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Anasi's sets of eyes narrowed after fixing his silk bubble. How dare. Some 'mons just had no respect for the hard work and ART of others. Only caring to fill their days with a ruffian life of battling. While if the disrespectful Paras was going to click her claws at him like that, by golly the Tinimer would give her a right rumble. The usually lackadaisical bug-type lunged at the Para with an unusual fervor, ready to consume more life force.
Fueled with a heated purpose, Anasi dove for the Paras again, sucking more life from the bug and grass type while re-energizing himself. In return, the Mushroom pokemon scrabbled away, swiping at him with another claw in an attempt to get him away from her. The attack left a long mark across the Tinimer's body, but did no damage to his balloon this time.

Anasi used Leech Life! It's super effective! (-8 HP)
Anasi restored some of his health. (+4)
Paras used Scratch! (-5 HP)

[9] [sp=male] [sp=tinimer] 30/35 [Levitate]
[7] [sp=female] [sp=paras] 12/28 [Dry Skin]
OOC: Switching in Toreador, and having him Flutter Jump
Watching Anasi be Returned to his pokeball only made the Mushroom pokemon confused, but she rushed in anyway to swipe another claw at her opponent. Instead of the opposing bug, she swiped at the belly of a yellow-furred bear, who growled at her in pain and annoyance before jumping up and attempting to squish her beneath his rapidly moving feet. Had Toreador been able to attack first, his kicks would have made the Paras shy away and flinch. Well, there's always the next round.

Come back, Anasi! Go, Toreador!
The wild Paras used Scratch! (-4 HP)
Toreador hammered away with a Flutter Jump! (-4 HP)

[7] [sp=male] [sp=curlsa] 27/31 [Frisk]
[7] [sp=female] [sp=paras] 8/28 [Dry Skin]

"Alright Toreador! Hit it with Flutter Jump Again!"
Flipping into the air and coming down hard again on the Paras, Toreador kicked at the bug and grass type again. Did he squash her flat yet? No, but almost. Scared and weakened now, the Paras wiggled her mushrooms, spraying a glittery yellow powder into the air. A breeze came just at the wrong time and surrounded the fairy typed bear before he could clear far enough away.

Toreador used Flutter Jump! (-5 HP)
The wild Paras used Stun Spore!
Toreador was Paralyzed.

[7] [sp=male] [sp=curlsa] 27/31 [Frisk] [PRZ]
[7] [sp=female] [sp=paras] 3/28 [Dry Skin]

Toreador gave a hacking cough, one paw slowly rising to cover his mouth and his muscles tightened from the bug-typeès paralyzing agent. The golden bear gave a defiant glare at the Paras, and nodded at his trainer to signify his willingness to continue.

Despite his recent aversion to Paras, Lion found himself feeling somewhat sorry for this one, with her weakened nervous chittering. But this was Pokemon battling, when one fight they took the risk of being defeated, and she couldève skittered off with the other Paras, but choose to fight.
"Youère doing great Tore! Knock it out with a final Flutter Jump!"
A last Scratch attack was all the Paras could pull off before Toreador jumped all over her head and mushrooms a final time. The squashed bug eventually peeled herself off the ground sometime later and skittered off, one of her mushrooms a little bit bent to the side.

The wild Paras Scratched at Toreador! (-4 HP)
Toreador used Flutter Jump! (-3 HP)
Paras Fainted. Toreador gained 67% exp. Toreador grew to level 8!
Anasi gained 52% exp. Anasi grew to level 10! Anasi learned Struggle Bug!

[8] [sp=male] [sp=curlsa] 27/35 [Frisk] [PRZ]
[7] [sp=female] [sp=paras] 0/28 [Dry Skin]


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