Eli Crow & Vince Beck
Eli Crow


Eli Crow is a very handsome man. Handsome enough to make some men question their sexuality, which is just fine by Eli, because he is very pansexual. Eli is also rather tall, tall enough to see over the average person's head, and lean. He is Caucasian with very tanned skin, and smooth brown hair, which he wears in a ponytail, and green eyes. Eli has never cared for formal wear and always dresses very casually. Usually just a T-shirt and some loose-fitting blue jeans, with his trademark red bandanna around his neck.

As mentioned before, Eli is pansexual. What's more, he is also very flirtatious. Once he's made eye contact, the chance of him flirting sits at around 90%. He is not always successful, and has been subject to many slaps from women and awkward claims of heterosexuality from men, if he isn't ignored outright. Eli doesn't like being restrained very much, and couldn't stand his school years. Eli is always on the hunt for a good time, and has a strong affinity for alcohol, although he never seems to get drunk or have hangovers, much to the irritation of his peers. He also loves the water, and is skilled a piloting small boats. Eli can be quite superstitious, although the superstitions he believes in aren't usually ones anyone else has heard of. He has a profound love of adventure, and could often be found exploring, off on imaginary quests during his childhood.

Eli was born 25 years ago on Quest Island in the Sevii Islands, and is actually descended from the Tanoby who lived there long ago, although intermarriage has removed almost all traces of it from him. Eli's family had little money, and so could not afford a second child after Eli was born, or provide their son with the latest in gadgets. Young Eli wasn't bothered by this, and instead made his own fun, and could often be found exploring the nearby ruins for 'lost Tanoby gold'.

Eli went to school until 16, as he could not stand the restrictive environment. His parents didn't mind one bit, as putting Eli through University would have been very difficult. One good thing that did come from his school years was Eli's skilled swordsmanship.

Eli picked up his first sword at 13, and fell in love almost instantly. He practiced incessantly and quickly became the top student in his class, but his parents couldn't afford to send him to Kanto to compete in big tournaments. On Eli's 18th birthday, however, his parents presented him with a top-quality rapier, which he carries to this day.

After Eli left school, he joined his father's fishing company and spent most of his day out at sea. The work was very challenging, but Eli never seemed to tire of it, although he still harboured a desire for adventure. In fact, he was saving his money to leave on a Pokemon journey, and probably would have left much sooner if he hadn't been waiting for someone...
Vince Beck


Vince is very large and imposing. Some might call him fat, but this is not the case. Almost every inch of Vince's body is muscle, and he has a very wide build. He is also tall, but not as tall as Eli. Vince has short black hair, but his chin is covered by a thick beard. He has no mustache. His eyes are a dark brown, almost black, and have a penetrating, thoughtful gaze. Vince takes great pride in his appearance, and always tries to look his best. If he can somehow justify wearing a suit, that's exactly what he'll do.

Vince's personality both complements and contrasts Eli's. Unlike Eli, Vince is both aromantic and asexual, and has never shown sexual or romantic interest in anyone, opposite gender or otherwise. Where Eli is rash, Vince thinks slowly and deliberately. This causes some to think him slow and unintelligent, but really he is weighing multiple possibilities in his head. More than once Vince has pulled his rash friend out of almost certain trouble. The pair also have a lot in common, however. Vince shares Eli's love of adventure, and isn't a stranger to partying either, although he can't drink nearly as much as Eli.

Vince was also born on Quest Island, around the same time as Eli, and is also descended from the ancient Tanoby. He was born to one of the more affluent families on the island, and never particularly wanted for anything growing up.

The island is small, so Vince ended up going to the same school as Eli, and the two have been friends ever since. Vince was a frequent companion on Eli's ruin explorations, although none were ever successful.

Vince also took swordsmanship lessons, just like Eli, and although skilled in his own right, has never defeated Eli. Vince also took other martial arts lessons, such as Judo, and uses his size to his advantage.

Unlike Eli, Vince had no problem with school, and stayed through all the way to
university. He attended university in Cerulean City, and studied marine biology. These years were hard on the pair of friends, as they missed each other greatly and rarely had the opportunity to meet. However, Vince eventually completed his degree and returned to Quest Island. When he returned he was greeted by an enthusiastic Eli, who told him about an organisation called the Revivalists in a faraway region called New Logora. Vince had been planning on taking a gap year anyway, and just listening to Eli had brought the thrill of adventure and memories of childhood antics to his mind. It was quickly decided that the two would travel together to New Logora, and that's where the adventure begins...
Eli's Pokemon

Chuckles and Eli have been together for a long time, although Eli is not Chuckles' original owner. Eli first met Chuckles during a game of poker with a traveler from the Sinnoh Region, Chuckles' original trainer. Possession of Chuckles passed from this traveler to Eli when Chuckles became part of the bet. Eli had been consistently winning the games that night, so he was a bit miffed as to why this man would suddenly bet his prized Pokemon companion. Needless to say, Eli won the hand, but despite that the other trainer seemed oddly happy.

Chuckles seems to have above average intelligence for a Chatot. While most others of his species can only mimic human speech, Chuckles is fully capable of conversing with humans, and occasionally will use words even Eli doesn't understand. Eli often relies on Chuckles to make decisions for him when he can't make up his mind, although these rarely turn out well for him. Eli and Chuckles are seldom apart, Chuckles rarely returning to his Pokeball and instead spending his time perched on Eli's left shoulder. Eli is very fond of his avian companion. Vince, on the other hand, harbours a mistrust of the Chatot, often referring to him as 'a bad idea with wings.'

Blighter was given to Eli as a starter Pokemon upon his arrival in New Logora, although she was not chosen by Eli himself. Rather, as Eli could not decide which starter he wanted, he let Chuckles choose, and Chuckles chose Blighter. As is typical of decisions made by Chuckles, things didn't turn out well and Blighter took an immediate dislike to Eli, their first interaction resulting in Eli getting a very bitten and burned hand.

Blighter seems to be rather impulsive, not unlike her trainer. She has also wanted to leave the lab and experience the world for a very long time, so it is a mystery as to why, when finally given the opportunity to do just that, turned on the trainer giving it to her.

Eli and Scratch first met during the Pokemon Capturing Tournament on Taluic Island. Eli never intended to add Scratch to the team, and was instead terrified of the Minijina. Scratch, on the other hand, was merely curious about Eli and wound up capturing himself using an Ultra Ball Eli dropped in a panic. Due to his fright, Eli misinterpreted Scratch's curiosity as malice and was worried that the Minijina would turn and attack him instead of his opponent during the battle phase.

Eli's fears were entirely unfounded. Although Scratch is very brutal in battle, almost too brutal, he is very, very affectionate towards Eli, and after dominating his opponent in the first round celebrated by hugging his new Trainer. Despite still being unnerved by the Minijina's facelessness Eli attempted to bond with him, and gave him the name Scratch because of his affinity for the Shadow Claw attack.

Vince's Pokemon

Vince and Dock first met during Vince's time in Cerulean. Vince was out looking for a place to get dinner, when he found a small restaurant he had never seen before. Upon being served his meal, Vince recognised the vegetable being served with it as the leek exclusively held by Farfetch'd. Coupled with the fact that the meat looked more like a bird meat when it claimed to be fish, Vince became concerned and alerted the authorities. An investigation found the restaurant to be run by a splinter group of Team Rocket, who had been illegally poaching Farfetch'd and selling them as food. One of the rescued Farfetch'd took a liking to Vince, and due to its young age it was decided that it would be safer with Vince than it would be returned to the wild.

Dock looks up to Vince as a father figure, due to the loss of his parents at a young age. As such his behavior and personality closely mimics Vince's. Dock is rather reserved and cautious, and prefers to stick close to Vince at all times. He is also rather timid, but aspires to be as strong and courageous as his much admired trainer.

Icarus was Vince's chosen starter Pokemon when he arrived in New Logora. Water has always been Vince's favourite Pokemon type, and when he did research into the New Logoran starters and saw Osgrave, there was never any other decision he could have made. Icarus is very excited to finally have a trainer and get to go on adventures, and shows this by screeching loudly whenever released from his Pokeball, much to Vince's annoyance.

Icarus is very excitable; having left the lab very little before meeting Vince, almost everything is new and exciting to him. He is also very friendly towards anyone he tends to meet, and would very much like to be friends with Dock, if only the Farfetch'd wasn't driven away by his loudness.

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