Inactive Melting [5-1]
OOC: No problem, I was just hoping for not Bind.

"Minijina, Thunderpunch."
With another pokemon out of commission, Lee's numbers were starting to run low. Another pokemon out to replace the birdsicle Pandive, Minijina took the field, her intimidating presence making her opponent shrink back in fear...

Cryognal wanted this ghost gone, now! It began to breath out, blowing a chilling wind at the badger and somehow making her act slower than before! Minijina shook the ice from her body and struck Cryogonal's body with a mighty Thunder Punch, nearly knocking the snowflake out. Nearly. Its body began to shake and crack slightly from all the damage it had taken. This battle must be nearing its end...

OOC: Return Pandive!
It's your turn, Minijina!

Minijina's [Intimidate] lowered Cryogonal's attack!

Foe Cryogonal used Icy Wind! [-33 HP]
Minijina's speed fell!

Minijina used Thunder Punch! [-18 HP]
(Again, that roll x3)

[19] [sp=f] [sp=minijina] 36/69 [Intimidate]
[22] [sp=na] [sp=cryogonal] 1/83 [Levitate] (knows Frostbite) [Atk -1] [Accuracy -1]
"Virlich, Incinerate!"
Struggling to move much less attack, Cryogonal struck once more with an icy tendril, only to find its target had once again changed from a badger ghost to a floating ember. Virlich took the attack and smirked before spitting a tiny, pitiful fireball at her opponent.

"Cry... ogggg..." the snowflake fell to the ground, its glowing blue eyes fading to darkness at it passed out, too weak to continue the battle.

OOC: You did great, Minijina! Now return!
Go for it, Virlich!

Minijina's [Intimidate] lowered Cryogonal's attack!

Foe Cryogonal used Frost Bite!
It's not very effective... [-12 HP]

Virlich used Incinerate!
It's super-effective! [-1 HP]
Cryogonal fainted!
Virlich gained 115 exp!
Virlich rose to level 22!
Lamlie gained 134 exp!
Lamlie rose to level 20, then level 21!
Lamlie would like to evolve! Press the B button?

Pandive gained 134 exp!
Pandive rose to level 20!
Minijina gained 134 exp!
Minijina rose to level 20, then level 21!

"... You... have to be kidding me..." Angel's rage had reached its peak, the woman's face brighter than the reddest Tamato berry, so angry at her defeat the she could barely speak. Suddenly she grabbed an ice sculpture of an Invicunya from a pedestal and hurled it as far as she could, the ice llama shattering and spreading across the floor.

"... Okay, I'm better now..." she spoke after taking a deep breath and heaving a sigh. Angel walked over to you, taking your hand and dropping several items into it.

"This is for beating me. Congratulations." Angel spoke with the coldest, most insincere tone she could muster before turning around, "Now get lost and forget this ever happened. I know I will."

And with that, she walked off possibly to go relax and break more things of hers.

Congratulations! You won the Whiteout Badge!
Along with TM Frostbite and 2200p!

Mod Note: Congratulations on defeating Angel! Two down! :3
OOC: Lamlie to be evolved. Moving on to the next route.

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