Dirrim Neihart Journal
Journal Entry 1 - Now It Begins

I had just arrived in Leddin after a long ferry trip from Denath Village. Hard to believe I'm actually starting my Pokemon journey. Anyways...I met Master Gadari and received my starting Pokemon, Spraylet, who...I'm not sure if her name popped into my head while looked at her or if she told me what her be was...but in the end I ended with Mistbeak. After that I met a girl named Lavender who would become a friend, even though she seems hesitant and unsure of herself in her decisions, I know she will do awesome. Mistbeak and I won our starting traditional battle and I left Leddin, leaving Lavender, hopefully, with words of encouragement that will help her in her future endeavurs. Anyways time to hit the hay here on Route 600. Dirrim out.
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