Lion Martinez: A Biography
Name: Lyle Alexendre Martinez
Nickname: Lion (Preferred)
Age: 18
Home Region: Kalos

Appearance: Lion like most southern Kalos native has an olive skin tone, which his white-blond hair provides quite a contrast to. He keeps his hair rather short, and rather unruly styled for a nobleman, spiking up every which way, as his mother likes to say. Bright green eyes peer out from over an aquiline nose, and clean shaved face. Lion is around six feet tall, having a decent bit of muscle to his frame, which would be best described as lethe. Having to spend a great deal of time with various nobles and socialites lead to a fairly good fashion sense, though Lion typically stays a bit more casual while in New Logora, often wearing a polo or short-sleeve button-down shirt and jeans.

Lyle Alexandre Martinez was born the eldest son of one Kalos’ noble families, he has two siblings back home, a sister (14) and brother (11). The Martinez family had been one of the most prominent families in the south-western region for centuries, some stories say that they had been there since before the Great War three thousand years ago. As the heir to this history, Lyle had many pressures pleased on him, mostly by his father.

While Lion didn’t care for the minutiae and other details of the family shipping business, the story of all the places they went in Kalos, and beyond, fired his imagination. Yet the boy wasn’t allowed to become a trainer and explore until he could “Demonstrate a bearing and prowess befitting the Martinez family”. While the overbearing expectations and rules placed stresses on on the family, if asked Lyle would say that he had a fairly good childhood. He enjoyed most of the schooling he received, though he didn’t necessarily excell he did reasonablely well, but the outdoors was where Lyle thrived. Though his relationship with his parents was not the greatest, he loves his siblings very much, and would always watch out for both of them and try to include them when he could.

Life was relatively calm for Lyle until an incident when he was 10 years old. The Martinez family was hosting a soiree for many of the near-bye families, including their ancient rivals the Starks. Details on the event are scarce, only that it involved the Stark Heir Arthur, and the Lyle started to want to go by Lion afterwards.

Life went by uneventfully since then until recently. After Lysandre and Team Flare’s attempted uprising failed, it was discovered that Lion’s father had heavily invested in Lysandre Labs and that Team Flare had used his transports for equipment and personnel. Though his father protested that they had no knowledge of the man true goals or connections, the Martinez family had lost a great deal of money, and reputation in the ordeal. In order to escape the shadow of his family name, Lion decided that now was the time to leave his ancestral home. He would prove that he was more than his father’s son, that his first name was just as worthy of respect as his last, so he could free himself from the shadow that now surrounded them.

Name: Kovu
Gender: Female
Personality: TBD
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