Story, character advice?
I'm going to take a page from Kath (One of the pages not on fire, anyways) and ask for some advice.

I'm finding it harder and harder to actually bother with roleplaying in my journey threads. With random encounters with no purpose aside from gaining exp, that isn't an issue. But aside from those, there really isn't anything special happening. My pokemon and Cecelia herself have little character, and so far her reason for even traveling is her parents kicked her out. >.> That's rather poor.

Is there any advice anyone can give? Thoughts, ideas, whatever?
I'd suggest you start over like I did, but it looks like you've made a lot of progress and you probably don't want to lose all of that. All I can really say is that you should sit down and work out exactly who your character is. Why are they here? What are their goals and motivations? And of course, the little things help. Give your character a history. What was their childhood like? Who were their friends? Flesh your character out, make them as much of a real person as you can, and then they might just start writing themselves.

If you'll excuse a self-indulgent example, let's compare my old character, Ian, to my new one, Eli. Ian was too passive. There was really no good reason for him to be doing the things he was doing, but most importantly he was too modelled off me, and that made it boring for me to RP him. Eli is active, dynamic and thrill-seeking, making it easier to put him in fun-to-RP scenarios. He has a motive, earn money to get himself out of the poverty borderline, and a goal to join the Revivalists. I won't go into detail, but I also know a lot about Eli's life growing up.

You can choose to restart or not, but if you don't it sounds like Cecelia needs a major overhaul either way. Maybe trying to write a personal profile will help flesh her out a bit. Keep in mind that I'm by no means a professional RPer, but I hope some of the stuff I just spewed forth was useful.
Making an RPG profile is exactly why I posted this question. x3 I have been trying for a while now, but part of the problem is Cecelia's personality and story or lack thereof, and also part not really wanting to write right now.

Originally, she was basically a shut-in computer and gaming nerd who'd rather live in her dark room chatting with online friends than going out for anything. The sun is the enemy, as well as human contact that isn't though a screen and keyboard.

She shows none of those traits. I could blame it on some form of 'character growth,' being kicked out of the house and in need of some way to live without her parents could do that I suppose.

... Bah, I'll continue my thoughts when I'm not running on fumes and sugary drinks x.x So tired right now.
Eon makes very good points, and already said pretty much what I'd kinda say. ^^() I hope you don't restart; that would be a shame... Also, I think you meant "Personal Profile" when you typed "RPG Profile"?

Cecelia likes(/wants/needs) money, right? I'm wondering if there's some backstory you can bring up about that. *recalls very little information that you've said about your character* . . . Sorry. ^^()

Also, I'm wondering, that if Cecelia and Clara ever meet (like I've been wanting to), you character could heavily influence mine. (for better or for worse, but that depends on how you make her. : ) )

I suppose I really don't have anything to say, because Eon said it already. ^^()

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