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Two more sets of lyrics that I've composed recently. Not really sure if I'm completely happy with them yet or not, but I've included them in the spoiler above of the first post.

The first song, Conventional Trap, comes from the mild depression that I acquired in previous months from kinda getting accustomed to being stuck in a career that I don't really enjoy being in, and which has kinda thrown me off track from my life goals. It ultimately resulted in me getting numb to life for a bit, until my girlfriend pushed me to start figuring out what I need to do to get back on track and be happy. It's a bit of a thank you to her as well for being someone that I can open up to, and be really honest with. I've always been pretty bad about organizing my emotions and sharing them with others, and she helped take down some of those barriers.

The second song, Pen & Parchment, stems from political frustration in general. In the United States, there's such a staunch scent of corruption within every facet of the political landscape, and the clumsy and self-serving way things are being run ultimately ends up with things like mass murder being committed. No one can pretend to know what the killers are thinking or what their motives are unless they say, but I lean towards the belief that a lot of it happens in protest of the feeling of powerlessness in the face of those who are running the show in this country. As a statement against some sort of unjust action that breaks someone down and makes them feel hopeless.
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