New Logora Travel Guide (w.i.p.)

[spoiler=Tilnen Island/incomplete][spoiler=Route 606/incomplete][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Szlazan City/incomplete][spoiler=Acoatyl Tower/incomplete][/spoiler][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Route 607/incomplete][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Baaresa Town/incomplete][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Fulgurok Mountains/incomplete][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Route 608/incomplete][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Fulgurok Caves/Fulgurok Island/incomplete][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Route 609/incomplete][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Dia City/incomplete][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Route 610/incomplete][/spoiler][/spoiler]

[spoiler=Xybryle Island/incomplete][spoiler=Route 611 / Falantr Docks/incomplete][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Route 612/Xybryle Bridge/incomplete]
Ferdinand Bonaventura and the Screaming Devil [Quest]:

Brigham Bruckner's Brilliant Bridge [Quest]/Smeargle:

Tiger and Dragon [Quest]:
[spoiler=Rune City/incomplete][/spoiler]


[spoiler=Krtuso Island/incomplete]
[spoiler=Versorecto City/incomplete]
The University of New Logora at Versorecto: The impressive university building is constructed by thick, rectangular stone and white marble columns. Most known is the palaeontology department, where there is on-going research on fossils and how to clone and revive ancient Pokemon. The university is funded by and co-operates with DiCardia Enterprises, meaning that some of the research is not open to the public, perhaps for commercial purposes.

At the university, Dr. Mantell and his wife Mia DiCardia have been working on a project to create artificial replicas of extinct Pokemon. They call these beta versions the Restoration Series. Three robotic Pokemon have been constructed so far, known as Dartizel-R, Loftitan-R and Halberax-R respectively.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Route 616/incomplete][/spoiler]

[spoiler=Etaoin City/incomplete][/spoiler]

[spoiler=Route 617/incomplete][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Jarovesu Badlands/incomplete][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Route 618/incomplete][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Fractura City/incomplete][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Route 619/incomplete][/spoiler]

[spoiler=Adar Zilira/incomplete][spoiler=Route 620/incomplete][/spoiler]

[spoiler=Alniraz Ruins/Victory Road]
Rival Battle the Seventh: This is it. The final stepping stone on your path to the New Logora League: Your rival. The two of you have faced many challenges on your way here, as well as each other. It all comes down to this moment... So give it your all![/spoiler]

[spoiler=Pokémon League Headquarters/incomplete]
>>[Pokémon League Headquarters Listing]<<

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Dunno if I'm allowed to do something like this. If not, feel free to delete this thread.

Anyways, since hunting through threads to find certain things gets annoying, I figured a guide might be useful. And since some places aren't really fleshed out or lack a description, anyone may edit or add something they feel is missing, whether it would be flavor text, or some tidbits others might find helpful.

Anyways, adding on to this post. Adding locations of various things.

Wow, this seems really useful. There is some information on the wiki and on the boards themselves, but having it collected like this will make role-playing much easier.

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