Cecelia Lorre: Title Pending
Work in progress

Pokedex completion
Captured: 17 Seen: 59
Sprite Item Name Use Holder

[sp=potion] Potion (2) Heals 20 HP
[sp=superpotion] Super Potion (1) Heals 50 HP
[sp=sweetheart] Sweet Heart (1) Heals 20 HP
[sp=rarecandy] Rare Candy (3) Raises a Pokemon's level by 1
[sp=sunstone] Sun Stone (1) Evolves certain Pokemon
[sp=dreamdna] Dream DNA (1) Gives a Pokemon its Hidden Ability
[sp=abilitycapsule] Ability Capsule (1) Switches a Pokemon's ability (if its species has two)
No Sprite [Ferry Coupon (50% off)] 50% off one ferry ride. For newbies.
[sp=festivaltoken] Festival Token (1) Spent at the Festishop

[sp=chestoberry] Chesto Berry (2) Wakes user when they fall asleep None
[sp=oranberry] Oran Berry (4) Heals 10 HP when holder drops below 1/3 HP None
[sp=kelpsyberry] Kelpsy Berry (1) Raises happiness when used out of battle None
[sp=wacanberry] Wacan Berry (1) Reduces super-effective Electric-type damage None
[sp=snohberry] Snoh Berry (2) (Out of battle: Boosts happiness by 10) (In-battle: Acts as an Ice Gem & boosts happiness) None

Hold Items
Mystic Water (1) Boosts Water-type moves by 20% None
[sp=stoneplate] Stone Plate (1) Boosts Rock-type moves by 20% Pindillo
[sp=quickclaw] Quick Claw (1) Gives holder a 20% chance of moving first Sufi/Natu
[sp=snowcrystal] Snow Crystal (1) Changes ability to [Refrigerate] None
[sp=jinglebell] Jingle Bell (1) Boosts Sound-based moves by 50% None
[sp=firework] Firework (1) Upgrades the move (Celebrate) Tinimer
[sp=fizzyfunjuice] Fizzy Fun Juice (1) ^Same^ Wyrmal
[sp=earthdaycake] Earthday Cake (1) ^Same^ Seviper
[sp=buggem] Bug Gem (1) Boosts a Bug-type move (single use) None
[sp=psychicgem] Psychic Gem (1) Boosts a Psychic-type move (single use) None
[sp=watergem] Water Gem (1) Boosts a Water-type move (single use) None
Sprites in desc. Starter Costume Dresses Acafia/Crocoal/Spraylet in a Halloween Costume None
[sp=expshare] Experience Share Holder gains 50% Exp if it doesn't participate in battle Minccino

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