Server Downtime October 3rd
I've been informed by my hosting company that this server is scheduled for maintenance this Friday, October 3rd, from 7am—12pm GMT (that's 3am—8am EST, too lazy to work out other timezones, sorry). The forums, wiki and all other Altered Origin sites will be offline at some point during that window. They say it's unlikely that it will take the full five hours, but that is a possibility so don't be alarmed if the site is inaccessible for a while.

Try not to start typing up any long posts around that time (do so off-site, e.g. in Word or something, if you must). Go download SSB4 and keep yourself entertained with that instead, maybe.

This is just routine maintenance on their end and should not cause any problems, but in the event the forums are down past the end of the scheduled maintenance window I will try to post more information on my Tumblr.

Sorry for any inconvenience, and thanks in advance for your patience!
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