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Welcome one, and welcome all! If you've made your way here, then you must be looking to meet up with someone to have an Interactive RP (IRP) adventure with! If that's the case, then this is just the place to do it. Simply speaking, all you have to do is post here with the following
(For more information on Interactive RPing, refer to the Getting Started guide for assistance).

Alternatively, if you do not feel comfortable making your desire to Interactively RP with others known to the rest of the forums, you can simply send a private message to someone whom you'd like to Interactively RP with.

IRP Form Wrote:Username:
Personal Profile Link (Optional):
Things to know about RPing with you and your character (Optional):

People in the list will be updated with their username and a link to their personal profile (If they have created on and do not plan on creating a new character).
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People looking to Interactively RP with others:

We hope you find the perfect match for your RPing needs and adventuring!

Have a great adventure,
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Username: kitsune_xiii
Personal Profile Link (Optional): It be here.
Things to know about RPing with you and your character (Optional): (Gaaaaah you guys keep changing this one me. ><)
My character is Genderfluid (usually claims Agender), portrays as male but is physically female, and doesn't give a crap about what Pronoun you use but calling Quina by male pronouns will probably get a smile. (I'm still trying to transition myself to do the same, as Quina wasn't originally this sort of character). Xe is an IP Agent, has a fondness for blue, and goes through a lot of effort to appear male.

For RPing with me, I have a few quirks. If you're not comfortable with LGBTQ, either find someone else to RP with or keep it quiet. Most characters I would use are very firmly in that community, and I'd rather not get preached at because you're not comfortable with my character's orientation/gender/Trans* status/other especially if it really doesn't have much if any connection to our plot. I bring this up mostly because the character I will likely be using is Quina, and xer status as Genderfluid and a Transitioning FtM is a large part of xer character.
Please, don't use chat speak in your post, or 1337 and its sub-variencies. I like being able to understand my partner's posts, thank you.
One-liner posts don't bother me too much so long as it gives me some direction on where to go in my own post.
Do not powerplay my character (make my character do something in your post whether it be a reply or a movement or any other sort of action) unless you are Suzu and know my character as well as I do. Similarly, please don't Godmod, it makes me cringe and froth at the mouth and rage.

And... that should be just about everything. Guys please don't change this section again its a pain having to retype this over and over again. ;-;
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Attention users of the IRP society. Some changes have been implemented that you may want to take into consideration. For the time being, the way IRP works has been modified, as read in the Getting Started Guide in the TurquoiseDex Wiki. Please familiarize yourself with these changes and get ready for an all 'new' way of traditional rolepaying here at Turquoise.
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Feel free to PM me for anything you might need

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Username: Negrek
Personal Profile Link (Optional):
Things to know about RPing with you and your character:

I'm looking to IRP pretty much anything with anyone; I'm always interested in RPing with new people, and I'm up for more or less anything in terms of scenario. My character doesn't lend herself well to very serious situations at this point, but I'm sure we can work something out if you're interested in serious drama rather than zany shenanigans. She's also fairly likely to offend or be irritating towards your character in some way; please don't take it personally! And remember that your character is always free to just punch her in the face or something when she gets annoying.

(Also most of my posts don't turn into novels; that's just a function of how the normal RP operates. I won't kill you with wordcount!)
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Yeah I edited that section a little bit to something more fitting, as seen above. I feel like that is something that that will be helpful in finding partner's to RP with. =)
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Feel free to PM me for anything you might need

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Username: Novan
Personal Profile Link:
Things to know about RPing with you and your character:
Not sure if I can work through super-serious stuff, but weird situations are a-go. I'd prefer someone who wouldn't type one-liners like "'Okay,' Lucas said." but I can work with it. I'm fine if your character's different, but if it's shoved in my face every five seconds than I'll cut the RP off. If you're afraid anything might make me uncomfortable, just ask. Also basic protocol, no godmodding or powerplaying or meta or heavily implied ships, etc. I'd like to start out with a simple battle or something, IDK.
Username: Daggerstorm
Personal Profile:
Things to know about my character: He's very friendly and will talk very fast when excited. He's very protective of his pokemon and doesn't like to keep them in their pokeballs. (Sorry about the lack of info, I'm new at this and haven't developed my character very much.)
Username: Eonrider
Personal Profile Link (Optional): Here it is, and there's some additional info in these posts.
Things to know about RPing with you and your character (Optional): I'm willing to RP with anyone, I'm quite new to it all and would like to gain some experience.
Username: BryanVIII
Personal Profile:
Things to know:
Prefers to relax and take things step-by-step in an analytic manner but can adapt to situations and think on his feet if the need arises. Doesn't reveal what's behind and is very protective of his eyepatch unless he's comfortable around the person or people he's with because he thinks it's something people will think is strange. He uses honorifics when addressing people at first (ex. -chan, -kun, -san, etc.). Approaches things calmly and will attempt to analyze things before acting.

Me: I'm an old card in RPing and I adapt to the person I'm RPing with. Other than that, it's the basics. No God-Mode, stuff like that and we're good.
Let's remind people that this thread exists. Plus, I have a new character, so it's time for a new post!

Username: Eonrider
Personal Profile Link (Optional): Here, plus a thread where you can ask my characters things here.
Things to know about RPing with you and your character (Optional): Anyone is fine, really. Just be warned that if your character is 18 or older, Eli is going to hit on them somehow. That's just how he is. There's also a good chance of him being rather irritating outside of being flirtatious.
Eh. This whole IRP thingy is certainly worth giving a shot(Or loading the whole barrel into it)

Username: Inquisitor
Personal Profile Link: Error 404, etc.
Things to know: The only thing you need to know is that Jacob is very ctiticistic towards standard trainer attitude. Anything and anyone else is completely fine.
Hmm... Yeah, that's a signature... I think I'll keep it that way until I find anything better.
Username: KathiraNarae
Personal Profile Link (Optional): Here, but it does sorta need an update.
Things to know about RPing with you and your character (Optional): I rarely know what's going on. Kathira is a bit of a jerk. Revar is a nice guy and can talk to Pokemon. Remember, if you want to RP with me and I bring in Revar, you'll want to have your mons talking as well, preferably in bold. After all, they're your mons, and my controlling what they say to Revar would be godmoding.
This often catches me out, too, but Xander the Crocoal is female.
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