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Welcome to the Rules and Guidelines page for the Pokemon Turquoise Discord Server. Discord is a free text and voice chat service that works from a web browser or downloadable application (see discordapp.com for more details). The Turquoise Discord server is mainly for general chat purposes, though it is also used for table-top role-playing, group gaming, bingo and movie nights, and brief announcements. It is strongly recommended that members join the server, as it is a very significant part of the community experience here at PT.

By joining and utilizing the PT Discord Server, you agree to abide by all of the following rules and guidelines. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action at the staff team's discretion.

1. All Forum Rules Apply - This should be common sense. Particularly, please be polite and considerate to your fellow members. Avoid foul language, flaming, advertising, pointless spamming, and posting content not appropriate for minors.

2. Use your forums account name - Please use the username that you currently use on the forums as your display name on the Discord server. Even if you sign up for Discord with another username, you have the ability to change your nickname for each server that you are on. Ask a mod if you need help changing your nickname. Also, please restrict yourself to one account while using the server.

3. Avoid game/media spoilers - Please be curious towards others by not spoiling plot details for recent games, movies, TV shows, etc. If you wish to discuss a particular game in great depth, ask a mod to make a Hidden Channel so that you can discuss the game without putting other users at risk of being spoiled.

4. Hidden Channels - Hidden channels will be publicly displayed here at all times. These channels are hidden by default, though anyone can be granted access to them by contacting a moderator or posting in this thread. Aside from spoilers, all forum and Discord rules apply within each channel, and failure to follow these rules may result in the removal of the channel in addition to disciplinary action.

5. Memes - We love memes here at PT, though we ask that you refrain from sharing them outside of the #the-sharpedo-tank channel. Memes that are overtly offensive or otherwise inappropriate are strictly prohibited.

6. Bots - Please do not invite bots to the channel without permission from at least one of the administrators. We reserve the right to mute or kick any bot that violates any of our rules, or is being widely abused by members.

7. Non-members - Aside from bots, all members of the Discord channel should have accounts on the forums. Non-members may join the server, but will have access restricted to #general until they are registered on the forums. Exceptions to this rule may be granted to trustworthy individuals upon staff approval.

<< Click Here to for an Invite to the Server >>

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or would like to be added to a hidden channel, feel free to post in this thread, or PM a member of staff.
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