Independence Day!
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So my fellow Americans, it's independence day! How are you all celebrating your nation today and tonight? And what are some of your favorite memories of independence day?

And to my fellow Canadians, how did you celebrate Canada Day on July 1st?

- I slept through the entire day.
- Listened to British Rock music.
- Didn't hear/see any fireworks.

I've never really been a nationalistic sort of person. July 4th is more or less a regular day for me.
~ Taav
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Happy Traitor Day, you ungrateful colonials! :P

Not you, Taav. Only thing better than British rock is British heavy metal!
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I'm from New Zealand so I have almost nothing to do with Independence Day. It's the same day as one of my friend's birthdays, though.
Irony is, he's British.
I knew this guy in high school whose birthday was the Fourth of July, but he was born in Soviet Russia.

I had a BBQ with the family ,and fireworks were Thursday night. Kept me up.

And like Taav, said, I'm not that much of a patriot either.

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