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The two of them seemed to be having the same argument as before, the white bear not wanting his feet to look like an inverted pin cushion anymore than they already did. The woman eventually relented, calling out for another Powder Snow. Clara hoped the rock type could dodge this attack instead, but it proved to be futile as she didn’t move out of the way quickly enough. On top of that, that icy wind and snow seemed extra powerful this time. It blew the snowdrifts around the field to a flat arena and blinded Clara to the point that she needed to shield her eyes from the gust.

When it had settled, the waning sun glinted off the nearly polished surface, making it incredibly difficult for the girl to see. Eyes wandering, she finally found the Gravendou, hunched into a shivering ball of spikes. The Rock Spine pokemon slowly uncurled, and Clara saw the damage that last attack had wrought. Lilith was shivering madly, her quills nearly knocking into one another as she moved. Looking over to spot Lilith’s opponent, the young Trainer found the bear smiling to itself at its handiwork, and watched as that smile turned up-side down as the creature noticed his opponent’s movements.

Stomping over to finish the job with a close range attack, probably that Powder Snow again, the Bearbegazi only made Lilith’s job easier. Nearly to his target, the rock type fired her attack, scoring a few small hits. The Bearbegazi stumbled back at the recoil of the attack, but then righted himself to continue with his plan. Only, he didn’t get far enough. Lilith’s attack hadn’t quite done the job, but it was close enough. As the wintery bear inhaled once more, his cheeks became a deeper shade of purple, Amanita’s poison surfacing to extract its wrath one last time. Instead of attacking, the creature doubled over, grabbing at its stomach and bringing a paw to its muzzle. The poison won over, and spared Lilith of her impending loss.

Recalling the creature to her side of the now-flat field, the woman petted the bear on the head and promised medicine (and probably cookies) after the battle for a job well done.

"You're the only one left. Let's show our new friend just how amazing you are, Delibird."

Last one? Clara suddenly realized that there had been three very difficult opponents in this battle. That was more than she had done before. Granted, it was only a difference of one, but one drop can make the ocean larger, or so the saying goes (ooc: not really, but it’s something like that..). I didn’t. . . Wow. . I guess that’s how much one can do in such a short period of time. . .

But back to the battle, now. Delibird could obviously fly, so that could be a disadvantage against all but Jayden. However, if Delibird could make the winds blow harder like the bear could, then that could be a problem as well. Jayden might get thrown about, unable to attack, not to mention the snow and ice that would damage his wings. Amanita was far too weakened to try anything, and Clara wasn’t so sure Titania would be able to withstand much more; Delibird was sure to be the strongest out of the three. Wasn’t Jayden the strongest of her pokemon, or was Kenneth? The Vaering was out of the question, of course, and Lilith was extremely tired out from her recent battle. That still left either Jayden or Kenneth to pull it off, but who to choose? Clara was suddenly struck by a far-off memory, one when she was a little child, just beginning to explore some of the world.

She was splashing about in the shallows of the waters that took up nearly half of the place she called home, giggling and stamping about in glee. She splashed her parents, who lightly berated her and asked to come out and dry off for a little. The young child complied, making as large a splash as she could as she got out of the water. Sitting down at the water’s edge with her parents, her mother handed her a glass of something fruity flavored to drink. It was probably made from her favorite blend of berries, but she couldn’t quite remember what that was, now. . . The girl had gasped at the coldness of the glass, spotting clear cubes of something floating about. Excited, the girl clamored as to what they were. The response was that it was “ice” made into small cubes; frozen water. Amazed, the girl sipped at her drink, enjoying her time in the small window of sun that they enjoyed here. The next time she had glanced at the glass, the ice cubes were gone. Nearly crying because they had disappeared, it was explained to her that they had simply melted because of the heat. They had turned back into water.

The memory faded as Clara felt her tears freeze to her cheeks. Hastily using the sleeve of the borrowed jacket to knock them off, Clara realized she had the answer. Kenneth. Kenneth is a fire type. He can melt any ice that comes his way! Why didn’t I think of this before? Surely, even though it was a pokemon battle, the principle was essentially the same?

“Return, Lilith! You’ve done a great job. Now take a good rest.” Clara said as she took the Rock Spine’s pokeball and withdrew the creature into her capsule device. Clara paused for just a second. “Come on out here, Kenneth!” The fire type yipped, bounding onto the field from Clara’s side. He’d been waiting for this. The pup squared himself against the purplish bird, hackles raising and raring to go.

“Alright, Kenneth. No need to sound mean and act scary. This is just a friendly battle, right?” Kenneth stopped putting up his front and sat back on his haunches, looking over his shoulder to his Trainer. A serious moment was there on his face, before his muzzle broke into a toothy grin. Of course he was playing around. He wasn’t a mean and scary pokemon, now was he? The red pokemon turned his attention back to his opponent, where the bird gave a happy chirp and a wave of its wing.

“Okay, that’s good.” Clara smiled, forgetting about that memory and focusing on the last leg of this battle. “Start off strong with an Ember, Kenneth!” The Crocoal was delighted to oblige, taking a running start toward the Delibird. He could already feel the soothing burn of fire gathering between his jaws.

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"You're finally using the fire-type." The elderly woman said, dusting some of the snow from her hair and chest before speaking her command, "Delibird, please give it a Present."

Delibird chirped as she dug around in her tail-bag, waiting until Kenneth was close by before leaping into the air, somehow floating without actually flapping! Kenneth skid to a stop, kicking snow everywhere as he spun around just in time for a cute white box with a pretty red ribbon to land in the snow in front of him. The box suddenly split open, the insides never revealed as it exploded in a bright white light.

'Bi-didi di!' Delibird laughed as she floated around, never expecting her opponent to not only survive the attack, but to also use an attack of his own! Using the light as a cover, Kenneth released the fire he had been holding in and spat a flurry of embers at the avian, Delibird crying loudly as she patted out her burning plumage!

OOC: Foe Delibird used Present! [-13 HP]

Kenneth used Ember!
It's super-effective! [-20 HP]

[11] [sp=m] [sp=crocoal] 29/42 [Blaze]
[12] [sp=female] [sp=delibirdshiny] 24/44 [Vital Spirit] (knows Present, Icy Wind, Water Pulse, Ice Shard and Secret Santa) @ [sp=oranberry]

OOC: Ouch! D: Let's hope Delibird doesn't use Water Pulse and screw it all up…… And that Oran berry is definitely going to mess things up…..

As Kenneth raced his way across the field, Clara heard the old woman comment that she was finally letting the fire pup battle. Well, of course. . . No, no. . . it was a spur of the moment decision and Clara knew it. But her opponent didn't need to know that. The elderly woman called out to her bird, asking it to give Kenneth a “present”. Odd. What could that possibly do?

Clara watched as Kenneth scrabbled to stop, sending snow every which way, to glare at Delibird as the winged creature floated out of his range and dug around in that strange tail-sack it had. Out popped a small white box with ribbon as red as Kenneth’s fur, and down it was dropped to land in the small pile of snow in front of the Hyena pokemon. The item unwrapped itself and as soon as it had cracked open, it literally blew up in Kenneth’s face. Giving an undignified screech, the pup backed up, but was still lost in the blinding white light that was emitted from the “present”.

“Hey! That’s not a present!” Clara yelled as the Delibird snickered, remaining airborne. “That’s a bomb!” The young Trainer’s ire was short-lived, however, as Kenneth used that flash of light to sneak an attack at the avian. The Ember he spat nearly burned that Delibird’s feathers, and he growled up at it, ready for more.

“Okay, that was good, Kenneth!” I didn't even think of that. Kenneth is good on his feet. Clara looked to the purplish creature, noting that the Ember had done a lot of damage. Nodding at his success, the girl called out again. “Actually, that was great. Again, Kenneth. Use Ember!” Clara failed to realize that the Delibird held a little blue berry that she'd seen before, and that the avian was just about ready to use it.
As the battle dragged on, a sound could be heard in the distance. It sounded like tinkling, or maybe the jingling of a bell.

"Oh, that sounds like my husband!" the woman said as she turned toward the sound of the ringing, her Delibird getting excited at the familiar sound. She turned back and called to her pokemon, "Okay, let's finish this up before dear pulls up. Use... Oh, what was that water attack..."

'Di-bi!' Delibird chirped, swirling a wing around and forming a pulsing sphere of water, 'Bibi?'

"Yes, that's it. Use that please!"

'Bi-di!' the avian hurled the ball at Kenneth, who could sit back and brace himself as the powerful attack hit. The sphere exploded upon impact, water flying in all directions before quickly freezing and falling to the snow.

"Did that do it?" the woman asked, adjusting her glasses as she looked over at Kenneth, who was lying in the snow. At first, he slowly stood, shaken from the super-effective water attack, but after righting himself, something odd happened. His eyes began to burn brightly, followed by his fur turning a brighter shade of red, the heat emanating from his form causing the snow around him to melt. The canine let out a growl as a fire built up in his maw.

"Oh...I think we upset him, Delibird..."

Instead of spitting a couple of embers, Kenneth spat a large ball of fire that not only engulfed Delibird, but burned so hot that the snow in the surrounding area melting, leaving a circle of green amid the white.

"Oh dear... Looks like I was mistaken. That little fireball of a Crocoal is much stronger than I expected." the kindly old woman spoke with a smile. She walked over, scooping her burned and still-sizzling Delibird up before stepping up to you, "That was a fun battle, my dear Clara. It has been a long time since my friends and I have had a real battle such as this."

After recalling Delibird, she dug around in her bag, pulling out a small satchel and placing it gently in your hands.

"I would love to stay and talk to you some more, but sadly, I can't. But perhaps we will meet again some day... Hopefully, if we battle again, it won't be as exhausting. This one felt like it has taken months." she smiled, chuckling a little at her own comment, "Now I must be off. My husband doesn't like to be kept waiting. He is a very busy man, after all.

The elderly woman walked a fair ways away, stopping to recall Goozie who had dozed off in the snow, then looked up, as if waiting for something to happen. The jingling began again, growing louder and louder, but whatever was making the sound wasn't showing up...

Until it appeared.

Appearing from out of nowhere, a circular machine lowered from the sky, red and green lights flashing on its underside and the familiar jingling from before now louder than ever. A light from the underside of the ship shown down on the elderly woman, who had turned back to you, waving as her body turned into a featureless silver form before vanishing, the light disappearing once her form was gone. Its job complete, the machine took off past the trees, the jingling fading, fading, until there was only silence.

Such a strange encounter. It felt so real, yet so... not. Who knows what happened. One thing is for sure though. Clara needs to cut back on the eggnog.

Kenneth gained 119 exp!
Kenneth grew to level 12!

Won 1200p!
What was in the satchel?: [sp=snowcrystal]/[sp=yuleball]/[sp=jinglebell]
And also have these: [sp=snohberry] x2
“Oh, that sounds like my husband!” The elderly woman exclaimed suddenly, turning around to a seemingly random direction. It wasn’t until Clara also heard a ringing bell-like sound that the girl understood why the elderly woman had stopped to look around. The Delibird also became quite excited.

Husband? How could that sound signify that her husband is close by? Clara was again struck by the oddness of their first conversation and how this woman had somehow magically conjured up the things she had given the young Trainer. Suddenly, the woman called out to her bird with the intent of finishing this battle in one last round, despite the fact that each pokemon had scored only one hit on the other since this part of the battle had commenced. She once again seemed like she couldn’t quite remember the name of the attack she wanted the purple creature to use. However, the word “water” and the bird’s action of conjuring a pulsating ball of water upon the tip of one wing hit it home for Clara. The girl blanched, suddenly terrified.

Water! But. . I thought. . That pokemon. . . It . was. . Unable to form anything coherent, Clara spluttered as the Delibird charged up the attack a little more and hurled it straight at Kenneth. The pup, nearly as shocked as his Trainer, seized up and didn’t move from his spot. At the last moment, he braced for the impact and was rewarded with the coldest rush of water he’d had in a long time. It didn’t help that the water froze to his fur immediately afterwards, the rest already falling around him as more snow.

He lay flat on his belly in the snow now, exhausted, too tired to even twitch the snowflake off his nose before he sneezed. Too late. The sneeze seemed to rev up his system, though. He slowly climbed back onto his feet, and suddenly felt a surge of energy and power coming from nowhere. He felt better, still exhausted, but like he could take on any creature that stood in his way. His fur brightened, glowed even, and he felt warm, like he was literally on fire. The snow around him and the ice on his fur melted away and he growled menacingly, building up another Ember attack. However, instead of a tiny Ember, a good-sized fire-ball erupted from between his teeth. It happened so fast that neither side had a chance to say anything as the attack blotted out Delibird’s form, melted all the snow in that area and left a patch of green grass in its wake.

"Oh dear... Looks like I was mistaken. That little fireball of a Crocoal is much stronger than I expected." The old woman said, stooping down to pick the crisped bird from the snow. "That was a fun battle, my dear Clara. It has been a long time since my friends and I have had a real battle such as this." The elderly lady gave the young Trainer a bag of some sorts, intricately woven of brown cloth, as she spoke of a few more things, but Clara wasn’t really listening. I won. We won. We won! A smile was slowly spreading its way across Clara’s face as she looked up to say goodbye to the woman, and found a strange sight instead.

[Quoted (mostly) Directly] Appearing from out of nowhere, a circular machine lowered itself from the sky, red and green lights flashing on its underside and the familiar jingling from before now louder than ever. A light from the underside of the ship shown down on the elderly woman as she turned back to face the girl, waving a hand as her body turned into a featureless silver form before vanishing. The light from the strange floating contraption disappeared once her form was gone. The machine then took off past the trees, the jingling fading away until there was only silence.[End Quote] Clara stood there, slack-jawed, brain frazzled and wondering just how many more weirdo things she was going to encounter on her first couple of days in this new Region.

Suddenly remembering the nifty sewn-together bag she had been handed, Clara opened it up to find two white-colored, oddly-shaped things that looked like they were berries, a festive looking red-and-green pokeball, and. . . . a fat-looking wad of money. Eyes lighting up, Clara snatched the money out of the bag and dropped it, in favor of counting what she had gained. She forgot, momentarily, about the battle, the jingling noises, the strange machine, and the water.

Kenneth tiredly dragged himself over to the discarded satchel, sniffing at the berries and trying to take a little nip as discreetly as possible. His stealth wasn't much needed as his Trainer was too preoccupied with recounting her newly earned money. The pup took a quick bite and immediately perked up, but not from heat or spice. That berry was so cold that the teeth connected with that piece of berry froze over instantly and Kenneth’s mouth became so cold it hurt like fire and was numbed all at the same time! The fire type hurriedly pushed that bit of berry out of his maw as fast as he could with his numbed tongue and spent the next few minutes trying to thaw his muzzle back to normal. Clara seemed completely oblivious to his icy plight.

Finally stashing the money away, Clara noticed that with the disappearance of the elderly woman and that strange “machine”, the snows melted completely. The wind had decreased and eventually faded to nothing as the strange storm dissipated. The young Trainer was left standing out in the middle of the street, 10 yards from the pokemon center. Even the coat she'd been wearing and the chairs had disappeared. Shrugging and putting it off to just one of those weird things that had maybe (not) actually happened, Clara decided to go back to her walking and exploration, as originally planned. She had a vague thought about something called eggnog though. . . . Weird. Hmm. . . another thing her mind wandered to:

Amanita certainly is useful, but… she gets hit hard by far too many things, I think… I wonder if there is anything that can be done about that? The young Trainer thought, looking at shops and in their windows and at other signs. She watched people go about their daily life here in a small peaceful coastal town, far removed from the things Clara had experienced thus far.

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