OOC: You must have a Pokémon with the move Surf (HM03) in your party to access this route and its wild Pokémon; trainers seeking the championship are not permitted to use the ferry from the docks. There are several moderately-large floating platforms, provided by a joint effort between the Pokémon League and the local coast guard, spaced more or less evenly along the route, giving land-bound Pokémon someplace to stand if you wish to battle with them while swimming.

You cannot attempt to cross this route unless you have eight badges, have defeated your rival in all of Denath, Szlazan, Dia, Rune and Etaoin, and have completed the [???] event at Falantr Docks.

You cannot move on to Victory Road until you defeat at least five trainers on this route.

Access To:
  • Falantr Docks
  • Alniraz Ruins

Wild Pokémon (Surfing):
  • 50%: Latikrai [18–33] / Kraitra [34+]
  • 45%: Latikrai [18–29] / Sharpedo [30+]
  • 4%: Aeolagio [20+]
  • 1%: Lapras [20+]

Wild Pokémon (Super Rod):
  • 75%: Latikrai [10–19] / Basculin (Blue-Stripe) [20+]
  • 25%: Skrelp [10–47] / Dragalge [48+]

Dive Spots:

If you have Diving Gear and a Pokémon with the move Dive (HM06) in your party, you may choose to dive in a particularly deep area and search for treasure. Move down toward the seafloor over the course of three action updates, and at the end you'll find a random item from the list below:
  • 40%: [sp=darkgem] Dark Gem
  • 40%: Random type gem (other than Dark)
  • 10%: [sp=duskstone] Dusk Stone
  • 5%: [sp=dreadplate] Dread Plate
  • 5%: Random plate (other than Dread)
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