Inactive Passing [4-2]
OOC: Wild Pokemon, please.
The sky was unusually clear this day and many small birds circled round the mountain peaks. Close by came an auriole, flying right above your head.

A wild Auriole appeared!
[19] [sp=male][sp=auriole] 62/62 [Technician]
"Pandive, Tackle!"
The auriole was hit by the freezing tackle and almost knocked down from the air. The bird then tried to frighten Pandive with an astonish attack.

[18] [sp=male] [sp=pandive] 57/67 [Torrent] @ [sp=snowcrystal]
[19] [sp=male][sp=auriole] 34/62 [Technician]
After another tackle, the auriole's wings were full of frost. The bird shook it off by striking with his wings, slapping Pandive with them.

[18] [sp=male] [sp=pandive] 29/67 [Torrent] @ [sp=snowcrystal]
[19] [sp=male][sp=auriole] 8/62 [Technician]
"Minijina, Thunderpunch."
Pandive spread his wings, preparing to land the finishing blow, only to wind up being replaced with an eyeless badger spirit. The Auriole didn't care which it attacked, as long as it meant ending the fight and escaping.

Auriole slapped hard at Minijina's face, but before it could back away, it wound up with an electrified boop to the beak, leaving the bird fried and kicking on the ground.

OOC: Foe Auriole used Wing Attack! [-21 HP]

Minijina used Thunder Punch!
It's super-effective! [-8 HP]

Minijina gained 67% exp!
Pandive gained 74% exp!
Pandive rose to level 19 and learned how to use Screech!
OOC: Moving on to the next area.

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