Game of SPOILERS (GoT Discussion)
So I'm sure now that I'm not the only Game of Thrones enthusiast, so this topic is for the general discussion about the books/tv series. Be warned that discussion in this thread may result in spoilers for either of the two since they are currently diverging from one another.

I myself have not read the books yet, although I fully intend to once given the opportunity to have them in my posession.

I'm going to start discussion with the ending of the tv series that is probably still fresh in everyone's minds.

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I read the books over the course of last summer through January, and then I watched the show over the spring and just barely managed to catch up in time for the latest season finale. During this time I've also been heavily following the ASoIaF subreddit because damn if I don't adore some completely insane theories.

I have to say, I much preferred the books; the plotlines after about book 2 are just far too intricate to fit within a 10-hour season without being heavily dumbed down, gutted, or changed completely. Look at the mess that happened this season in Dorne, for example.

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