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Now It Begins - DarkUmbreon - 10-04-2017

Dirrim Neihart stood on the bow of the ferry that was getting closer to the Leddin Town port. He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath, the smell of the ocean air was calming to him. His mind ran back to when he and his family, minus his brother, had moved to New Logora. How excited he was and how he had spent most of his time learning everything he could about this new region. Then time had flown by and now here he was starting his Pokemon journey, albeit a little late by Kanto standards, but starting it none-the-less.

As the ferry docked he traversed down a deck and walked down the gangway that had been extended to the main deck. As his feet touched solid ground he looked north-by-northwest towards where Denath Village would approximately would be and smiled. He moved his messenger bag so it was more comfy and walked towards the the "lab" where he would accept his first Pokemon friend from the renowned Pokemon Master Gadari. As he got closer to Gadari's his pulse started to race and he took a deep breath. He chuckled to himself about the state he was in at this point in time. He felt nervous and excited...or 'nervouscited' as his little sister, Grace, would explain it.

He walked up to Gadari's door knocked three times and waited for someone to answer the door.

RE: Now It Begins - Kaelyn - 10-05-2017

Hearing the knock, it took a little bit of time for Master Gadari to answer the door; Dirrim could hear muffled movements and once a sharp "ow!" before the door was opened to give a quick view of the room beyond. The old man stood in the doorway, casually rubbing a knee with a frown, but his face brightened and lit up with a smile when he saw who had pulled him from his work.

"Why, hello, hello. Welcome. Come on in." He said in a jovial tone, ushering the soon-to-be Trainer inside and closing the door gently behind him. Looking around, Dirrim would find lots of desks strewn about the large room, and even more papers piled everywhere. A few electronics buzzed in various places as well, also covered in papers. There were a few doors out of the room (at least one set somewhere in each wall), presumably all leading to different places. 

Weaving around the tables, Gadari headed for a door farther back on the left. As soon as he opened it however, a bark was sounded and suddenly a red and a blue-and-white blur raced out the doorway and headed straight for the young man! Following at a slower pace, a green calf paced forward, giving Gadari a nudge before approaching Dirrim. The creature stopped short a few feet away and didn't get any closer. The other two, however, had barked and screeched their way to trying to topple the young man over onto the floor! Gadari gave a hearty laugh and moved back over where Dirrim was to explain the three creatures who were in front (or trying to be on top) of him.

"This one here " -- laying a hand on the green calf's horned head -- "is Acafia, the Thorn Bud pokemon. She's the grass type starter. That furball of joy is Crocoal, the Burn Cub pokemon. He's fiery one, is he?" The Crocoal gave a yip, and then disentangled himself from the other pokemon and came to sit on Gardari's side opposite from the Acafia. "The flighty bird who likes to make noise and flap her wings is Spraylet, the Seaspray pokemon. I'm sure you can guess which type she is." The avian gave a final squawk, but quieted down a little bit and quit waving her wings everywhere.

"Now, you're Dirrim Neihart, correct? You came over from Denath, if I have my information correct. I'm sure all of this is a little bit unnecessary, but you can go ahead and make your choice -- or spend more time with all of them if you so choose." Gadari could see that the young man was probably a little nervous, but excited as well. Dirrim could take his time -- all that he needed. "They are all my bundles of joy, but it makes me even happier to witness a new Trainer and their partner begin on a journey together." Gadari found a chair and gratefully sat down, at peace simply watching the pokemon he'd bred interact with another Trainer who was about to embark on a wonderful experience with one of them.

OOC: I'd like to ask, since you put "unknown" for your Rival, what you would like us to do. Create a Rival for Dirrim on the spot? Or something else? Do you have any ideas or characteristics that you would like us to run along with? : ) Just let us know.

RE: Now It Begins - DarkUmbreon - 10-05-2017

Dirrim chuckles softly as he heard the muffled movements and the "ow!" that proceeded but wasn't surprised when the door opened and Gadari answered the door. He had seen Gadari in articles and on T.V. but actually seeing him in person was like being a kid on Christmas morning. He smiled as he kept his inner kid in check.

"Thank you." Dirrim said as he was invited into the house/lab. Dirrim followed him around various tables that were piled with papers, which Dirrim gathered were field notes and other research documents. As he was looking at some papers he heard a doorknob being turned and a bark come soon after. He lifted his head in-time to see a blur of blue-and-white and red come racing out of the doorway and another Pokemon, albeit at a slower pace, also emerged from the room. But in a split second Dirrim slid his right foot back and turned his foot just in time to catch two Pokemon in the chest and not fall over as they barked and screeched in excitement.

As Gadari introduced the starting Pokemon to Dirrim they seemed to calm down and line up with each other. "Yes. I came from Denath." Dirrim looked at the Pokemon and walked up to them, kneeling in front of each one. "Nice to meet you Acafia." Dirrim said reaching out a hand confidently and petted the side of her head. He moved on to the second one. "Hello Crocoal." He said as he scratch him behind his left ear. Moving onto the third he smiled. "And you are Seaspray." Dirrim said scratching gently on the side of her neck.

He looked at all 3 and smiled. "This is really hard and all of you will be great Pokemon hopefully with trainers that will love you. But the one I choose is...you Seaspray." Seaspray screeched and flapped her wings as she jumped into his chest again. Dirrim laughed and lost his balance falling onto his back while Seaspray nuzzled his neck. He sat up and looked her in the eyes. "Now time to name you." Everything got mysteriously quite as the two lock eyes with each other. As they stared into one another there was a female voice in his head that caught him off guard. "Mistbeak?" He asked and Seaspray jumped up and down screeching. "Then Mistbeak it is."

As he stood up holding Mistbeak he turned to Gadari and smiled. "Thank you for this opportunity and for my starting Pokemon Mistbeak." As he stood there he heard a voice from behind him.

OOC: Seeing as how my character came here by himself I would like it if you could pick my rival so that way I can better roleplay as both of us will be surprised at who he/she is. Thank you

RE: Now It Begins - Kaelyn - 10-06-2017

"Wonderful and you are very welcome, Dirrim. It brings me great joy to see such a bonding right off; you seemed to know exactly which pokemon you wanted to choose, and it seems like she wanted to choose you as well. " Gadari chuckled as the newly named Mistbeak started up her screeching again, very much enjoying the company of her new Trainer and partner. "Now, let me just go over here and get --" Gadari began to lift himself from his chair, but then promptly sat back down. The front door behind Dirrim suddenly swung open and shut, and a voice sounded out, one quite unfamiliar to Dirrim, but seemly very much the opposite for Gadari.

"He-he-heey! I'm sorry, Master Gadari! I'm late! I know I'm late! I wasn't trying to be! Can I still get a pokemon?" The voice huffed and puffed, and when Dirrim turned around to see who had barged in, he found himself staring at a figure bent over with their hands on their knees and trying to drag enough air back into their lungs. Whoever they were wore a long pair of white shorts and a somewhat fancy looking (maybe frilly?) blue and green shirt. Short, brownish-red hair was cropped close to the ears. The only other identifying aspect was a necklace of some sort that dangled long from the neck.

The young man -- wait, the voice had been a little high-pitched. . . Was that a girl with a really short boy's haircut? . . . . .That's exactly what it seemed to be as the person straightened up from trying to catch their breath. It was quite clear now that the person who had interrupted was a young woman, not a young man.

"Oh, yes, Lavender. Hello." Gadari said cheerfully, not at all perturbed by her spontaneous appearance. "You told me last week you wanted to start today. Yes, well, here you go. Crocoal and Acafia are both available for you to pick."

"Oh. . Oh." She stammered, and suddenly she gave off a feeling of quite a depressed atmosphere and thinking; much less excited than she had been only mere moments ago. "I -- I had finally decided on Spraylet. .  but I guess this guy picked her as well? And since he was first. . well. ." She shrugged and stood there, and then seemed to shake herself a bit after about a minute or two. She recovered, if only a little bit. "Well, alright, then. I guess I'll . . . . pick. . uhhh. ." Her voice trailed away, and she seemed be overcome with indecision.

"Will you be coming back again in a week after you've made your next choice, Lavender?" Gadari teased lightly, a twinkle in his eyes and a broad smile on his face.

"No! No -- I--!" She closed her eyes for a moment, and then blurted out, "I'll take -- Acafia! Grass beats water, right?"

"Indeed it could." Gadari agreed, finally shuffling from his chair to a desk that had large drawers in it. "Now, before I forget, each of you should get these and find a good place to keep them. They'll be very helpful as you start and continue your journey." That joy was back in his tone and he shuffled with just a bit more excitement, depositing several items in both Trainers' arms. "As well, how about that little thing that most Trainers like to do before they set off? I have a marked out field out back that you two could use."

"Oh, oh!" Lavender interjected, a light shining in her eyes again. "A rival battle! Haha!" She seemed pretty happy now that the big decision was over and done with and she didn't have to worry about it anymore. She turned to Dirrim. "How about it? I guess that makes you my Rival." She flashed a big smile in his direction before skipping off toward a door that Gadari was heading toward. The old man explained some things on the way out the door and to the field.

"Now, you can, of course, have a Traditional battle with the pokemon you just received. Or, you can try your hand at using some of my old partners and their teammates. Go ahead and make your decision." Lavender frowned suddenly, her shoulders slumped forward and her face became pale. She looked to Dirrim, hoping he would make the decision for her.

OOC: I hope this is acceptable, and, as I am unaware if you have made the decision or not, you may choose between having a Traditional battle or a Rental battle. Please see the thread about the Rival battle for any information you may need and just let us know. : ) Also, just for reference, the items handed to Dirrim were starter items such as you already have in your profile; pokeballs, pokedex, oran berry, etc.

RE: Now It Begins - DarkUmbreon - 10-06-2017

Dirrim turned and saw someone walk in. But as this new person spoke it caught him a little off guard. From the look it seemed like this person was a boy but the voice portrayed something different. This person was a girl. He watched as Gadari offered one of the remaining two Pokemon available and once he heard that she had originally decided on Mistbeak as her starter Dirrim smiled a little and lightly stroked the feathers on her wing which made her purr.

Then he heard her blurt out something that stirred something in him. 'I'll take -- Acafia! Grass beats water, right?' Was she serious...was that the only reason she was going to pick Acafia? Because it was supposedly had the type advantage over Mistbeak. There was a little anger inside him and Mistbeak seemed to have sensed it as she nuzzled under his chin. As she did this it completely washed away what he was feeling and he looked down at Mistbeak and smiled to her.

At the mention of a rival battle and the look on Lavender's face Dirrim knew that she wanted..or maybe needed him to make the decision. He looked at Mistbeak again and then at Gadari. "We'll have a Traditional battle. What better way to bond with our Pokemon then using them."

"Traditional battle it is then." Gadari said walking towards the door. "If you'll follow me well commence with the match."

Dirrim looked at Lavender and saw that some color had returned to her face but there was still a sense of...fear? Maybe it was nerves or uncertanity. But all he knew was that things like that in a battle could mean the difference between winning or losing. So he followed Gadari outside to the marked out battle field and Dirrim stood in one square and watched as Lavender got in the other.

"Let's give it our best Mistbeak." Dirrim said as Mistbeak chirped happily and jumped out his arms, walking onto the field.

Lavender pulled her Pokeball and looked at it for a few seconds. "Let's do this." And she threw the Pokeball containing Acafia.

Gadari stood mid-field on the sideline and looked at both trainers. "The Pokemon battle will now begin. This is a one-on-one battle. Dirrim has chosen Mistbeak and Lavender has chosen Acafia. No time limit. Let the battle begin."

"Let's start this out strong. Mistbeak use Tackle."

OOC: Mistbeak used Tackle

RE: Now It Begins - Kaelyn - 10-11-2017

OOC: Many apologies for the wait you've endured. .

With the Traditional battle set up and underway, Gadari sat on the sidelines to watch while one of his aides who worked outside took his place and refereed the battle instead. Both starter pokemon were released and seemingly ready to go; the only one out of the bunch who didn't seem so was Lavender. Even though she initially seemed overjoyed at having a real "Rival" battle, she didn't look too comfortable having to call the shots. As Mistbeak charged at the green calf and bowled him over, Lavender gave a squeak and looked frantically between the bovine, Dirrim, and Gadari -- each in turn before starting the cycle over again.

"Oh.. what should I do, what should I do? I don't know. . ." She whined breathlessly. The Thorn Bud pokemon mooed at her several times as he got up from the ground and shook his head in the Spraylet's direction. Lavender's face immediately brightened up and she nodded enthusiastically. "Oh, yes, okay! Let's do that!" She pointed a finger in Mistbeak's general direction and off the Acafia went, giving the white and blue avian a Tackle of his own.

Mistbeak used Tackle! (-5 HP)
Acafia used Tackle! (-5 HP)

[5] [sp=f] [sp=spraylet] 19/24 [Torrent]
[5] [sp=m] [sp=acafia] 20/25 [Overgrow]

RE: Now It Begins - DarkUmbreon - 10-11-2017

Dirrim watched as Mistbeak tackled Acafia. He felt joy and pride swell up in him for Mistbeak. But then something caught his attention...Lavender's hesitation. But then after a few moments he a small change and then watched as Mistbeak was tackled.

"You alright Mistbeak?" He asked. Mistbeak popped up and flapped her wings, looking at him and chattered softly. "That's my girl." He looked at Lavender. "Lavender! Loosen up! If you're tense and not sure of yourself it will show and your Acafia will exhibit your emotions too. Exude confidence and so will Acafia! Now Mistbeak use your Leer attack."

OOC: Mistbeak used Leer. No problem on the waiting.

RE: Now It Begins - Kaelyn - 10-16-2017

"Huh?" Lavender said unintelligibly. "I don't. . understand. Well, maybe a little, but not very much." She scuffed the toe of her shoe up in the dirt while she moved it around in little circles. Giving some encouragement from the sidelines, Gadari explained first each of Acafia's attacks, and then explained what they did. Lavender nodded hesitantly and called out for the move Growl. It was the other attack the Acafia had, and Dirrim was using the same type of thing, right?

"I didn't think a battle would be this difficult. . ." Lavender said, her voice trailing off into nothing. It seemed as though the girl hadn't had very much experience dealing with pokemon herself, nor the confidence to do so. Even though she seemed to be about Dirrim's age, her inexperience and low maturity level clearly showed. But perhaps that was why she was starting out now? To gain that confidence and experience; it must have been a very difficult decision to start the whole process (or maybe her parents just wanted her to grow up and get out of the house).

On the field, both pokemon gave their version of a stat reducing attack, neither moving from their present locations. Mistbeak glared silently at the Thorn Bud pokemon, making the green calf shrink away. In response -- and hoping it would make the bird cease her stare -- the Acafia gave a cute mooing Growl. Mistbeak broke eye contact and abashedly looked at the ground, chirping quietly.

Mistbeak used Leer! Acafia's Defense was lowered.
Acafia used Growl! Mistbeak's Attack fell.

[5] [sp=f] [sp=spraylet] 19/24 [Torrent] (-1 Atk)
[5] [sp=m] [sp=acafia] 20/25 [Overgrow] (-1 Def)

RE: Now It Begins - DarkUmbreon - 10-17-2017

Dirrim saw how his speech worked a little...but there was something else going on in Lavender's mind. He wasn't sure what it was but he was going to break her of it so she could become a better trainer.

He heard Lavender call out a growl and Acafia responded to her command. He saw that it had broken Mistbeak's concentration but the damage had already been done. "Good job, Mistbeak. You're doing good." Dirrim said happily. Mistbeak quickly looked back at him, chirped, and then turned back showing the same flame of determination that her trainer had.

Dirrim looked across at his opponent again. Her demeanor hadn't changed since she had first walked into Gadari's. He wasn't sure if this was how she always was or if there was something deeper, but he was going to help break her out of whatever it was.

"Lavender!" He called out and saw her lift her head, briefly making eye contact with him then breaking it. "Listen to me. Just have fun. That's one of the joys of starting your pokémon journey. Times might be tough and you may want to give up...but if you have fun and care for your pokémon...you'll show everyone who you truly are." He saw her look up at him and he smiled at her. "Now Mistbeak use another Leer."

OOC: Mistbeak used Leer.

RE: Now It Begins - Kaelyn - 10-22-2017

With Dirrim's encouragement, Lavender tried to do a little better; she really did. While Mistbeak shot another withering glare toward Acafia, the green calf's Trainer thought about the words that had been said and what they meant. Could it really be fun making all of those decisions -- big or small? Even if they weren't Really hard (or big), decisions were -- or a least they always had been -- really difficult. Where was it fun? But the girl really did actually want to finally spend some time with pokemon; she'd always been avoiding making these kinds of decisions because it never seemed to end well. Would this time maybe be different? Dirrim's smile seemed to say so. .

After a minute or two had gone by while these things were going around in her head, Lavender looked up again and realized that Acafia hadn't done anything to retaliate against his opponent yet. Shyly (but still a little less hesitant), the girl called out for a Tackle attack. Dirrim didn't want her copying what he did all the time, right?

Mistbeak used Leer! Acafia's Defense was lowered.
Acafia used Tackle! (-5 HP)

[5] [sp=f] [sp=spraylet] 14/24 [Torrent] (-1 Atk)
[5] [sp=m] [sp=acafia] 20/25 [Overgrow] (-2 Def)

RE: Now It Begins - DarkUmbreon - 10-23-2017

Dirrim smiled again seeing her demeanor change in the time from when this battle started until now. He saw that Lavender was still hesitant in her decisions, but he knew she was breaking down her walls. And in time she'd truly understand what he was talking about.

He waited patiently as Mistbeak glared at Acafia then waited for the counter attack. Just as he was about to say something Lavender called out her attack and Acafia tackled Mistbeak, knocking her to the ground. Mistbeak popped back up.

"Good job, Mistbeak. Now time to go on the offensive. Use Tackle."

OOC: Mistbeak used Tackle.

RE: Now It Begins - Kaelyn - 10-29-2017

OOC: Just an off question, but would you like the name Lavender to be changed to Violet? : )

Each Trainer called out their attack, this time Lavender (Violet) only a little bit still hesitant. There was a definite "unsureness" still to her commands and a shyness in her stance borne of never making the final decisions herself. However, her Acafia took it in stride and ran with it -- quite literally. After Mistbeak had slammed herself against the stocky grass type, the green calf barreled into the bird with all his might. It appeared that the Spraylet may be able to hit a little harder on account of the Leering, but the Acafia had a very small advantage in how robust he seemed to be. If nothing else, the battle would have a very close end -- it was still too soon to see who the winner might be.

Mistbeak used Tackle! (-6 HP)
Acafia used Tackle! (-5 HP)

[5] [sp=f] [sp=spraylet] 9/24 [Torrent] (-1 Atk)
[5] [sp=m] [sp=acafia] 14/25 [Overgrow] (-2 Def)

RE: Now It Begins - DarkUmbreon - 10-29-2017

OOC: Oops. Didn't mean to change it. Keep it Lavender.

Dirrim subconsciously flinched when Acafia tackled Mistbeak. He wasn't sure how much fight each Pokémon had left but he wasn't about to give up. He knew that Mistbeak was probably worse off than Acafia but that didn't mean Mistbeak would lose.

He had confidence in Mistbeak and knew she felt the same in him. Win or lose both of them would be closer than before. He looked over at Lavender and saw a stronger trainer now then a few minutes ago, making him smile. He turned his vision towards Mistbeak, who pulled herself up slower than before...the battle taking its toll on her. 

"You're doing great Mistbeak! We can do this! Now hit him hard with another tackle!"

OOC: Mistbeak used Tackle.

RE: Now It Begins - Kaelyn - 11-17-2017

Frowning now, Lavender wasn't sure which attack Acafia should perform. She kind of wished the grass type might decide on his own, but of course, that wasn't how things worked out when one wanted them to happen another way. Mistbeak went in for another rush, slamming into Acafia once more and Lavender panicked a little bit -- she called out for a Growl when a Tackle may have been able to serve her better this late in the battle.

Mistbeak used Tackle! (-6 HP)
Acafia used Growl! Mistbeak's Attack fell.

[5] [sp=f] [sp=spraylet] 9/24 [Torrent] (-2 Atk)
[5] [sp=m] [sp=acafia] 8/25 [Overgrow] (-2 Def)

RE: Now It Begins - DarkUmbreon - 11-19-2017

Dirrim watched as Mistbeak charged in and connected with her tackle. It was getting close to the end of this and both Pokémon seemed to be on par with each other.

After Mistbeak stepped back from her tackle he saw Lavender panic a little. He thought about saying something when he heard her call out a command and Acafia growled. Mistbeak seemed to back down a little.

"We've got this." Dirrim said to himself then called out to Mistbeak. "Mistbeak use Tackle."

OOC: Mistbeak used Tackle.

RE: Now It Begins - Kaelyn - 11-21-2017

"Ohhh..... That was the wrong one wasn't it...? I guess I really am terrible at this." Lavender almost whined as it seemed to her that Dirrim's Spraylet was definitely going to be the victor. "Maybe I should have come back next week. Maybe I shouldn't have tried to do this at all." She gave a completely unconfident Tackle command to her Acafia and only partially watched as the two baby pokemon thudded against each other again. Her eyes were downcast now and she wiggled her shoe into the dirt a little absentmindedly.

Mistbeak used Tackle! (-5 HP)
Acafia used Tackle! (-5 HP)

[5] [sp=f] [sp=spraylet] 4/24 [Torrent] (-2 Atk)
[5] [sp=m] [sp=acafia] 3/25 [Overgrow] (-2 Def)

RE: Now It Begins - DarkUmbreon - 11-25-2017

'It's come down to the wire.' Dirrim thought as he watched both Pokémon struggling to stay standing, staring at each other. He knew that this would be decided with both trainers next command and he already knew that a hit would solidify a win. Mistbeak wasn't as strong as Acafia but had the determination, and speed, to finish this off in their favor.

"You're not terrible at this, Lavender. The fact that you decided to become a trainer and take that first speak volumes more than you realize." Dirrim said smiling. "You learn more from losing than winning. You learn how to keep going."

Dirrim looked at Mistbeak standing there and she looked up at him, here eyes showing exhaustion but sheer force of will to finish this strong. "Let's do this Mistbeak. Attack with another Tackle."

OOC: Mistbeak used Tackle.

RE: Now It Begins - Kaelyn - 12-02-2017

OOC: I had a so much better post written, but my internet went out/disconnected right when I pushed the button and it screwed the whole thing up. I tried to retype it as much as possible, but it's not all there.. I am extremely frustrated about that, so I'm sorry, Umbreon, if this post seems a little wonky.... This post isn't as good as *that one had been...

Lavender raised her gaze to Dirrim's face as he said those words, an unreadable gaze in her eyes, but with the faintest ghost of a smile at the corners of her mouth. Can it be true, what he says?  Lavender thought. How can something like this be of anything good? How do you learn to continue from these terrible mistakes -- these decisions that were all wrong? Her gaze swept to where both baby pokemon stood exhausted -- waiting -- but they still had enough determination in their eyes to give one last attack for their Trainers. The two creatures bolted at each other and while Mistbeak continued to stagger away afterwards, the green calf lay still on the ground.

Lavender's face fell and she Returned her partner to his pokeball silently. Then she dropped her gaze and looked at the ground, scuffing her shoe up in the dirt. Now what was she supposed to do? All she really wanted to do right now though, was run and hide back in her room. But she was mostly sure that her parents wouldn't allow that to happen.

Gadari rose from where he'd been, casting a concerned look for Lavender her way, but came to Dirrim's side and handed him the winner's money along with a small blue-wrapped piece of candy. It was a Rare Candy, he explained, should the case be that Dirrim had never come across one before. The old man clasped his hand around Dirrim's as congratulations for winning the battle, and turned toward Lavender. A slight frown marred his face and he took a few hesitant steps toward her before stopping. Even he didn't know quite how to approach the young girl to rouse her.

Mistbeak used Tackle! (-3 HP)
Acafia Fainted.
Mistbeak gained 100% exp. Mistbeak grew to level 6!
Gadari handed Dirrim 1000P and a [sp=rarecandy]!

[5] [sp=f] [sp=spraylet] 4/24 [Torrent] (-2 Atk)
[5] [sp=m] [sp=acafia] 0/25 [Overgrow] (-2 Def)

Mod Note: Congratulations on winning your Rival battle! You may post again to wrap thing up if you wish, and head to either Route 600/Dingbat Cave or to the ferry to go someplace else! Remember to set this thread to inactive once you are done. : ) Happy adventuring.

RE: Now It Begins - DarkUmbreon - 12-10-2017

OOC: No problem. I thought it was a great post and sorry what happened to the original one cause if this is the one that wasn't the better one i can only imagine how awesome it was.

Dirrim watched as Mistbeak and Acafia bolted at each other, going in for one final attack. As they neared, Dirrim saw Mistbeak side step slightly to evade Acafia's attack while still connecting with hers. In doing so he saw Acafia stagger and then fall.

"Great job, Mistbeak!" He yelled out and knelt down as Mistbeak half-ran-half-stagger to him and nuzzled his cheek. "You did great. Now Return." He held up her Pokeball and she materialized into light and returned into her Pokeball. He looked up at Lavender and was about to say something then when Gadari walked up to him and gave him a Rare Candy and 1,000 Pokedollar. "Thank you, sir." He said clasping Gadari's hand and watched him walk off.

He looked back up to Lavender and saw she was still standing there looking at the ground. He walked over to her and she must have been lost in her mind cause she hadn't noticed that he had walked up. "Lavender?" He asked and she continued to look at the ground. "Look at me." She slowly looked up at him. "This is only the beginning for both of us on our journey. So chin up. Even though we may be 'rivals' doesn't mean we can't be friends."

He saw her eyes start to water and watched a single tear fall down her cheek. He smiled at her and embraced her in a hug. "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." He pulled away and wiped the tear off her cheek. "I know you'll show everyone, including yourself, how strong you will become." He smiled again, picked up his messenger bag, and walked off towards route 600.