The lack of an existent Splatoon thread is almost as disgusting that you, random user, have yet to get Splatoon. Go get it. It's completely worth it.

Splatoon Thread!

Post about Splatoon here! Things to talk about:
  • Whether you use the boy or girl Inkling
  • Where you are in the single player campaign
  • The Amiibos you have for Splatoon
  • What weapons and clothing bonuses you use
  • What level you are
  • Your favourite map
  • How annoying the Kraken special weapon is
  • The surprisingly detailed lore, considering this is a game about squids shooting ink at each other.

I'll start off by saying I just completed the single player campaign this morning and it was completely worth it for the final boss alone. It's surprisingly fun - yes, even for Splatoon!

Also, I'm going to say that the mall and warehouse levels are the best levels in my opinion - they're rather straight forward, with few alternative paths, meaning there's less stealthy people infiltrating your claimed territory, and more actual combat.

Also, Judd is our new supreme overlord. All hail Judd.

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