Let's Play Pokemon Turquoise Version Part 3: Steeling Myself For The Rest Of The Game
Mortimer Randall walked to Versorecto City with a trail of blood from his hands behind him. He had to get to a human hospital immediately, but had difficulty finding one. Mortimer had lost enough blood for his head to start hurting, and he tried to stay resilient so he would not black out in the middle of the street.

After a few more hours of searching, he at last found a hospital. A Pokemon Centre was not too far away, so he was fortunate in case anything came awry which could harm his only Pokemon. Mortimer had no idea of the Pokemon League, and he did not get a phone number from Professor Gadari in order to talk to him. He sighed upon realization of this, and hoped Gadari was still living the peaceful life back home.

Meanwhile, Mortimer stepped in and got help from the clerk, who was shocked to see the state of his hand. The clerk informed him of a room he could wait at, while he got some people who would stitch his hand up once they removed the glass. Suspicion arose from the clerk, who kept to himself only because of the dire state Mortimer was in. Mortimer was surprised by the caution shown for just a bloody right hand. However, it would be a lot harder to be a novelist with a stitched hand. Mortimer thought this through, then shrugged.

The doctor eventually came, and stitching Mortimer's right hand took a few minutes. A bill was footed, and paid. Afterward, Mortimer left as quickly as he came. The rest of Versorecto City was now his to explore. He might as well try to gather some information and maybe recruit other Pokemon to aid his starter Pokemon, depending on what was around.

OOC: The story thus far revolves around Mortimer's bloody right hand and how it made a trail to Versorecto City before he got it stitched. I'd like a trainer; I don't have any particular specifications in mind, albeit I would prefer a detective or someone who'd fit within the right context for the story.

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