Inactive Misconstruing [6-1]
"Poison Tail, again."
The loss sent the guard off into a fit of sputtering fury so intense Lee couldn't make out a word he was saying. He was reaching for his nightstick, but with Dasfix still floating there, he'd have to be crazy to try anything.

Fortunately, if nothing else the battle gave one of the researchers enough time to notice something was up and hurry over to investigate. "No, no, that's not the thief! We're looking out for a woman, remember? A woman."

The scientist turned to you and offered you an apologetic smile. "Really sorry about that. We're normally not this hostile of course, but with the recent thefts... well, you understand, don't you?" She rubbed at a smudge of dirt on her nose. "Here, I know. You can have this fossil I just dug up. That's worth a little hassle, right?"

Nulohm used tackle! It's not very effective.

Dasfix used poison tail! Critical hit! Nulohm was poisoned!

Nulohm is hurt by poison! Nulohm fainted!

Dasfix gained 171% EXP! Dasfix grew to level 23! Dasfix learned feint attack! Lobovo gained 131% EXP! Lobovo grew to level 22! Virlich gained 100% EXP! Virlich grew to level 24!

You got 1000P, a [sp=crestfossil], and a [sp=rockgem]!
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In which an undead trainer, a bloodthirsty super-clone, and an irascible ex-Rocket grunt set out to rescue an imprisoned Mew--if they don't end up murdering each other first.

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