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As we all know, unless we've had the volume of our games muted for the past few years, the Pokemon games are host to a wide array of music. With the release of ORAS, several new/remixed tracks have been introduced, and here's the place to discuss your favourites, and perhaps find some hidden gems you missed.

As for myself, I am very happy with the ORAS soundtrack. RSE had my favourite music beforehand, and I was somewhat worried that ORAS would ruin it for me, but luckily my fears were unfounded and the ORAS soundtrack was better than the original, in my opinion. Here's a quick list of my favourites:

And for good measure, some stuff that's not ORAS.
What's your favourite music in the games? Which games have the best music? Discuss!
X/Y had the largest collection of music I liked, but my favourite from the entire series has to be either Lysandre's battle theme, the X/Y Champion theme, Unwavering Emotion (Black/White), or the Ghetsis battle theme from Black2/White2. I have a small but sizable collection of Pokemon music in my music collection, to be honest.
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The songs from the GBA are definitely my favorites, despite the low quality. The DS games come a solid second, particularly Gen IV. Gen VI, on the other hand, has been a letdown for me -- X/Y have my definitively least favorite soundtrack (even compared against the GB chiptunes), and ORAS is, well, saved because it's pretty hard to actually screw up Hoenn music, but I still prefer the RSE original tracks in most cases.

Favorite Pokétunes include:
-RSE Elite Four Battle
-FRLG Champion Battle
-B/W Elite Four Battle
-Emerald Frontier Brain Battle
-RSE Route 119
-HGSS Champion Battle
-DPPt Route 210
-B2/W2 Champion Battle
-Emerald Battle Frontier
-vs. Deoxys (the ORAS remix for this one is great too)
I've yet to play ORAS or B2W2, sadly, but there's plenty for me to talk about besides.

My absolute favorite tracks are the Red/Lance theme (GSC), Miror B. Battle (XD), Elite Four (BW), Champion Cynthia (DPPt), Opelucid City (White version), and Aegis Cave (PMD Time/Darnkess/Sky).

Full List:

As you can see, I really love the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon music.
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