The Dynamic Duo (Cassie and Meri)
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If Cassie heard one more family member say that she could have any guy she wanted, she might actually punch them all in the face. She got it, really – she’d only been told about seventy times that she would grow up to be an attractive young lady – but she had told them every single one of those times that she wasn’t interested in anyone, had never been and likely would never be, and they had all laughed her off. Cassie wasn’t usually one to get riled – that was generally Meri, with her competitive streak, or even their cousin Sadie with her quick temper – but this almost pushed her over the threshold of bearable offenses.

The comments had, admittedly, lessened over the years – once she’d begun twisting her blonde hair into a messy bun and began regularly wearing silver glasses over her blue eyes (because apparently beauty is somehow lessened by glasses, she’d mutter under her breath to Meri and Sadie on occasion) – but it still bugged her from time to time.

The three of them had been close for ages; that’s the kind of thing that happens when you’re basically the only kids in your mom’s family’s biannual reunions for years (besides Sadie’s sisters). They’re fun, sure, but after a while you get tired of hearing the grownups talk about adult stuff. In their younger days they’d jokingly referred to each other as the Terrible Trio, because Sadie’s and Meri’s antics inevitably led them into trouble with the adults (Cassie just went along for the ride), and the name stuck even as they grew.

A lot of the adults found it amusing that the three were two extremes and a middle ground, from hair colors (Cassie’s pale blonde and Meri’s pitch black meeting in a strange sort of middle in Sadie’s light brown disaster of a hairdo) to personalities (Cassie as the mellowest, Sadie as the hyperactive ball of energy, Meri somewhere in the middle). Even their ages were a spectrum; Sadie was the oldest cousin, Cassie was the baby, even if there was only a year separating Meri from both of them. The one thing uniting the three was their shared ungodly pale skin (a trip to Hoenn once ended in the global record for most bottles of aloe vera purchased in a single afternoon).

No one was terribly surprised when Sadie, at age seventeen, declared her intention to pursue contests in regions unknown – okay, in Kanto, Sadie just thought the drama was funny. The more “artistic” side of raising Pokémon definitely resonated with Miss Azalea, who’d always had a flair for the dramatic. Likewise, when Meri announced a year later that she’d leave Sinnoh to become a trainer in New Logora, it was expected from the girl with a fierce competitive streak.

Cassie, however, was expected to become a researcher; work for Professor Rowan, maybe take up his job once he inevitably retired, or even take someone else’s job. A calm, quiet girl like her, they thought, wasn’t really the type for Pokémon Training.

But when Meri announced her coming departure, Cassie started thinking. First of all, with both Meri and Sadie traveling round the world, she’d be alone at reunions! She’d have to sit with the adults and talk about adult things! And to be honest, being a trainer didn’t sound too shabby.
So she declared her intention of leaving as well. The adults were shocked, and Meri squealed excitedly, yelling about how even if they Terrible Trio couldn’t stay together for life, at least the Dynamic Duo would!

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