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Hi guys, my name's Tom just thought I'd post here to introduce myself and stuff. There isn't really much else to say so yeah, Hi!
Hiya Tom! Welcome to Turquoise.

I'm Taav, one the the administrators here. I hope you enjoy what we have to offer here, and if you have any questions or concerns, let us know!
~ Taav
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Hello, Tom/Eldunari. ^^ I'm pretty much repeating what Issac has already said (minus the admin stuff); I'm just a lowly member. :) Hope you enjoy Turquoise and stick around to see some of the fun we have here when the ball gets rolling. :) (There are periodic Bingo games; those are awesome.)
Why, hello there Tom. Welcome to the world of Pokemon Turquoise. I hope you'll stay here for a while, and some tips:
1. Keep out of the homicidal maniacs. We have a couple here.
2. Taav's adminism applies only to honorary title. If you need anything, contact Pheonixsong and/or Chronicler. Or Negrek. Good luck finding them. :P
3. To properly appease gods of the ShoutBox and all others, you need to make an offering of cookies. Preferably with chocolate. Fancy cream is also acceptable. Raisins and coconut are no more no less then frowned upon, and oatmeal are throuly unacceptable and may invoke divine wrath.
Hmm... Yeah, that's a signature... I think I'll keep it that way until I find anything better.
Hi! I'm going to call you Eldunari even though you told us your name, because I think calling people by their real names on the internet is kind of weird. Welcome to Pokémon Turquoise! It's pretty cool around here, and I'm sure you've surmised that there's a lot of cool stuff to do around here. Just a few tips, since lists seem to be a thing here:
  • KathiraNarae bites, but it's in a friendly way. Don't let her scare you off.
  • Taav is totally an administrator and he's in the chatbox a lot so he's a fair bet when it comes to asking stuff. Don't listen to Inquisitor. His name is Inquisitor. He'll probably torture you for not being Catholic or something. Just kidding, don't hurt me. You are an excellent member, Inquisitor. Excellent... large... scary member...
  • Try your best to take part in some of the discussions outside of the RPG! Sure, Turquoise's main asset is the text-adventure, but we're all pretty nice! Well, most of us anyway.
  • Take part in things like bingo or other community-wide events whenever you can. There are usually rewards. Nice rewards. Strongly recommend.
Aaaand that's about all! I look forward to seeing you around.
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