Inactive Act 1: The Wilderness
"Yeah sure, I'll battle you. Mareep, use Thundershock to get things rolling"

In came the electric sheep for another battle against some tasty-looking fish, but the fish this time was a lot faster and much more powerful than that previous Feebas. The Basculin launched at Mareep with his jaws hanging wide open and chomped down on the sheep before she could move. Bleating wildly, the Wool pokemon unleashed a Thunder Shock that caused Basculin to fall off, smoking slightly, and flop back toward his Trainer, bits of fleece still stuck between his teeth.

Basculin used Bite! (-21 HP)
Mareep used a mighty Thunder Shock!
It's a critical hit! It's super effective! (-14 HP)

[6] [sp=female] [sp=mareep] 7/28 [Static]
[11] [sp=male] [sp=basculinb] 32/46 [Rock Head]

"Okay Mareep, good job. Return for now. Auriole, come out and use Peck"

Thinking the Mareep was done for, Kevin commanded a Tackle attack to finish the Wool pokemon off. Auriole therefore got hit instead with the low-powered charge, but with only a few feathers out of place. She easily swept herself back up and tried to Peck the poor fish's eyes out! But the two pokemon caused roughly the same amount of damage. Was it a speed battle here, or a damage battle?

Return Mareep! Go, Auriole!
Basculin used Tackle! (-7 HP)
Auriole used Peck! (-6 HP)

[13] [sp=female] [sp=auriole] 38/45 [Big Pecks] @ [sp=wacanberry]
[11] [sp=male] [sp=basculinb] 26/46 [Rock Head]

"Keep the Pecks coming"

Auriole went ahead and Pecked with all her might at the striped fish -- hoping to score big -- but no such luck this time. On the other side of the field, Kevin and his Basculin made this battle take a turn for the worse, for Jamie that is. Switching back to the dark-typed attack, it looked like Auriole might not last for very much longer if Basculin kept up that kind of a pace. It seemed this battle was actually one of "who could inflict the most damage the fastest", as the water type was quickly catching up to the amount of damage Auriole had done.

Auriole used Peck! (-9 HP)
Basculin used Bite! (-12 HP)

[13] [sp=female] [sp=auriole] 26/45 [Big Pecks] @ [sp=wacanberry]
[11] [sp=male] [sp=basculinb] 17/46 [Rock Head]

"Peck again, Auriole"

"Heh. I think your bird's going to bite the dust there, buddy." The fisherman taunted. "Use Bite again, Basculin!"

Auriole flew in for another diving Peck attack, scraping Basculin's side as she made her pass. Basculin, in return, turned around to snap at the avian, catching her leg and chomping down on it before the Oriole pokemon could pull free and flutter a distance away. Perhaps Kevin spoke too soon and it'll be his fish that gets the ground in his his face?

Auriole used Peck! (-10 HP)
Basculin used Bite! (-11 HP)

[13] [sp=female] [sp=auriole] 15/45 [Big Pecks] @ [sp=wacanberry]
[11] [sp=male] [sp=basculinb] 7/46 [Rock Head]

"You see Kevin, sometimes things are won with speed and not power. Use Peck again"

The fisherman frowned and ordered another Bite, deciding to not comment on Jamie's statement. His Basculin, however, never got his chance to attack. Kevin wordlessly withdrew his blue-striped fish and sent out another water type; a turtle this time. He eyed Jamie's bird, hoping his next pokemon would be able to defeat the normal and flying type.

Auriole used Peck! (-7 HP)
Basculin Fainted.
Auriole gained 71% exp. Auriole grew to level 14!
Mareep gained 183% exp. Mareep grew to level 7! Then level 8! Mareep learned Thunder Wave!

[14] [sp=female] [sp=auriole] 18/48 [Big Pecks] @ [sp=wacanberry]
[11] [sp=male] [sp=basculinb] 0/46 [Rock Head]

Next: [12] [sp=male] [sp=turistar] 40/40 [Draft Rider]

"Auriole, return. Acafia come on out and use Razor Leaf"

As Jamie switched his pokemon out for the new round of the battle, Kevin smirked and called out,

"Are you sure you don't maybe want to buy one of my fish and we'll call it even? Or do you just want to lose by switching every time?" Perhaps this Fisherman really did sell that boy a fish pokemon, instead of battling it out? 

Regardless of his taunting, the fisherman's turtle withdrew into his shell and kicked off the ground at lighting speeds. His hit-and-run against Jamie's Acafia pushed the green calf backwards before spinning and returning to his previous position. The Turistar poked his head out and gave a laugh as well -- before it was cut short by the Thorn Bud pokemon's sharp leaves. Turistar was left upside-down on his shell, flippers waving weakly as he tried to right himself.

Turistar used Quick Attack! (-5 HP)
Acafia used Razor Leaf! (-36 HP)

[15] [sp=male] [sp=acafia] 52/57 [Overgrow]
[12] [sp=male] [sp=turistar] 4/40 [Draft Rider]

"Horn Attack"

Being ignored didn't sit very well with the fisherman, and he ordered another priority attack to at least allow his Turistar some mark of successfulness, even though he couldn't take down the other pokemon entirely. Acafia took the Quick Attack head on and as soon as the Shuriken pokemon turned to flee, rammed his horn against him -- booting him back to his Trainer unable to battle any longer. Really frowning now, Kevin Recalled his turtle and prepared to send out his last pokemon. At least This fish should look pretty familiar to Jamie; wasn't that a good thing?

Turistar used Quick Attack! (-5 HP)
Acafia used Horn Attack! (-4 HP)
Turistar fainted.
Acafia gained 64% exp. Acafia grew to level 16!

[16] [sp=male] [sp=acafia] 50/60 [Overgrow]
[12] [sp=male] [sp=turistar] 0/40 [Draft Rider]

Next: [15] [sp=female] [sp=feebas] 45/45 [Swift Swim]

"Acafia, continue using Razor Leaf"

As soon as the Feebas had materialized, he launched himself at the Thorn Bug pokemon and flopped as hard as he could on the green bovine's head. It was nothing but a minor nuisance, really. Acafia showed no mercy as he sent another flurry of leaves at his opponent, throwing the fish off his head and back to Kevin's feet. The fisherman cringed, took his pokemon, and ran like he was being chased by a Rasqueon. Some bills flew out of an open pocket as he fled, fluttering to the ground in a trail of green. 

Feebas used Tackle! (-4 HP)
Acafia used Razor Leaf! (-45 HP)
Feebas fainted.
Acafia gained 70% exp! Acafia grew to level 17!
Jamie picked up 410P!

[17] [sp=male] [sp=acafia] 50/64 [Overgrow]
[15] [sp=female] [sp=feebas] 0/45 [Swift Swim]

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