Serpens's Black Dark Monotype Eliminationlocke.
Eliminationlocke Rules(Number of pokemon varies depending on player)
Sooo... Yes. I started something like this and want to share it with you. This first post will probably be somewhat of an introduction, to present my team and stuff... So, anyway, let's descent into the main things.
[Image: 96dkdk.jpg]
Oh no... Not the pointless introduction... I went trough it already. Like, 10 times, so, can you please don't? No? Ok, fine, lemme fall asleep for next few seconds...
(Like, five seconds later)
Oh, what? Am I supposed to click something now?
[Image: 51vpj7.jpg]
Yeah, definietly a girl... Rolleyes I would put a random Oak meme in here, but 'm too lazy.
[Image: 2i9ie69.jpg]
Bianca, no. I don't want to take any stupid photos with yo... *Flash*
Must share this on instagram.. #Pokemon #Journey #Adventure #Bianca #Cheren #Serpens
Oh, fine, whatever.
<One pointless cutscene later>
[Image: 2573wbt.jpg]
Oooh... Ok... I'll take this one... And this one... And this one...
Hey! Maybe you would share with us.
Don't dramatize Cheren, I left you two pokemon.
Fine, I wanted to take only one anyway.*releases pokemon* A pig. A fire pig... Is it like, what, bacon? Whatever. It'll evolve into something cool anyway.
The right word is metamorph, Cheren. Metamorph. Not evolve. Do your research.
Omigosh, so cute, like, wooow... It's so kawaiiiiii... So blue, and white, and otterish... And it has a shell! Oooooh...
At least you're not her...
Serpens, let's battle!
Oshawott, tackle him.
*Few tackles later*
[Image: 4q679h.jpg]
I posted it just beacause I noticed that for the first time... I'm so observant, am I not?
Now, as they departed, here's a quick look on my current team. I permitted myself to give them some egg moves.
In order i generated them:
I could do this by myself, why did you gave me those 5 goofy sidekicks?
In case you'd die?
I'm god, gods don't die.
It's a locke.
[Image: 14w927l.jpg]
[Image: 1zv2yog.jpg]
He creeps me out...
Thou shall burn in the name of Lord Arceus, filthy heretic
[Image: kf1fgx.jpg]
[Image: 11vo001.jpg]
Cool dude, IMHO
Now, that I'm free, I'm gonna take over the world!
No, you won't. You're gonna help me win this locke.
Will do.
[Image: 28btd76.jpg]
[Image: 2ijqa2h.jpg]
Yes, Kyurem, you can be happy. I named him afer sir Edward.
[Image: riu2jr.jpg]
[Image: 1zx7hfo.jpg]
Oooh... I want that item!*Uses Thief, even though he doesn't know it*
Hey, leave my glasses, you brat!
[Image: 122f32t.jpg]
[Image: t4tqg2.jpg]
And last but not least: Parfume
Noone likes me.. Boo! And I'm always the least!
Well if you would stop stinking...
[Image: qpm528.jpg][Image: 28s7m6g.jpg]
(Annotation: I have two full parties, not 1. Just beacause to not screw this on Lenora, like pretty much every my BW locke.)
Could we know the rules of your Nuzlocke? Just to know what is different about it.
Well, pretty much the standard eliminationlocke rules, that allowe you to use only specified amount of pokemon, chosen by random generator (Both number and pokemon. Number is dependable on who does the locke, some randomize amount between 1-6, others 6-12, some other people (me) don't even randomize the amount but just pass to randomizing pokemon), and when they all die (Faint), you lose. Can't catch anything, can't accept gift pokemon, etc. That + monotype rules, where I'm only allowed to use one certain type (Dark in my case) Additional rules applicable(In my case only shiny clause).
It's coming! First update.
So yeah. We walked downstairs.
[Image: 2cgifz4.jpg]
Wait, why you hurry so much? Shouldn't you, like, get your pokemon healed? I mean, it fanited few seconds ago, and you don't have any other.
I like to live dangerously.
As you wish.
[Image: 2ntkzfs.jpg]
But we are healed, m'lady.
Shhh, Loki. She has something wrong with her mind.
So, I walk away to Bianca's house and guess what I see?
[Image: zvy6f6.jpg]
Did he just kicked her?
I think so... Pathological family is what they call it.
He must be possesed.
STFU, Inquisitor. Can I issue a claim for child abuse?
No, Lucifer, you can't. She would be given away to orphanage, or worse if we'd win.
B-b-but dad... I... I already registered myself in the league and...*escapes*
*also runs away*
So, after that rather disturbing scene, the lab was next step.
Hello there children. Alow me to introduse myself. I am...
Wait, what's the point. I mean, you know us since we were born, we know you since we were born... It doesn't make sense. Speed-up button!
[Image: 30bcyf7.jpg]
Nah. I mean, i surely would like to, but this is Eliminationlocke, so... The rules don't allow me to fill the dex. But you should be pleased with these 4-5 entries I'm gonna collect, amirite?
*Pointless cutscenes*
[Image: nd0uiq.jpg]
This town is like 4 houses, and we're gonna leave it in few minutes and you're gonna give us map of it? Seriously?
It's acctually a world map.
Then why is it called town map?
I dunno. Tradition, i guess.
Hey, guys! Let's make this step together!
[Image: 1405cj.jpg]
I outsped you?
What? Repeat! We'll do this equally
*Hour later*[/color]
Bianca, give it up. It's boring
*More speed-up. Pointless capture turotial.*
[Image: 4rdegg.jpg]
Let's see who will get most pokemon at the end of route including the ones from professor..
That's unfair, Serpen's will win
Ant that is exactly why it's fair.
So, anyway, let's take our first step into tall grass.
[Image: 2ptcuow.jpg]
And second... And third... And fourth... And fifth... And sixth... And seventh... Nothing appeared. But a nice girl gave us potion. Nice.
[Image: 14iolkm.jpg]
Our first encounter - one shotted by Loki's Dark pulse. RIP, random patrat.
There'll be no stopping me when I'll evolve.
After beating few wilds. we reach the northern part of route. And oooh, look, they're waiting.
Yay, Serpens, you won! Take this cookie.
*Noms on cookie.*
Congrats, cheater. Let's head to the town.
And then - phone call.
I'm in Pokemon Centre, don't keep me waiting.
Wait. How did you... I mean... I haven't even saw you crossing the gate...
I guess that solves it.
*Pokemon Centre turotial...*
[Image: 33z66g0.jpg]
Wish we could acctually buy these.
[Image: ei9wzo.jpg]
Now who are these weird dressed guys?
They are servants of Giratina!
STFU, Inquisitor. I like their theme, let me listen to it.
It's hypnotic.
Could be.
[Image: 2m3rd4z.jpg]
That doesn't explain anything.
*Sleeps... Some time later*
Serpens, Wake up!
What? Where they gone?
It's over.
[Image: 122kr2v.jpg]
Who is this green-haired fellow?
Allow me to introduce myself. I am N.
Your parents don't like long names, I see... Hipopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia?
What are you here for anyway?
You'r pokemon... They talk to me...
You're weird...
Perhaps I am... But... They told me... Let me hear them say this again... I caan't belive it.
What you mean by this? A battle?
If you say so...
Now how to deal with this adversary? I know! Let's do it Kyurem way! Throw a fish at it!
[Image: fxc9c3.jpg]
There is a cat.
*One Hydro Pump later*
[Image: 1zbw3o0.jpg]
There is an unconsious cat. Which is, pretty much, no cat.
Nibbles, stop.
I never heard a pokemon to say such things. I... I want to change the world... For Pokemon... For my friends... *walks away*
Yeah... he was looking quite gay IMHO.
IDK. Maybe. To me he looked pretty much like a normal man. Except the hair. And he was quite weird... But it's cause the parents I think.
*Departs to balcony.*
What's the point in balcony with wiew only to trees.
[Image: w9z41w.jpg]
I dunno.
You should take care of these two. *Points at inquisitor, clawing Lucifer and pecking him in head.*
Go back to distortion world, servant of Dark Lord! Or else I'll throw you there with my own beak!
AAAH! What can I do I'm a hellhound? It's not my fault! I was born this way! Get off me! Yes, I plan to take over the world in my free time! Many people does it!
Yeah, I probably should.
And thus, the update 1 passed.
Stop staring at this post. Like, really. It's annoying. Could you just read it and scroll over to the next one?

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