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I wanted to make an RP that could incorporate everyone's ideas, whether they want to make a character and join the fun or not.  That's how I came up with this.  You can post any ideas you have, including, (but not limited to,) weapons, places, NPCs, side quests, magic spells, armor, and, obviously, your very own player-operated character.  Also, anything that could develop this world.  
    However, with great power comes great responsibility, and I want to keep this fun for new players and veteran players alike.  This means:  

  1. Don't make your character too overpowered from the get-go. 
    I am still encouraging creativity, so if you have a good idea, but it's too powerful, find a way to tone it down for the time being.  If you can't find a way to do that, you could even remove it from your character's possession altogether and take note of it in your character profile "for later use."  
  2. Don't take extensive control of someone else's character without their permission.  It's fine if you choose what they say for a line or two.  Especially for the sake of comedy.  
  3. Don't actually attack another player without agreeing to a duel.  "Fake attacking" a character is fine, as long as they aren't hurt whether it be through damage, poison, curses, or anything else that could negatively affect a character's condition.  
  4. No swearing.  Except for fudge; I like chocolate.  
  5. Have fun.  'Nuff said.  
Okay, with that out of the way, here is the format for a character profile:  

Appearance (optional):
Companion (optional):

Weapon(s) of Choice:
Magic Capability (strongest type of magic, weak to whatever, etc.):

Backstory (optional):
For Later Use (optional):

Other Information:

    Anyways, the main quest is to find the twelve elemental objects.  In order to start a quest for one of these, you have to be in a group of at least three.  You can come up with what they (the elemental objects) are, but their elements must all be unique, and have to each be in a separate kingdom, but not the starting one.  The kingdom you start in is the Hezirial Kingdom, ruled by Lord Waldorth.  For each quest, you can come up with up to three "quest items" to get you started. If you have an idea, put it in the "For Later Use" category on your character profile.

    I hope that wasn't too much too read, sorry that it was so much.  I will put some ideas for weapons and my character in separate posts.
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The seems interesting. Any more information you can give on backstory before getting started? I've got a few questions below if you don't mind me asking. If they aren't answerable due to spoilers, that's fine too:

1. What is the purpose of finding the twelve elemental objects? What do they do, put simply? Good to know why my character would want to find these in order to add more depth.
2. Are these kingdom's considered separate countries or are they all part of a commonwealth so to say?
3. Does it strike you at all as somewhat haphazard to have the elements/kingdoms be up to the creative input of the players? I don't think it's a terrible idea, in fact I think it's a cool concept for the world to grow organically if the players have a say in where they are going and what it's like. I'm just concerned about there being an overlap or inconsistencies in the elements chosen. The basics like Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind seem like they should at least be set in stone. Maybe Darkness and Light as well? And then can maybe be added to from there?
4. Are there any overarching antagonists or antagonist groups?
5. What element object is located in the Hezirial Kingdom?

Still working on a character, so I'll post that later after my questions are answered. Thanks!
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1) To take down the antogonist (refer to the answer for question 4).  They enhance the power of their respective element threefold.  However, they do not allow you to use spells that you haven't learned yet, so they aren't end-all objects.  

2) Each kingdom is a separate country.  Feel free to make each kingdom distinct and make unique customs, architecture, races of people, and even native languages (in addition to English).  

3) Hm... I think that I'll require some elements to be present, but I probably won't be able to come up with them all.  Here we go: 
  • Fire
  • Water 
  • Earth 
  • Air 
  • Energy (electricity) 
  • Shadow
  • Lumin (light)
  • Toxin (posion)
  • Dupair (duplication)
That's all that I can come up with, feel free to come up with your own.  Also, each element corresponds to a certain type of magic.  

4) The antagonist is Abdalé, a dark mage that has set out to be the one and only magic-user and is hell-bent on destroying all the sources of magic other than an amulet he wears on his neck, which increases the power of his dupair magic.  He doesn't have any minions except for himself (hence, dupair magic).  However, these copies of himself are much less powerful than the real thing, and can only conjure the most basic of spells.  

5) None, because it's the starting kingdom.  Sorry that I was a little bit unclear.  That means that there are really thirteen kingdoms, but only twelve of them have elemental objects.  The Hezirial Kingdom is mainly to introduce the main quest and provide a common starting point for all players.  

If anyone has any other questions, feel free to ask.  In fact, I encourage it.
I am a fan-fiction author!
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They're not finished yet, but I'm working on it.

Also: ¿Workwa yut bárto ladut qasa? Yut nobo'nasobut woka ayi'ud desasud.
Name: Zaria (female)
Abilities/Skills: Zaria has high stealth and can sneak through even the most guarded of castles.  The fact that she's really fast helps too.  It doesn't help her an awful lot, but she is a master at weaving through crowds.  
Personality: Even though Zaria can blend into a crowd, she usually prefers to stand out and be noticed.  She is ebullient and likes to make her accomplishments known to all (that is, when she has accomplishments to share, so, not right now).
Appearance (optional): Zaria has brown eyes and light skin.  Her hair, tied up in a bun, is chestnut.
Companion (optional): Zaria doesn't know it yet, but a strange creature has been watching and protecting her since birth.  This mysterious ally's fur is midnight black.  It has three grey horns, the center most of which grants it telepathy (psychic communication, not moving stuff with your mind).  

Weapon(s) of Choice: Wooden Shortsword (Damage: 2; Protection: 1; Special Effects: None)
Magic Capability: Basic Energy Magic (but not yet, Zaria will discover it in my first post in the RPing)

Backstory (optional): You might think that Zaria is a thief or pickpocket, but really, she is an apprentice merchant.  Her father was disappointed when he got a daughter instead of a son, but she has since proven herself to be as competent as a male, if not more.  She craves adventure, not money. Whenever she has free time, she practices sword-fighting using a stick to hit a tree.  

For Later Use (optional): Scepter of Iscra (Damage: 24; Protection: 0; Special Effects: Paralysis); {Quest Item} Knowledge Orbs x3 ("Can be crushed underfoot to gain the 'public' knowledge of a target.  Could b é useful for learning languages...")
Other Information: I want to apply for the water quest.  This will most likely be the first quest.  I have plans... specifically the whole point of the quest item...  Wink
I am a fan-fiction author!
My books:
They're not finished yet, but I'm working on it.

Also: ¿Workwa yut bárto ladut qasa? Yut nobo'nasobut woka ayi'ud desasud.

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