his knowledge.

Takaya ultimately aspires to aid Professor Taxus in his pokemon research, specifically focusing on the origins of pokemon/human interaction and bonding. He has not however spoken to the professor about this wish as he believes the professor would not take on an assistant with so little experience. With this in mind he decides to set off on an adventure vowing to discover something noteworthy about pokemon and people that he can present to the professor in order to gain a place working beside him.

Nickname: Thorn
OT: Takaya
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Razor Leaf

Thorn, so named for his needle sharp horns, is an eager and excitable pokemon. Constantly exploring, he investigates anything interesting head first, butting trees, rocks and people alike in his search for something new and fun. Though they have known each for only a short time Thorn feels fiercely optimistic about his new trainer, though he is clearly a rookie, Thorn is more than happy to follow him on his adventure and battle on his behalf. As Takaya's first companion, Thorn shares a special bond with his trainer and feels a willing responsibility to help his trainer out when he falters or loses his way.


Nickname: ???
OT: Takaya
Moves: Coal Scatter, Leer, Celebrate

Defender of the weak (or cowardly), ??? saved Thorn from a big, bad Kizziff and simultaneously managed to show off. ??? is prideful and aloof, often doing things his way with no regard for his trainers concerns or commands. Though somewhere beneath the bravado ??? is really just a frightened and lost pokemon, separated from his flock. So, at the urging of Thorn, Takaya invites him to join them as they travel aimlessly through New Logora.

- Stands up for the frightened and weak - Likes to show off and win
Tamal (Rival)

Tamal stands at 5 foot 5, smaller than Takaya, his twin, a fact that he remains angry about to this day. Physically he is almost identical to Takaya with the same angular face and thick, brown, curly hair. Tamal however, keeps his hair shaved short at the sides with a curly quiff on top that hangs down in a messy fringe, he also has a healthy tan as he is much more outdoors-y than his brother and loves exploring nature. Tamal is yet to begin an adventure only because his late mother made him promise to wait and begin his adventure alongside his brother. To this end Tamal has spent many long days trying to convince Takaya to leave the island and join the "real world", his lack of success has frustrated him and has lead to a growing rift between the twins.

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Nickname: Flare
OT: Tamal

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