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Turquoise Articles 6/16/15: Second Anniversary Edition! - Phoenixsong - 06-16-2015

[Image: TA8_zps0d13ef84.png]

Two Years Ago Today
by: Chronicler

Do you remember where you were two years ago? I can tell you right now that I was overflowing with excitement, frantically trying to get new profiles created for new players from my phone while visiting my grandma. It was an overwhelming experience for many of us, and at the same time there was a distinct feeling of relief. Relief because we had finally done it. July 10th, 2011, one of our retired administrators, Skylar, posted a solemn topic in our staff forum titled "So...", basically questioning where on earth I had gone. I myself had at that point left Turquoise behind, or so I had thought. By some coincidence, Dragonfire introduced Skylar to Phoenixsong a day later, saying that they had something big planned regardless of my return or not. And then by some miracle, I found myself glossing over the topic only three days later after a quite lengthy absence. The very idea had immense potential, and the nostalgia rushed in all at once. The love of the community we had created, the love of the RPG as it brought us together for a common purpose, the love of Pokémon in general. Somehow, I got sucked back in.

Almost two years passed. Countless nights on skype, last minute additions, the decision to move to a new forum that we could host ourselves. Everything we worked on culminated at a single point in time. June 16th, 2013, when we opened the doors to this home and began a new journey with all of you. Relieved that we had finally made it, excited at what opportunities and fun times might lie before us, pride in the fact that our efforts wouldn't be in vain. My point in mentioning all of this is that we, the Turquoise staff, still see the immense potential this place has. We've already done so much, but there's still so much left to do. I want you all to take to heart what I say, because we literally wouldn't be here without your support. I'm guilty of not being able to be around always, but it practically brings a tear to my eye when I come back to see that this place is still standing and growing (and Kathira hasn't accidentally burnt it all to the ground yet). Truthfully, I think that Turquoise will be around for a long time to come. I believe that this place we call a home can get bigger than we ever imagined, and our family can grow tenfold if not more.

So... cheers my friends! Today we celebrate a milestone, but we also remember that our feet have just barely kicked off the ground, with the sky being the limit as to how high we can fly. Read on now, and prepare yourselves for everything we have in store!

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

From Green Grasses to Blue Skies
by: Chronicler

To start the festivities, we'll be celebrating a new happening here at Turquoise. If you haven't noticed already, there's something strange going on with Taav's account, giving his name a blue tint to it. Well, have no worries, because this is no accident! With his continued support and service to the Pokémon Turquoise forums going all the way back to 2007 when we first started, Taav has proven his dedication to making this a wonderful place to be at. However, from now on he will also have RPG Moderator duties, on top of administrator duties. We are confident that Taav will be a fantastic leader going forth, and are expecting great things from him!

Congratulations Taav!

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

Site Updates
by: Phoenixsong and Negrek

The TurquoiseDex website has had a little makeover just in time for the anniversary. Too much has changed for me to go over in this post, especially when we have so much more anniversary goodness to cover, but among many, many other things the new site should be more informative, more detailed and more accessible on mobile devices. Check out this news post to see everything that's gone down!

The update isn't just for looks and additional conveniences, of course. All of the data that was incorrect or missing, such as a few awkward movesets or new TM pages not listing any pokémon that learned them, has been fixed in this version, and it should be much easier to keep these accurate going forward. No more having to figure out whether you need to check the Phoenixdex or the TurquoiseDex for the information you need—it's all right here where it's supposed to be again!

There have also been a few adjustments to some Pokémon's stats and types, all detailed in the news post. This also marks Chantirrus and Khargonaut's official switch from Altaria/Sharpedo evolutions to Swablu/Carvanha evolutions, with new designs appropriate to their new evolutionary stages and the old designs shifted to Mega Evolutions. I don't think any players currently own any Altaria or Sharpedo, but if you do and you were looking to have Chantirrus or Khargonaut, you haven't lost your shot at them—just let us know and we'll be sure to accommodate you.

If you run into any problems while browsing the new website, please, let me know! I can't fix a problem if I don't even know it's there! In particular I know that some lists of Pokémon were wrapping incorrectly on smaller computer/laptop monitors; it was an issue I thought I'd fixed before, and hopefully it's really fixed now, but if something looks off it would be a huge help if you could grab a screenshot and send it my way.

Meanwhile, the brief period of forum maintenance that happened yesterday? Most of that consisted of simple software updates to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes, but a brand new feature has been added as well. That addition is the [random] MyCode tag, which lets you enter a list of items, one of which will be displayed at random when the code is viewed. You can use it to make rotating signatures that display random content with each post you make, to mess with the mods in your RP thread, or whatever else you can dream up. The code works anywhere you can usually use MyCode, including posts, signatures, and private messages.

To use it, all you need to do is open with [random], add as many items as you like separated by the pipe character (|), and then close with [/random]. The random items can be images or text and include whatever other MyCode tags you'd like.

For example, here's a piece of code that will produce one of the three New Logoran starters, plus a brief description below. Try refreshing the page a few times to see it in action!

The Thorn Bud Pokemon|
The Burn Cub Pokemon|
The Seaspray Pokemon

The Thorn Bud Pokemon

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

Bingo for Days and Days
by: Chronicler

Are you ready for BINGO!? Well if not, then you better get ready! Starting tonight, we have three fun-filled, action-packed, rage-inducing games of Bingo happening this week. There are some shiny items to claim, and Bingo's to be screamed, so hurry up and sign up here before it's too late!

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!
by: Phoenixsong

It wouldn't be a party without a promo, and we've got a few new items to help your Pokémon get their party on! Be sure to check out the promo thread here to grab your free stuff while it lasts! Wouldn't want your cake to go stale or your fizzy juice to go flat...

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

Posting Spree, Number Three
by: Taav

Time to get the community wheels spinning once again... and what better way to do that than to hold a posting spree?! The objective is simple: try to make as many quality posts as you can within the time restrictions. Not only will you be helping generate activity for the forums, but you will also have the chance to win some fabulous prizes!

1. All forum rules apply
- Don't spam. Don't be a jerk. Don't double post. Frequent offenders to any rules will be subject to disciplinary action.
*Please be careful not to post in threads older than 3 months.

2. Quality over Quantity
- In spite of this being a quantitative competition, we expect that posts will be of reasonable quality as well. Brief posts can be acceptable, but only if they add something substantial to the topic. Posts that do not meet the minimum quality standard may be discounted towards the final tally.

3. Forum Games Restriction
- Posts in the Forum Games section will not count towards your final tally. However, posts in the Roleplaying forum are an exception to this rule.

4. In-Character Threads and Mod Updates
- Posts in RPG sections, including adventure threads, will count towards your final tally. However, there is a restriction: a maximum of 35 posts may count - anything beyond that will be ignored.

As usual, prizes will be revealed at the end of the competition. Make sure to swing by the forums from [Saturday 6/20] to [Tuesday 6/30] to participate. To sign up, just post in this thread.

1. KathiraNarae
2. Orchestra
3. Negrek
4. Inquisitor
5. Chronicler
6. Ratio
7. Roxas
8. MrKyurem
9. Eonrider
10. Kaelyn

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

Tell Your Friends!
by: Chronicler

Did you think it was over already? Fear not, for we still have a few things up our sleeves for this anniversary. What am I talking about? I'm talking about the referral blitz of course! From now until July 17th, all referrals you receive will be worth double the points! This sounds great and all, but how exactly do you go about getting referrals in the first place? Well, if you visit the advertising thread that has been available, there is now a section in the first post describing how to go about getting referrals. And how to get them ethically as well (we don't condone trolling on behalf of Pokémon Turquoise, unfortunately).

So get out there and spread the word about Turquoise! New friends await us at every turn.

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

The Incredible Pokémon Catching Tournament!
by: Phoenixsong

We've saved the best for last: it's time for Turquoise's first-ever Pokémon Catching Tournament! PCTs are a different sort of event that was first created by our own Dragonfire for another forum, and we figured it's high time we brought one back home!

The premise of a PCT is simple: players sign up to participate with one of their Pokémon (doesn't have to be in the active party) or with a rental provided by the event organizers, and use that teammate/rental to try and catch wild Pokémon found in a special area. You'll have a set time to try and encounter as many wilds as you can and catch them, but you can only keep one of your catches! Once the catching phase is over, you and your new partner will battle it out in a tournament against all of the other entrants; the winner gets to keep not only their new Pokémon, but some additional special prizes as well! (It's Turquoise's first PVP event, too!)

Additional Note: New members can sign up for and participate in the catching tournament—we want you to join in on as much of the anniversary fun as you can!—but if you catch a Pokémon during the competition it may be put on hold briefly or have its level reduced before you can use it in your adventure.

Here are the specifics in more detail (be sure to read this before you sign up!):

[spoiler=Pokémon Catching Tournament Rules]


Interested players will sign up in this thread. For this PCT there are no special registration requirements—anyone can join in! On signing up you must choose a Pokémon, either in your possession (we'd recommend at least level 15) or from the list of rentals given below. This is the Pokémon you will use for the duration of the catching phase.

Catching Phase

Once the signup phase has ended, a new "Pokémon Catching Tournaments" subforum will be opened up and all registered players will create a thread in that forum. These threads will only be visible to the person who posted them and the administrators who are running the PCT; we want the Pokémon that players end up with to be a surprise! (You may RP in these threads if you wish, but remember that a) no one but you and the organizers will be able to see it for now, and b) there is a time limit—get your actions in first, even if it means posting without any story, and then edit in any roleplaying you want to do later!)

For the next two weeks, the PCT organizers will present players with wild Pokémon selected from a special event list that will not be revealed until after the event. Players will battle these Pokémon as they normally would in the RP: you give a command for your chosen Pokémon/rental to carry out, the organizer will control the wild and post the results. Your goal in this phase is to catch any wild Pokémon that interest you, weakening them as best you can and then throwing Poké Balls. All players have an unlimited supply of Poké Balls, 1 Great Ball and 1 Ultra Ball to use for this PCT. The wild Pokémon will be attacking you as you attempt to weaken them. Your Pokémon will be healed between battles, but if a wild knocks it out then your catching phase ends immediately, whether you've caught a Pokémon or not.

There are four areas that you can explore in this PCT. Each area has its own small wild list, and all of the Pokémon found in each area are different. You must choose an area to explore each time you catch or run from a wild (and should ideally do so in the first post of your thread as well); if you don't, an area will be chosen randomly for you. You can choose to explore the same location multiple times or a different location each time.

Once you've caught a Pokémon, it will be set aside and you can continue searching for more. You may attempt to catch other Pokémon after the first, but you may only have one stored Pokémon at any time; any new catches will replace the existing catch, and the existing catch will be gone for good. Choose carefully!

You may choose to throw multiple Poké Balls at once, but remember that each ball still uses up a turn and the wild will continue to attack each turn it is able. If you throw Poké Balls instead of putting it back to sleep, it may knock out your Pokémon before you can catch it!

You may also choose to run from a Pokémon if you know you have no interest in it, but be sure to try and catch something; players who do not catch a Pokémon during the catching phase will have nothing to keep later and will not be able to participate in the tournament phase.

To start off, players will be limited to 5 posts per day in the catching phase (that is, they can post up to five times, and the organizers will respond 5 times; posts beyond the fifth will be ignored until the next day), to ensure that the organizers have enough time to attend to other players and other things and to make sure that no player has significantly more chances at a catch than any others. This limit may be decreased if things become extremely busy, and it may be increased if the organizers feel they can handle more or if things need to be wrapped up quickly before the deadline. Any changes to the PCT update rate will be announced.

The catching phase will last for two weeks, possibly with a bit of extra time to allow players Pokémon to finish up their current catch attempt; any extra time will be announced. Players who have successfully captured a Pokémon get to keep that Pokémon and will move on to the next phase of the PCT. Players who have not captured a Pokémon are eliminated from the PCT, but will receive 1500P as a consolation prize.

Tournament Phase

The tournament phase consists of a single-elimination tournament between all players who caught a Pokémon during the catching phase. You will use only the Pokémon you just caught; your original Pokémon or rental will not participate. The number of brackets and rounds will be adjusted based on the number of players who made it to the tournament phase, with byes given if necessary.

As soon as the catching phase ends, you will be permitted to select up to two additional temporary moves for your caught Pokémon, allowing you to diversify its movepool and attempt to strategize. You may choose any two TM, tutor or egg moves that are legally available to your Pokémon, with the base power of damaging moves not exceeding 70 (no Earthquake, sorry). Additionally, Dragon Rage, Sonic Boom, Night Shade, Seismic Toss and Super Fang are not allowed in the tournament phase, even if your catch naturally knows this move. Other moves may be disallowed at the organizers' discretion.

Once all special moves have been chosen, the organizers will post threads for each match. The two players in each match will post their commands for each turn in their catching phase thread, where only the organizers will see them; do not post commands in the tournament match thread itself! Once both commands are received, an organizer will update that thread with the results of those attacks. This will continue until one player's Pokémon has been knocked out. The winner advances to the next round, and the rounds will continue until a winner is determined!

  • All players who did not catch a Pokémon during the catching phase receive 1500P.
  • Players who caught a Pokémon but did not place first or second in the tournament are permitted to keep their Pokémon as it was when they caught it.
  • The second-place player gets to keep their caught Pokémon and both of its temporary moves.
  • The first-place player gets to keep their caught Pokémon, both of its temporary moves and 1 [sp=dreamdna].

    The inaugural PCT will be taking place on Taluic Island, one of the smaller islands in the New Logoran archipelago. Taluic is a popular destination for expensive beach getaways, but it's also home to an interesting selection of wild Pokémon. Captain Thalassa Neptune has worked with some friends to set up a fun island adventure for any interested trainers, combining her expertise with the Submarine Safari, a new place to explore and a good, old-fashioned tournament to cap the whole thing off!

    The four areas you may choose to explore are the beach, the water's edge, the forest and the cave. That's all the information you're getting; you'll have to start finding wilds in a given area before you know exactly what's there! Remember to say which location you want to search next, or else we'll just have to randomize it for you!

    The list of rentals, provided by the captain's friends, is as follows:

    Multiple players may choose the same rental if they wish.

    Sound interesting? Tickets to the Taluic Island PCT are free, and this little excursion will not interrupt your normal adventure; just post in this thread stating that you're signing up, and either give the name of the Pokémon in your party/PC or the rental that you'd like to use. Signups for the PCT will close on June 20th, so be sure to grab a spot on the boat while you still can!

    1. Kaelyn
    2. KathiraNarae
    3. Orchestra
    4. Negrek
    5. LightKunai
    6. Ratio
    7. MrKyurem
    8. Taav
    9. Roxas
    10. Inquisitor
    11. Pomfrey
    12. Thunderfox
    13. Eonrider

    [Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

    by: Chronicler

    At last, we've reached the end. We wish we could throw some more free goodies at you all, but we have to save some for next time, right? Thank you all for reading, and let's get this celebration and all of these events rolling! And most importantly, don't forget to have fun!

    Always remember to enjoy Fizzy Fun Juice responsibly,
    The Turquoise Staff

RE: Turquoise Articles 6/16/15: Second Anniversary Edition! - Chronicler - 06-16-2015

Woot, celebrations and such! Gonna stare at the perty new dex for a little bit and have some fizzy fun juice methinks. :3

Happy Anniversary Pokémon Turquoise, and congratulations Taav!! Glad to have you on board the admin train. ^_^

RE: Turquoise Articles 6/16/15: Second Anniversary Edition! - KathiraNarae - 06-16-2015

Since none of my mons are high enough level to stand a good chance, nor do any of them know a 'send to sleep' move, I am going to go for Petilililililil...ililil? Whatever that thing's name is.

This sounds interesting. I'mma try and catch a mon that'll help round out the rest of my team, since a catch guarantees a new mon regardless of tourney placing.

Also signing up for the posting spree. I hang around the forum a lot so I should do decently. Even if I'm not updating my adventure right now.

RE: Turquoise Articles 6/16/15: Second Anniversary Edition! - Kaelyn - 06-16-2015

I will echo Chron, here. Happy Anniversary, congrats Issac, and let's get these parties started! XD

I'll be signing up for the Pokemon Catching Tournament. It sounds awesome and I can't wait! ^^ I'd like to do the Posting Spree, but I'd probably get no-where, so maybe another time. Issac. ^^()

Edit: That actually sounds like a good idea, Kath. None of my pokemon can last very long in a battle either. If I may ask, may I take the Pindillo, Dilly Dally? Ratio also makes a good point.

RE: Turquoise Articles 6/16/15: Second Anniversary Edition! - Lezoux - 06-16-2015

For the tournament, can multiple people pick one rental Pokemon or is it first come first serve?

RE: Turquoise Articles 6/16/15: Second Anniversary Edition! - KathiraNarae - 06-16-2015

If it's first come, first served, then I may have won. the Petilil's the only one with Sleep Powder, and Sleep Powder has the best accuracy of all the given sleep inducing moves. Sleep is also better than Paralysis, since, although it's only temporary, the mon can't attack you WHILE the status is ongoing. Not to mention that all of the Petilil's moves heal it, except for Sleep Powder, allowing it to basically tank while you chuck balls. Best mon.

RE: Turquoise Articles 6/16/15: Second Anniversary Edition! - Phoenixsong - 06-16-2015

It's not first-come, first-served; multiple people can choose the same one if they like. I swear I put that in there, but I don't see it now... huh. Ah, well, edits ahoy.

RE: Turquoise Articles 6/16/15: Second Anniversary Edition! - Orchestra - 06-16-2015

First, I already said it in the chat, but congrats Isaac :3

Second, happy anniversary guys~ Here's hoping for a third and more.

Third, signing up for the catching contest. Since it's stated that we may use our own mons, I'll be picking either Lilligant or Seviper (Depending on a level cap since the rentals are fairly low) I'll be sure to let you know.

Fourth, being on here pretty much every day, I guess I'll join the posting spree.

Finally, this cake... it tastes horrible D: missed the bit where it's made of dirt. Also has -1 evasion now

RE: Turquoise Articles 6/16/15: Second Anniversary Edition! - Phoenixsong - 06-16-2015

There's no upper limit for your own pokémon, if that's what you're asking; it's up to you to decide if you think your pokémon can weaken things without knocking them out!

RE: Turquoise Articles 6/16/15: Second Anniversary Edition! - Negrek - 06-17-2015

Happy anniversary, everyone! I hope you've been enjoying the goodies and activities so far. Personally, I'm pretty interested in the catching tournament. Hummer and I will have a lot of fun, I'm sure.

I'll also take part in the posting blitz. I do really need to get back into the swing of updating... my own journey as well as everyone else's.

RE: Turquoise Articles 6/16/15: Second Anniversary Edition! - Inquisitor - 06-17-2015

Wow. This is the first birthday party I attended where the guests get presents instead of the jubilat... What would be the overall birthday date for whole Turquoise, and not just the current site would be?

I might as well sign up for the posting spree, even though whole podium will be taken by admins/mods, but, eh? Worth giving a try.

RE: Turquoise Articles 6/16/15: Second Anniversary Edition! - LightKunai - 06-17-2015

I'll be signing up for the catching contest with Nasidia, my Parasect.

RE: Turquoise Articles 6/16/15: Second Anniversary Edition! - Lezoux - 06-17-2015

I'll be signing up for the catching contest, and I'd like to rent a Petilil

RE: Turquoise Articles 6/16/15: Second Anniversary Edition! - Chronicler - 06-17-2015

You guys have been added, and I personally will be participating in the posting spree. ^_^

RE: Turquoise Articles 6/16/15: Second Anniversary Edition! - MrKyurem - 06-17-2015

I'm getting into this catching event. If you think my character can choose anything but Petililililililililil, you're wrong. I'm going to place a bet that was named purely so that I could make some joke about it.

RE: Turquoise Articles 6/16/15: Second Anniversary Edition! - Taav - 06-17-2015

Thanks for the congrats guys, I aim to serve you well. Man, has it really been that long? xD

I'll be signing up for the Catching Contest too, along with Alys the Ardent.

Now... For those of you who might be hesitant to sign up for the posting spree, please consider the following:

There is absolutely nothing to lose, and a lot to gain. If you don't think you have the time to post very often, but will still be updating or doing some casual posting, you can still get prizes. The prize system is based on post count, not rankings, meaning that everyone who posts enough will get something. Prizes will increase in value as post count increases, and the lowest tier is pretty easy to reach. If you're going to post at all, it's worth signing up.

In response to Inquisitor's comment, I will say this - I am making a great effort to keep things fair. Members of the staff naturally have an advantage (ability to update at will, posting in staff-only threads, etc), but I am taking countermeasures to keep this in check. This is partly why there is a limit on how many RP posts can count. We have a special prize for the top poster, and I will make sure that members have a fair shot at getting it.

Also, just to be absolutely clear, I am not competing in the spree myself. I will be posting as much as possible, but my posts will not count against you guys. That's one less staff member that you guys have to worry about out-posting, so hurry and sign up already!

RE: Turquoise Articles 6/16/15: Second Anniversary Edition! - Lezoux - 06-17-2015

Was not aware that we needed to sign up for the posting spree, but I guess I'll sign up

RE: Turquoise Articles 6/16/15: Second Anniversary Edition! - Roxas - 06-17-2015

Signing up for the posting spree cause why not.

I'm going to sign up for the PCT, I'm not sure which Pokemon I'm using yet.

I may have missed this in the reading but if you sign up for the PCT is it like the OI iteration where you can be active in both the PCT and your normal adventure or are you only involved in one.

Also Congratulations on another year Turquoise!

RE: Turquoise Articles 6/16/15: Second Anniversary Edition! - Phoenixsong - 06-18-2015

Nope, doesn't interrupt your adventure—the two run simultaneously. Added!

RE: Turquoise Articles 6/16/15: Second Anniversary Edition! - MrKyurem - 06-18-2015

Eh, why not, let's do a Posting Spree. Featuring dead, unfunny humour.