Inactive Passing [6-2]
OOC: Wild Pokemon, please.
A spooky spook spooks you in the night. His frightening face is quite the sight!

A wild Duskull appeared!
[19] [sp=male][sp=duskull] 54/54 [Levitate]
~ Taav
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"Minijina, Shadow Sneak."
The badger specter waved a paw, her shadow stretching across the ground only to rise up and strike at the masked spirit! Duskull shook the hit off and looked at Minijina, its eye glowing bright red for a moment... Suddenly Minijina found her shadow sink back and retreat, no longer able to control her own attack!

Minijina used Shadow Sneak!
It's super-effective! [-20 HP]

Wild Duskull used Disable!
Minijina can't use Shadow Sneak!?

[21] [sp=f] [sp=minijina] 69/69 [Intimidate] [Shadow Sneak Disabled!]
[19] [sp=male][sp=duskull] 34/54 [Levitate] [Atk -1]
Minijina was probably not too happy about losing her Shadow Sneak attack. To add insult to the injury, the wild Duskull then decided to call upon his own stealthy shadow to carry out the dirty work. Minijina zapped Duskull with a high-voltage fist of fury, sending an unpleasant 62 milliamperes of current through the spooky skull.

Duskull used Shadow Sneak. Minijina took 18 damage.

Minijina used Thunder Punch. Duskull took 13 damage.

[21] [sp=f] [sp=minijina] 51/69 [Intimidate] [Shadow Sneak Disabled!]
[19] [sp=male][sp=duskull] 21/54 [Levitate] [Atk -1]
~ Taav
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"Lobovo, Bite."
The masked ghost struck with its shadow once more, only to find its shadow striking a large pink canine instead of the small badger. One powerful bite from Lobovo was all it took to chase the spirit away, its wail could be heard as the Duskull escaped.

Duskull used Shadow Sneak. [-4 HP]

Lobovo used Bite!
It's super-effective! [-21 HP]
Duskull fainted!

Lobovo gained 43 exp!
Lobovo grew to level 23 and learned Dig!
Minijina gained 49 exp!
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