Rival Battle #7
OOC: You cannot move beyond Victory Road until you have defeated your rival and at least four other trainers. You can attempt to battle your rival at any point during your trip through Victory Road, however.

The road to the top has been long, hard and tiring, and as you pick your way through the run-down streets of Alniraz you have eyes only for the light at the end of the tunnel: the Pokémon League Headquarters, site of your final big battle with New Logora's Elite Four and Champion. You do your best to push forward, dealing with wild Pokémon and other championship hopefuls as you press on, and hoping that your team is really ready to face the daunting challenge ahead...

...but then, what's the ultimate showdown without a penultimate showdown to prepare you for the major-league beating you're about to receive? Is your rival here because they're looking to take on the champ themselves? Did they find some other way to get here and lie in wait for you? That's between you and your rival, but whatever their reason is they aren't going to let you go without one last fight!

Pokémon Trainer [RivalName]

Number of Pokémon: 6
Minimum Level: 45
Reward: 4000P
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