New Year's Promo 2015
It's time to ring in the new year here at Turquoise, and what better way to do that than with free stuff? If you were paying attention during our last round of Turquoise Bingo, you may recall some mysterious items whose effects were hidden. Now that the date of our new year's blast is finally upon us, it's time to reveal what those items do and pass them out to everyone so you can join in the festivities! The mystery items and their descriptions are listed below, and all it takes is a post in this thread to make one of them yours!

[sp=candycane] Candy Cane: A minty, sticky-sweet treat that is large enough to be brandished like a club. It's so sticky, in fact, that it might gum up anything you touch it with... When a Pokémon holding this item uses Celebrate, Celebrate becomes:

Fairy, Physical, 70BP, 90% acc
50% chance to lower target's speed by 1

[sp=confetti] Confetti: A bag of colorful, glittery confetti that is pretty to look at but might cause a problem if enough of it is blown into someone's eyes... When a Pokémon holding this item uses Celebrate, Celebrate becomes:

Flying, Special, 65BP, 90% acc
50% chance to lower target's accuracy by 1

[sp=firework] Firework: A small, reusable incendiary device. It explodes into exciting colors with surprising speed... When a Pokémon holding this item uses Celebrate, Celebrate becomes:

Fire, Special, 55BP, 90% acc
Priority +1

[sp=partyball] Party Ball: A round, sparkly sphere that glitters in anticipation of a celebration. If you drop it at just the right time, you might dazzle someone with it... When a Pokémon holding this item uses Celebrate, Celebrate becomes:

Steel, Physical, 70BP, 90% acc
20% chance to confuse target, separate 20% chance to cause target to flinch (similar to elefangs)

But that's not all! There have been plenty of opportunities to pick up free pokémon in past promos, so this time we're going to give you something to improve the pokémon you already have instead. In addition to a new year's item, you can choose from one of the following move vouchers for a tutorable move:

[sp=mvfire] Fire Punch
[sp=mvice] Ice Punch
[sp=mvelectric] Thunder Punch
[sp=mvrock] Ancient Power
[sp=mvghost] Ominous Wind
[sp=mvbug] Silver Wind

The move vouchers are all one-time use items that will immediately grant a pokémon their respective move. Use yours now or save it until later--just be sure to grab one before February arrives! This promo is only open until February 1st, 2015!
I've been waiting all year for this.

Fire Punch for Iulia (Virlich), please! And also the Party Ball.

there you happy Negrek?
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Party Ball and Ancient Power please

Mod Note: Done them all so far!
Let's go Candy Cane and....Fire Punch.
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Hrm... So many choices... I think I'll take:

Ominous Wind (Though a punch move would probably be better, being 5+ badge moves >.>)

Please and thank you. :3
Now let's see how long it takes me to over-think and regret my choices.
A Party Ball and, uh...Fire Punch, please. I wonder how long until I regret this decision?
Mod Note: I've done everyone up to here.
This often catches me out, too, but Xander the Crocoal is female.
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I'll take an ice punch, though I don't think I'll be using it quite yet, as well as a party ball.

Mod Note: Added the things.
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Fireworks for my crocoal and ice punch for my bucarat, please.

Mod Note: Done. I like the thought of Flamer with fireworks. Not that he can use it in battle. x3

He can't use it? So, which Pokemon can use it?
I'll nab some Fireworks and a voucher for Ominous Wind.
Mod Note: Orchestra got this.
I'll claim Firework and Thunder Punch please.

Mod Note: Taken care of.
Confetti and Ominous Wind, please! ^^ Sorry for the lack of activity, guys. Calculus is a lot harder for me than it seems to be for the rest of you. XD And Even though half my classes this semester are kinda easy, everything is still sucking up a lot of my time.....
Firework and Ice Punch, please.

Will previous promo-pokemon get Celebrate?

Mod Note: Got both Kaelyn and Kyurem. And I have no idea, Kyu. I'll be sure to look into it.
Claiming a candy cane and iirc Kiblis can learn Ominous Wind, if this is true I'm claiming Ominous Wind for Azy.
Mod Note: Got you!
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Thunderpunch and Firework, please.

Mod Note: Done.
Almost forgot about this, whoops. I'll take a thunderpunch TM and a candy cane, s'il vous plait.
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I'll take Fire Punch and a Firework, please.

Mod Note: Got both PS and this guy.
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Party ball and thunder punch please

Mod Note: Added. Please enjoy. :3
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Candy cane and Ice Punch please!

Mod Note: Done.

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