Inactive Bridge over troubled water
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As soon as the Chatot saw the approaching octopus-like pokemon, she shut her beak and glared at the waving tentacle creature before winging from her perch and starting a fury of jabbing! Waving said tentacles around to ward the annoying bird away, Octillery fired her colorful beam . . . and Chatot was just barely able to stagger upright after being shot out of the air. Flapping weakly, the normal and flying type couldn't get off the ground again, and so she settled to slowly hopping her way toward Octillery.

The wild Chatot used Fury Attack!
Hit once! (-4 HP)
Hit twice! It's a critical hit! (-7 HP)
Hit thrice! (-5 HP)
Octillery used Aurora Beam! It's super effective! (-76 HP)
Octillery's ability activated! Her Defense fell. Her Special Attack sharply rose.

[26] [sp=f] [sp=octillery] 83/99 [Moody] (-1 Def) (+2 Sp Atk)
[20] [sp=f] [sp=chatot] 3/79 [Tangled Feet]
Throwing balls till caught then next wild
Pomfrey threw a Great Ball at the Music Note pokemon, and the creature simply glared at the human and sidestepped the toss. Unfortunately for the Chatot, the capture device landed within Octillery's reach, and the octopus pokemon batted the ball straight at Chatot's unguarded back. The bird squawked loudly before being turned into a formless red light and withdrawn into the capsule. The Great Ball shook heavily each time it swung from side to side, but eventually it quit rocking as the Chatot gave up and the capsule gave a ding sound to signify that the capture was complete.

Congratulations! Chatot was caught!
Octillery gained 30% exp. Octillery grew to level 27!
Will Pomfrey name her newly caught Chatot?

[26] [sp=f] [sp=octillery] 83/99 [Moody] (-1 Def) (+2 Sp Atk)
[20] [sp=f] [sp=chatot] 3/79 [Tangled Feet]

Along the sidelines of the bridge, a creature was watching the Trainer and her pokemon. The pokemon decided that it had seen enough and was going to come forth to challenge the human.

A Wild Seviper appeared!

[22] [sp=m] [sp=seviper] 84/84 [Shed Skin]
Lets use Aurora Beam on the snake Octillery.
The two creatures faced off against each other for a few breathless moments before making any sudden movements. The Seviper was the first to spring into action, launching himself like a springboard straight at Octillery before twisting in mid-air and bringing his poison-dipped tail to bear against his opponent. The strike was a solid hit, but the Jet pokemon immediately shrugged the snake away and blasted him with a colorful beam of icyness. Getting a little bit cocky, Octillery lowered her walls a little bit, making it easier for her to be hit -- but at the same time, she raised her defenses against specially-based techniques.

Seviper used Poison Tail! It's a critical hit! (-22 HP)
Octillery used Aurora Beam! (-30 HP)
Octillery's ability activated! Her Evasion fell. Her Special Defense sharply rose.

[27] [sp=f] [sp=octillery] 80/102 [Moody] (+2 Sp. Def) (-1 Eva)
[22] [sp=m] [sp=seviper] 54/84 [Shed Skin]
Aurora Beam again
Instead of his tail, the Seviper came at Pomfrey's Octillery with his fangs -- long, sharp, and dripping with powerful venom. Or so the snake thought. No sooner had the black creature wrapped himself around the Jet pokemon and found his hold, than he was being flung away with both tentacles and a multicolored beam. The Fang Snake pokemon felt quite weakened by that last attack, and he wasn't sure how much longer he would be able to last. Quite irritated with the snake, Octillery focused and raised the likelihood that any of her attacks would land more easily. However, her specialized attack fell as a result.

Seviper used Poison Fang! (-15 HP)
Octillery used Aurora Beam! (-27 HP)
Octillery's ability activated! Her Special Attack fell. Her Accuracy sharply rose.

[27] [sp=f] [sp=octillery] 65/102 [Moody] (-1 Sp. Atk)(+2 Sp. Def) (-1 Eva) (+2 Acc)
[22] [sp=m] [sp=seviper] 27/84 [Shed Skin]
Irritated himself, the Seviper tried to make Octillery mad. However he did so, he succeeded, causing the Jet pokemon to become enraged, but confused at the same time. Shaking the confusion off for the moment, the water type blasted the black snake with a heavy stream of large bubbles, effectively knocking the creature out.

Seviper used Swagger! Octillery became confused! Octillery's Attack sharply rose.
Octillery is confused! Octillery used Bubble Beam! (-27 HP)
Seviper Fainted.
Octillery gained 36% exp.

[27] [sp=f] [sp=octillery] 65/102 [Moody] [Confused 1/4] (+2 Atk) (-1 Sp. Atk) (+2 Sp. Def) (-1 Eva) (+2 Acc)
[22] [sp=m] [sp=seviper] 0/84 [Shed Skin]
I go ferry hopping back to Falantr Docks

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