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TA Lite 4/23/16: Staff Changes - Chronicler - 04-23-2016

[Image: TA8_zps0d13ef84.png]

The End of an Era, the Start of a New One
by: Chronicler

Greetings Turquoise members! It's been a hot second, and I'm sure some of you are actually getting used to seeing me around here again so I hope to stick around for a while to come this time. Things have changed here dramatically in the last year, with several of our staff members needing to take leave to focus on their lives or other endeavors. If you haven't seen already, a few of them have already been moved to VIP positions of their own choice after reaching out to them outside the forums. As a result, I would like to extend our deepest appreciation to Dragonfire, Negrek, and Te-em for their powerful devotion and dedication to Turquoise throughout the years. We hope to see you guys around now and then, and wish you all the best in life! Thank you!

With the spaces left behind by these great individuals, we have been in the process of deciding who we believe to be capable of filling their large shoes. We have many plans for the future, and will need a strong Administration and Moderation Team to move things forward with great success. After many weeks of contemplation, I would like to give my warmest welcome and congratulations to our new Global Moderators in no particular order: Eonrider, Metallica Fanboy, and Yugen!! With these new leaders joining the higher ranks, we hope to return Turquoise to an active community of great roleplaying and excitement!

The Path to Forum Domination Modship
by: Taav

She's been with Turquoise for nearly two years, and during that time, she's been through a lot. Among her many ordeals include working to overthrow the terrible mod oppressors, fighting off hordes of aggressive Numel (an... Orchestrated ambush, I'm sure), and most recently, getting through the RPG Mod application. I won't go into the application details, but I will say that It didn't take us very long to unanimously vote in favor of this candidate.

With that out of the way, I want to congratulate KathiraNarae for a very successful application, and welcome her to the RPG Moderator team. We're super proud to have you on board, and expect great things from you!
Introducing The RPG Network!
by: Chronicler

If you haven't noticed yet, you can turn your attention to the sidebar to see a new button for the RPG Network, a new side-project endeavor that a few of the Turquoise staff will be heading up with some of the Orange Islands staff. The button will lead you too a Discord chat server where different RP sites can join and get their very own channels added! To put it simply, it's an easy-access chat-hub that allows RPGs of all varieties to communicate, get advice/support, grow, be explored, and build friendships with one another! We appreciate any help with spreading the word about this hub and inviting others to take part. :)

[Image: Untitled2_zpsxqqbs5hy.png]

Stay Tuned!
by: Chronicler

While this TA Lite might not have a whole lot of content, we assure you that there are indeed things on the way, big things even. Perhaps the biggest you may have ever seen! Stay tuned Turquoise, the gears are ever turning~

Until next time,
The Turquoise Staff

RE: TA Lite 4/23/16: Staff Changes - Inquisitor - 04-23-2016

Some of them retired, some got promoted, I, Kath and Kaelyn still stand still as poor members.

RE: TA Lite 4/23/16: Staff Changes - Kaelyn - 04-23-2016

Let me get my life in order and everything else settled, and everyone would be getting updates all day long. XDD

Also, I hope to see Negrek, DF, and Te-em again sometime. And congrats to Eon, Dazel (Yu-kun), and MF. : )

RE: TA Lite 4/23/16: Staff Changes - Taav - 04-23-2016

Congrats Eon, MF and Dazel! I know you guys have all worked hard to get to this point, and we definitely appreciate all you have done so far. I expect good things from all three of you!

I'm sad to see DF, Negrek and Te-em go. It feels like I've known all of them for quite some time, and at the same time its like I haven't really gotten to know any of them. Thanks for making Turquoise what it has become in the recent years, and I hope to see you back here sometime!

RE: TA Lite 4/23/16: Staff Changes - Eonrider - 04-23-2016

Woo, promotion! Congrats to my two new fellow Global Mods! You both deserve it.

RE: TA Lite 4/23/16: Staff Changes - Hawkman32 - 04-23-2016

Gratz promotees :D

RE: TA Lite 4/23/16: Staff Changes - dazel - 04-24-2016

I'm honoured to receive this promotion, and i congratulate my two fellow global moderators. We're going to kick ass together.

I'm sad to see Te-em, Neg, and Dragonfire go, but i suppose them's the breaks. I wish them luck in their future endeavours; they'll be sorely missed.

RE: TA Lite 4/23/16: Staff Changes - Metallica Fanboy - 04-24-2016

Finally, an appropriately Forseti-colored name and userbar to go with the Lewyn av- I mean what

Thanks for all the congratulations! We'll definitely make good on our new positions.

RE: TA Lite 4/23/16: Staff Changes - Taav - 04-24-2016

Hello Turquoise, I bring you updates!

If you scroll up to the first post, you will see that we have added two sections in addition to the global moderator and VIP staff changes. The first is for a new RPG Network designed by Chronicler as a means for sharing information and resources among many different RPG groups around the web. It's based on Discord, completely separate from our own PT Server, and it's worth checking out.

We also have a new RPG Moderator, who goes by the name of KathiraNarae. Congrats Kath - we know you'll do great! Now... go forth... into the world of staff. Just go easy on the explosives, etc etc.

RE: TA Lite 4/23/16: Staff Changes - KathiraNarae - 04-24-2016

A unanimous vote?! This quickly?! Wow! Thanks, guys, much as I talk a big game about demanding power, I'm always nervous about actually trying to get it. Thanks so much!


RE: TA Lite 4/23/16: Staff Changes - Chronicler - 04-24-2016

Indeed, congrats Kath!! :D Welcome to the team!

RE: TA Lite 4/23/16: Staff Changes - Orchestra - 04-24-2016

Quote:'fighting off hordes of aggressive Numel (an... Orchestrated ambush, I'm sure)'

Let us never speak of this again D<

Anyways, congrats to everyone that got promoted/hired. :3 Let's crack out some fizzy fun juice and party~

RE: TA Lite 4/23/16: Staff Changes - Inquisitor - 04-25-2016

Traitoress! To turn away from the cause for a minor colour change! You will burn for that!