The Ultimate Fantasy RPG
Name: Zaria (female)
Abilities/Skills: Zaria has high stealth and can sneak through even the most guarded of castles.  The fact that she's really fast helps too.  It doesn't help her an awful lot, but she is a master at weaving through crowds.  
Personality: Even though Zaria can blend into a crowd, she usually prefers to stand out and be noticed.  She is ebullient and likes to make her accomplishments known to all (that is, when she has accomplishments to share, so, not right now).
Appearance (optional): Zaria has brown eyes and light skin.  Her hair, tied up in a bun, is chestnut.
Companion (optional): Zaria doesn't know it yet, but a strange creature has been watching and protecting her since birth.  This mysterious ally's fur is midnight black.  It has three grey horns, the center most of which grants it telepathy (psychic communication, not moving stuff with your mind).  

Weapon(s) of Choice: Wooden Shortsword (Damage: 2; Protection: 1; Special Effects: None)
Magic Capability: Basic Energy Magic (but not yet, Zaria will discover it in my first post in the RPing)

Backstory (optional): You might think that Zaria is a thief or pickpocket, but really, she is an apprentice merchant.  Her father was disappointed when he got a daughter instead of a son, but she has since proven herself to be as competent as a male, if not more.  She craves adventure, not money. Whenever she has free time, she practices sword-fighting using a stick to hit a tree.  

For Later Use (optional): Scepter of Iscra (Damage: 24; Protection: 0; Special Effects: Paralysis); {Quest Item} Knowledge Orbs x3 ("Can be crushed underfoot to gain the 'public' knowledge of a target.  Could b é useful for learning languages...")
Other Information: I want to apply for the water quest.  This will most likely be the first quest.  I have plans... specifically the whole point of the quest item...  Wink
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