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  Turquoise Articles 10/05/17: The Clock Ticks Once More
Posted by: Chronicler - 10-05-2017, 08:36 PM - Forum: Turquoise Articles - Replies (16)

[Image: TA8_zps0d13ef84.png]

Back From the Dead
by: Chronicler

Greetings members of Turquoise!

Before we begin, I want to apologize to the community as a whole.

Up until now, as long as you've all known me, I've had a strange thing happen every so often where I end up disappearing without so much as a word and end up returning months or even years later. I realize that this has had an effect on how things have progressed within the site, with events dragging on, the RPG coming to a grinding halt at some points, and it often resulted in the loss of many dedicated members who were giving it their all but lost patience.

Typically when CEO's of companies take a leave of absence or need a break, they leave someone else in charge with a plan of attack and ensure there is proper support in place to still push things forward. I see Turquoise as a family more so than a company, and that's all the reason more why an apology is in order. I can spout junk all day long about how work and other priorities take up all of my time, but that would more or less be an excuse. I have a tendency to get super-involved when I am here, more or less putting more on my shoulders than I can handle. And when it becomes too much, I end up distancing myself for a time. My intent moving forward it to be a better leader for the sake of the community, who will take breaks when needed, and not leave everyone wondering what is going on when I need time to inevitably recuperate.

I would like to be a leader who can be relied on to lead or pass on responsibility when the situation calls for it. Who doesn't burn himself out and relies more on the team that is willing to help. I want to be here to help make Turquoise the funnest possible home for all of you. So to close out this rambling coherently, I hope that you all will enjoy what we plan to do from here on out, and I hope that with the coming months, we can start to get forum life kicking and things back on track with the RPG.

I would like to express my deepest thanks to all of the community, especially the staff, who have kept everything up and running for the last few years despite my wavering presence. Turquoise first started over 10 years ago now, when 13 year old me decided to make an invisionfree forum on August 17th, 2007. Here I am 10 years later with closer friends in the community than I would have thought possible, and a heart that's still dedicated to continuing what I started.

Thank you for being part of this weird but amazing family,

(PS: I would like to ensure you all that I have Taav on strict Chron-duty. He has full permission to drag me back by any means possible should I end up becoming distracted from Turquoise once more without forewarning)

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

A New News Trend
by: Chronicler

Starting with this edition of the Turquoise Articles, we will be making a more conscious effort from here on out to send short Turquoise Article summaries as mass e-mails to the community whenever we release a full-edition TA. This is in short an effort to help keep you all informed when new things are brewing, and to reconnect with any members who are potentially interested in returning to Turquoise and taking part in the new endeavors the community will be taking on. However, if this results in a sizable influx of returning members, I'd like to give a forewarning that the updates will slow down momentarily until the staff team can grow and re-adjust. 

With only a few staff members available to update as it is right now, additional members added to the daily mix would add more workload. And as we are now, the mod team does a fantastic job at keeping the current userbase updated with a high quality to their work. In maintaining this quality, we ask that some of the dedicated current or returning members with a little free time on their hands consider applying to be RPG Moderators at some point in the future. 

If you are a returning member reading this, please feel free to continue your journey that you left off or start a new one if you'd like to play a new character. Above all, we ask that you enjoy the forums and community and are patient when it comes to updates. We have a generally active Discord Chat that you are more than welcome to spend time on!

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

Some House-keeping
by: Chronicler

One noticeable change that you might recognize following this TA is a reduction the height of the forums. In an effort to commonize a few forums that don't see much use and clean up some that are unnecessary in general, we've altered the layout of the forums ever so slightly. A noticeable difference is the removal of the advertising forum. Given that it doesn't really see much use and tends to attract members for the wrong reasons, we have opted to remove this section, ultimately leaving advertising within the forums to user signatures only.

Everything having to do with discussion and the fine arts (writing, graphics, etc.), should still have an appropriate place. However, please do not hesitate to post here or in the Quick Question Thread if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this. While this is the first visual change you've seen at the forums for quite some time, it is certainly not the last. We will have more goodies to come in the near future, so stay tuned!

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]
Turquoise Rebuilt - One Post Wall at a Time
by: Taav

You've most certainly seen her red name around for months, and if you've been playing New Logora lately, you've seen her massive war against inactivity too. You already know who I'm talking about, but for anyone who's been living under a rock for the past few months, longtime user Kaelyn was accepted onto the mod team and met the qualifications to update back in late June. The very next day, the once shriveled up husk of a site was turned into a lush oasis overnight via a merciless torrent of high-quality updates! Indeed, Kaelyn managed to do what the entire staff team has been unable to do for a very long time by single-handedly putting Turquoise back on its feet, seemingly without ever breaking a sweat. Afterwards, more of the staff resumed pitching in to help updates, and now we are once again moving forward as an active game and community. Kaelyn has also been helping me with some mod tests behind the scene, keeping active in the staff discord channels, and most importantly... has been humoring my canned sense of humor for what seems like an eternity. And so, it may be several months late, but congratulations Kaelyn on becoming an RPG Mod, and thank you so much for your extreme dedication ever since.

I also want to thank the rest of the staff team for coming back to help and sticking with us in spite of the inactivity on the forums and life circumstances outside of the forums. Let's keep doing what we can to keep this place running guys! Santa Taav's got presents for you this year.

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]
Tackling the Tackle Trauma
by: Orchestra

Hello everyone! Orchestra here~

So for a while, we were testing out an idea I had for a mechanic to help out new trainers, as well as those that just like to take their time. glances at a certain mod

That would be Auto-Battles. Like many RPGs, auto-battles are a mechanic used to speed up battles for you. Except instead of just pressing a triangle button or selecting an option, you, well... Read up on it yourself to learn how it's done!

Chron has the rules set up all neat and tidy, so I'll leave discussing them up to him. I hope this works out well and helps out players both old and new. shame I can't use it. curse having so many badges..."

Chronicler Wrote:Click here to find these Auto-Battles rules within the Getting Started guide.

Auto-Battles are a mode of battling in which a player may choose a single move to perform for up to five turns. This is an option that can only be performed in the early game, while your team will still take longer amounts of time to defeat opponents due to the simplistic nature of low-level moves. The rules for this method of battling are as follows:

  1. Auto-Battles can be performed until 2 Badges have been acquired.
  2. Auto-Battles can only be performed in battles with Wild Pokémon and with NPC trainers that are not plot-related, sidequest-related, or otherwise important. This means you cannot use Auto-Battles against your Rival, Gym Leaders, Revivalist Testers, or other special characters.
  3. Auto-Battles are barred from use in community-wide events.
  4. In an Auto-Battle, you can choose a single move to use for anywhere between 2-5 turns in advance. This means that you can use up to five Tackles at once. However, if you would like to use three Growl's and then two Tackle's, you must split up your actions into two separate auto-battle posts.
  5. Alternatively, you can also set a requirement for the Auto-Battle ending (but still with an upper limit of five turns being in place). For example, you may opt to use Supersonic until the five turn max has been reached or the opponent has been confused.
  6. Auto-Battle moves that are restricted from use: Any Two-turn or multi-turn attacks (see section titled 'Two Turn Attacks' above), and multi-hit moves (Bullet Seed, Fury Attack, Icicle Spear, etc.)
  7. WARNING: Using Auto-Battles puts your Pokémon at greater risk of fainting due to being unaware of what its status is between moves. If used, one must accept the higher probability that their Pokémon may be defeated before the Auto-Battle reaches its end.

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]
A Haunting Predicament
by: dazel

It's October— what kind of RP forum would we be without some kind of spooky subplot?  Fortunately, something has sprung up on Kronea Island that might sate your seasonal desire for the supernatural.  Fresh out of pumpkaboo spice, though, sorry!  There's trouble afoot in Allogra City, and it's up to you to sort it out.  Mr Aucaman has reported some very strange happenings at his estate, things that can't be explained rationally.  He's called the police, private investigators, exterminators, electricians, everything— but in each case he has been sadly disappointed.  At the end of his rope, the old man has opened his estate to the public for a single night and has promised a handsome reward to anyone who can help him with his spooky little problem.  Drop by the IRP thread thread to check it out!

A Haunting Predicament

Rating: Choice of Easy, Medium, or Hard
Number of Players: 4 or Less
Requirements: None
Rewards: ???
Objective: Identify the source of the strange occurences at the Aucaman Estate, and put an end to them.
Location: Allogra City

There's something strange at play at the Aucaman Estate.  It began with some electrical issues— a flicker of the lights, perhaps, or an unusually frigid draft from the air conditioning unit.  As time progressed, the problems grew bigger and stranger.  Objects were misplaced, found in the most unusual places imaginable.  Things crashed about loudly in the night, but no sign could be found of any home intruder.  The house would regularly fluctuate several dozen degrees in a matter of minutes.  Electronics went haywire, shooting sparks and spelling out rude words on their analog clocks.
It was not long before Mr Aucaman had had enough.  But, as generously-paid professional after generously-paid professional returned with their hands empty, he grew increasingly frustrated.  It has been weeks since the trouble began, and the wealthy man is at his wits' end.  In a last ditch attempt to salvage his house before he either sells it off or loses his mind, he has opened the estate for a single night to any and every trainer willing to poke around and maybe, maybe rid him of the most unusual circumstances that plague him.  If you at least stay in the house for a night, he'll offer you a small gift for your time [EASY]. He promises a handsome reward to any trainer who can diagnose his peculiar malady [MEDIUM], and an even larger one to the group that manages to cure it [HARD].

That's not all, though! We know that a portion of the members here most likely will not have the time to play out the IRP. So if you are interested in getting your trick-or-treat game on, simply post here to take a prize from our mystery goodie bag, available for everyone! Happy Halloween, Turquoise!

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

That's just about it for this edition, folks! The Turquoise Staff would like to thank you for reading, and - wait... hold on a second... something's not right here... this is supposed to be the conclusion-


What the - ...  This wasn- i- the script...


-an you hear m-? Screw it- ... Until next tim-


[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

A Song for Dark Days Wrote:
Mountain of the beacon's light,
Air that bears a dark stain.
Cliffs of storm and fright,
Your power must not wane.
Peak frozen from within,
A pure heart inside awaits.
Rising on the summit of din,
We reach an age of grace.

“So you’re telling me that this old hand-me-down song is supposed to tell us where the next relic is? ” Treg sat uncomfortably in the cramped office-room that had been cleared for his arrival at the Revivalist office of Baaresa Town, his laptop open on the desk before him. The screen gave off a soft, blue-tinted light that illuminated his perplexed face, contrasting with the amber rays of sun that shone dimly through the window as evidence of the approaching night. His question hung in the air as static noise emanated from the phone held firmly to his ear.

At last, Dr. Lochlan’s voice confirmed his inquiry. “Yes, in part...” her voice broke off, as she paused to organize the facts in her head, and then continued. “The artifact Valeria found is still being deciphered, but the first couple of verses match almost word for word with what Zak has translated already.” The diluted sound of the exhale that transferred through to Treg was proof enough of Liruda’s exhaustion. 

It had been almost six months since the Revivalists had seen the level of activity that now plagued the physical and mental well being of its leaders. Following the recovery of the Edge of the Inevitable, their research into the remaining artifacts began to hit dead ends left and right. At least until about two weeks ago, when one of the recent recruits came upon an ancient document hidden deep within Acoatyl Tower. The miraculous discovery was enough to stir up the whole organization, and now there wasn’t a soul who wasn’t trying to bite off a piece of the pie.

It wasn’t difficult for Treg to discern that his colleague likely hadn’t slept in over 24 hours. “Liruda, why don’t you take a break already and pick this back up in the morning?” He chided, as if he were questioning Trelni for staying up too late watching the television again.

“I’ll take your advice when you do,” she retorted. Dr. Lochlan felt that now wasn’t exactly the time for taking it easy, especially considering she had taken a temporary hiatus from her show in order to put in the extra hours with the Revivalists. “I managed to dig up a couple versions of the song I sent you while rummaging through the Dia City Library. I want to believe that they are somehow connected to the legendaries, we just need more to go off of at this point.” The following pause indicated that she had finished.

Treg scratched his chin and inquired, “Any idea when the full translation will be available? I’m raring to mobilize the helpers and get back out in the field!” In the face of exhaustion and the torrent of tedious research that has been slowly burning him out at the desk, the Revivalist leader’s tone turned chipper and he perked up when the thought of actually getting something done presented itself.

His excitement was cut short, however. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” Liruda started, to which the man grouchily shrunk back into his seat. “Zak is a wiz so I’m sure it won’t take much longer, but we will still have to interpret exactly what it is we’re meant to do before putting any more time and money into organizing assistance. And for all we know, this ‘song’ might not even be related to the legendaries,” she said, wrapping up with a quiet but noticeable sigh. Liruda refused to get her co-leader’s hopes up, well aware of how passionate he was about their work.

The burly man nodded, as if his conversational partner sat before him. “I understand… thanks for all of your hard work, Liruda,” Treg said, thankful that her research at the library had yielded better results than his own at least. “And get some sleep before you drop dead,” he added, having taken note of the weariness in her voice yet again. At last the TV star yielded, and after brief exchange of ‘good nights’, the phone call concluded.

A familiar silence fell over the chilled office, and the Treg’s attention turned back to the old folk song that his eyes set their sights on once more. “What the hell is this supposed to mean, anyways?” he muttered to himself in a disgruntled tone. Too stubborn to give up on either sulking or researching, he continued mulling over the potentially world-changing verses restlessly for a short while. Cliffs of storm and fright… A pure heart… summit of kin... His focus slowly began to waver as his eyes began to flicker with each word and the exhaustion set in. “Air that...stains…a dark bear…Zzzz...” 

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

Knock, knock, knock

The blunt sound of an anxious fist pounding against the office door rocked Treg awake from his slumber, among muffled noises of debate. Coming to in a daze, the man sluggishly lifted his head up and off of his crossed arms. It wasn’t for a moment that he realized where he was and that he had fallen asleep at his desk. He glanced at his watch - 11:37PM - and scrambled to his feet upon remembering what woke him up. The clamoring voices outside of the room soon became clear as Treg opened the door and laid his gaze upon two young persons standing before him.

The pair faced one another, arguing incessantly despite the fact that the door had opened. “Zak! You know I’m right, just admit it. Your pretty, vacuous little head just doesn’t understand New Logora like I do as a true gen-ius native!” announced a short-haired girl of nearly snow-white hair and a way-too-thick, sparking blue snowcoat. The boy receiving the mouthful seemed calm at first glance, but overall acted poorly in hiding his underlying agitation.

“You have no idea what you speak about, Misha. Take my word- I am the translator after all. It is din, not kin,” he touted with a rather smug look on his face, although his annoyance hinted at the fact that he wasn't completely sure and could be wrong. The boy referred to as Zak typically had a calm composure that matched eloquently with his smooth, flowy, blonde locks of shoulder-length hair. He was dressed in stylish light-toned clothing that probably didn’t keep up all that warm in the local weather. And he immediately returned to his calm and ritzy demeanor after the brief shock of realizing that his boss had answered the door and was presently hovering over the bickering duo.

“Sorry, Leader Treg!” the two shouted in unison, giving apologetic bows repeatedly.

Clearly exhausted, Treg waved his hand towards Zak and Misha, dismissing their apologies while letting loose a Snorlax-size yawn. “Quit being so formal,” he managed to say, the sleepiness lingering with each word. He pressed a question after wiping his eyes, “Why in the world are you here so late?” 

Zak motioned towards the laptop sitting dormant on the desk behind Treg, and the three of them proceeded into the office together to open up the e-mail that the new recruits had sent Treg during his accidental nap. Within a moment, an image and some text displayed itself on the brightly lit screen.

“That’s the fully restored artifact, nurtured to pristine condition by my artisan skills!” Misha boldly stated, quite proud of her work. 

Rolling his eyes dramatically, Zak hesitated briefly before giving a more in depth explanation to the Revivalist leader of their purpose. “It did not take long once restoration was finished, but I come up with a rough translation from the relic. It is… mostly correct, except for single word which we have trouble making out…” His explanation came to a halt as he turned to glare at Misha, more than spelling out the topic of their previous disagreement. A vein even started to throb on his forehead as his verbal opponent stooped to sticking her tongue out at him behind Treg’s back. 

Treg’s eyes widened as his wakefulness grew with his interest in the translated message that he read. “We’ll have to work out the small details in the morning,” he told them, giddiness creeping in his voice as he read more and more. “This has to be it. There HAS to be something here.” The contagiously excited bear of a man man turned his attention from the laptop to the young adults and exclaimed, “Go home and get some sleep you two, we start interpreting tomorrow!”

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  Seeing Where We Stand
Posted by: Phoenixsong - 12-19-2016, 03:23 AM - Forum: Turquoise Articles - Replies (7)

First of all, I should hopefully be updating the forum to the new version soon—ideally within the week. Some things will change as a result of this upgrade. Briefly:

  • The shoutbox will be removed. The current one isn't guaranteed to work on the updated forums, and while there are replacements available, most conversation seems to have shifted to Discord anyway.
  • Some old moderator tools may stop functioning, although as far as I can tell most were not being used and people were already updating without them (the main web-based calculator will be fine).
  • The alert system and sideboxes will remain more or less as they are.
  • A tiny thing, but: the forum rules will be moved to a forum thread rather than the separate page they're currently on.
  • Most board functions should work the same way, but the post editor will have WYSIWYG available to those who want it (you can turn WYSIWYG-as-default on or off in your User CP options).
  • The current set of themes will go away. Again, compatibility isn't guaranteed, and at any rate it's easier to maintain a smaller number of themes. The board will just use the default theme for a while, but depending on what's discussed below it may be replaced by a single theme that has a lot of configurable options—you should be able to make it look similar to your current theme, or choose a new look entirely.

All that said, I want to get a better idea of the state of things around here.

Obviously there haven't been any new events or celebrations or additions to the game all year. There have only been a few posts per month in the RP of late, at least as far as I can tell. There's been very little discussion in the non-RP forums as well (though that may also be due to Discord rather than the community straight-up not talking). So, my question is this: are people still interested in continuing?

My personal level of interest hasn't changed, unfortunately: my heart's just not in it, and I have the usual personal blah blah this and busy with work blah blah that. But I don't want to stomp on everyone else's fun just because it's not fun for me anymore. So are people still interested and the only thing keeping them from participating is the lack of mod activity/new content, or are most of you also off to bigger and better things?

To the current moderators/staff: are you still up for keeping things running? It's fine if not; everyone's busy, most of us have school or work, interests change. But is this something you're still interested in/able to do?

A few months ago I had a chat with some other staff members about how best to handle moving the story forward. I think I may still owe you a bit of extra information from my notes (and you'll have to remind me what it was, sorry), but have you guys had any additional chances to brainstorm or put anything together?

Meanwhile, I think Dragonfire is still interested in doing something with the Serekayo region. DF, has that progressed to a point where something can be done with it? Is the current group of members interested in doing anything with it, or is that something that might be best if it started fresh someplace else?

If you're not interested in things as they stand, is there something that you think could be improved that might increase your enjoyment or activity? Is there a rule or mechanic that's not working? Would changing the style of RP (something more freeform, graded RPs more like the IRP system, something else) make things more engaging?

Obviously attracting new members and new moderators will be an issue if we decide to move forward, but no one's going to want to join in and participate/help if the current memberbase isn't active and satisfied. Making sure that the people who are here now are enjoying themselves is the important thing. If you are, we can see about dusting off and moving forward. If you're not happy, that's fine, we can either fix it or just call it a day.

The board will be updated soon no matter what, since it's important for security and maintenance. And even if we ultimately decide to let Turquoise ride off into the sunset I'll want to leave the board up for a while so people can grab their writing and anything else they're interested in.

These forums aren't going anywhere as long as enough other people are interested in sticking around. I just need to know whether that is in fact the case, so that I and the other staff members can decide what the best course of action is from there.

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  TA Lite 8/26/16: PCT Finale and BC Opening
Posted by: Chronicler - 08-26-2016, 11:41 PM - Forum: Turquoise Articles - Replies (7)

[Image: TA8_zps0d13ef84.png]

The Long Overdue, Decisive Results!
by: Chronicler

Greetings Turquoise members!
For the past several, several months, we've all been locked in what has become a somewhat dreadful event, one that may or may not ever be done again (heh.. Arceus help us please). But at long last, the we can finally say the the 2015-16 Pokémon Catching Tournament has reached a conclusion! See the standings below, with the bolded names being the winners of each round:

Round 1:
Match 1: Thunderfox [Galorindle] vs. MrKyurem [Dasfix]
Match 2: LightKunai [Turistar] vs. Orchestra [Skrelp]
Match 3: Ratio [Turistar] vs. Kaelyn [Galorindle]
Match 4: Eonrider [Minijina] vs. Taav [Dasfix]
Match 5: KathiraNarae [Tinimer] vs. Inquisitor [Turistar]

Round 1:
Match 1: Orchestra [Skrelp] vs. MrKyurem [Dasfix]
Match 2: Eonrider [Minijina] vs. KathiraNarae [Tinimer]
Match 3: Kaelyn [Galorindle] vs. Pomfrey [Gravendou]

Semifinal Round:
Match 1: Kaelyn [Galorindle] vs. Eonrider [Minijina]
Bye: Orchestra [Skrelp]

Final Round:
Match 1: Kaelyn [Galorindle] vs. Orchestra [Skrelp]


Top Three:
1. Orchestra
2. Kaelyn
3. Eonrider

So while most of you have already received your prizes, there's a catch! You aren't done yet! Due to the length of the tournament and any inconveniences that may have come as a result of the long months spent waiting for updates on it, the prizes have been updated below If you participated in the tournament, make sure to claim your prizes accordingly!

2015-16 PCT Prizes:
No Captures: If you did not capture a Pokémon during the Catching phase, please collect 1500P.
Participants: If you did not place in the Tournament, please choose one of the two temporary moves you chose for your captured Pokémon to keep.
1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place: Keep your Pokémon and both temporary moves.
1st and 2nd Place: You may switch out one of the temporary moves if you are unhappy with one of your original choices (within the choosing rules of the original tourney).
1st Place: [sp=dreamdna] (1)

And with that, the PCT is officially over! Thank you to all for your participation and thank you all even more for your tremendous patience and integrity! We will ensure that any similar events in the future will be conducted with more attentiveness and motivation so that a similar problem does not occur. You have our, the Turquoise Staff's, humbles apologies.

Get Your Bikes Ready!
by: Chronicler

That's right ladies and gentleman! As a sort of apology for the grueling PCT and just because this was set to come out sooner or later, the Staff Team at Turquoise would like to officially announce the opening of the Breeding Center in the region of New Logora!

If you click the link located here, you can explore all that the Breeding Center has to offer, and how to use it properly. Since the system is new, it is likely that there will be some quirks with it as first, so be sure to post here in the newly created RPG Service Center. Happy hatching fellow trainers!

Stay Tuned!
by: Chronicler

While this TA was rather sudden and short, there are more things in the works, updating happening consistently at long last, and a truck full of hilarious conversation on the Discord channel as usual! Thank you for your continued support in our loving community!

Until next time,
The Turquoise Staff

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  It's been 3,000 years...
Posted by: Phoenixsong - 06-10-2016, 11:17 PM - Forum: Turquoise Articles - Replies (1)

[Image: az-3000-years-phoenix.jpg]

Hello again, Turquoise. Been a while, hasn't it? Not quite three thousand years a year, but far too long by my estimation. When I realized the site was creeping up on its third anniversary, I figured enough was enough.

I wish I had some deep and relatable reason to give you guys as an explanation for why I've been gone, and the first version of this post was a lot longer than this, but the gist of it is a combination of burnout, some personal bumps in the road and just being more interested in other things. The thought of actually participating in the site just felt kind of... tiring? I dunno. It's a thing that happens to me sometimes, I guess, and it's nothing to do with any of you guys or Turquoise itself. And I'm always distracted by so many other ideas for creative endeavors—other stories, other worldbuilding projects, other regions, even a nagging desire to revamp the Phoenixdex version of New Logora and start it from scratch—that it's a little difficult to keep moving forward with something I've worked on for years and am no longer as satisfied with as I once was.

"Burnout" is probably the best single word I can come up with to describe it, then. It is what it is, but it also doesn't excuse my vanishing from the face of the forums without even a brief explanation. I can only apologize and hope that you guys can accept that apology. I'm sure quite a few of you are annoyed with me, and you have every right to be.

A huge thanks to Taav and the rest of the staff for keeping things running smoothly for all this time—the site does not appear to have burned to the ground, and if my memory of you guys is still accurate after 3000 years then that makes him a god damn hero :p—and another huge thanks to those of you who've stuck around even with the plotline and all the rest having ground to a halt. Even if things have slowed down a bit, you all seem to be enjoying yourselves, and that's fantastic. It's been three thousand years (okay, fine, I'll stop now) and it's still amazing to me that other people take time out of their day to explore and create a cozy community around my silly little trainwreck of a fan region.

I wish I could say that I was making a grand return and bearing gifts of huge storyline events and fun promos and a brand new car for every member of the studio audience. I'm not, unfortunately. I'd be lying if I said that all my enthusiasm for New Logora and Turquoise has returned yet, and I don't want to lie to you guys on top of having bailed on you. But I will say that I'm committed to keeping this place up and running as long as its members are having fun here. It's going to take a while for me to get back up to speed, but please don't hesitate to bring up any suggestions or concerns you might have, either to me or to the other members of the staff. You guys are a very creative bunch, and I can only imagine the sorts of interesting ideas you might have. I do actually have a few ideas for tapping into that creativity, assuming you're interested and I'm capable of getting it all together.

Turquoise has a wonderful community in spite of all the miscellaneous bumps in the road, and I'd like to keep it that way for as long as the rest of you are interested.

It's good to see you guys again.

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  TA Lite 4/23/16: Staff Changes
Posted by: Chronicler - 04-23-2016, 05:43 PM - Forum: Turquoise Articles - Replies (12)

[Image: TA8_zps0d13ef84.png]

The End of an Era, the Start of a New One
by: Chronicler

Greetings Turquoise members! It's been a hot second, and I'm sure some of you are actually getting used to seeing me around here again so I hope to stick around for a while to come this time. Things have changed here dramatically in the last year, with several of our staff members needing to take leave to focus on their lives or other endeavors. If you haven't seen already, a few of them have already been moved to VIP positions of their own choice after reaching out to them outside the forums. As a result, I would like to extend our deepest appreciation to Dragonfire, Negrek, and Te-em for their powerful devotion and dedication to Turquoise throughout the years. We hope to see you guys around now and then, and wish you all the best in life! Thank you!

With the spaces left behind by these great individuals, we have been in the process of deciding who we believe to be capable of filling their large shoes. We have many plans for the future, and will need a strong Administration and Moderation Team to move things forward with great success. After many weeks of contemplation, I would like to give my warmest welcome and congratulations to our new Global Moderators in no particular order: Eonrider, Metallica Fanboy, and Yugen!! With these new leaders joining the higher ranks, we hope to return Turquoise to an active community of great roleplaying and excitement!

The Path to Forum Domination Modship
by: Taav

She's been with Turquoise for nearly two years, and during that time, she's been through a lot. Among her many ordeals include working to overthrow the terrible mod oppressors, fighting off hordes of aggressive Numel (an... Orchestrated ambush, I'm sure), and most recently, getting through the RPG Mod application. I won't go into the application details, but I will say that It didn't take us very long to unanimously vote in favor of this candidate.

With that out of the way, I want to congratulate KathiraNarae for a very successful application, and welcome her to the RPG Moderator team. We're super proud to have you on board, and expect great things from you!
Introducing The RPG Network!
by: Chronicler

If you haven't noticed yet, you can turn your attention to the sidebar to see a new button for the RPG Network, a new side-project endeavor that a few of the Turquoise staff will be heading up with some of the Orange Islands staff. The button will lead you too a Discord chat server where different RP sites can join and get their very own channels added! To put it simply, it's an easy-access chat-hub that allows RPGs of all varieties to communicate, get advice/support, grow, be explored, and build friendships with one another! We appreciate any help with spreading the word about this hub and inviting others to take part. :)

[Image: Untitled2_zpsxqqbs5hy.png]

Stay Tuned!
by: Chronicler

While this TA Lite might not have a whole lot of content, we assure you that there are indeed things on the way, big things even. Perhaps the biggest you may have ever seen! Stay tuned Turquoise, the gears are ever turning~

Until next time,
The Turquoise Staff

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  Turquoise Articles 12/28/15: The Ho Ho Holidays
Posted by: Taav - 12-28-2015, 07:58 AM - Forum: Turquoise Articles - Replies (32)

[Image: TA8_zps0d13ef84.png]

The Ho Ho Holidays
by: Taav

Hello all!

With Christmas done and over with and the New Year quickly approaching, it's time for some holiday-themed events. We've been working on some refreshing new events to kick off the Holiday season here at Turquoise (albeit a little later than usual). Anyway, we're excited to share what we've been working on all month, and we hope you participate!

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

How the Ostento Stole Christmas
by: Eonrider

Ah, Christmas. A time of goodwill and good cheer worldwide. Alas, all is not well in Szlazan City this holiday season. In a very Grinch-like manner, the Christmas presents of all the good boys, girls and other folk have vanished overnight! Get together with a group of friends to try apprehend the culprit, or attempt a solo investigation. Successfully get back the presents, and maybe you'll get a gift of your own.

How the Ostento Stole Christmas

Rating: Medium
Number of Players: Any
Requirements: None
Rewards: 1 Red, Blue, or Green Mystery Box, [sp=snohberry]
Objective: Get back the stolen Christmas presents from the Ostento and its gang of Curlsa and Coiffaire.
Location: Szlazan City

On Christmas Eve in Szlazan City, all the children went to sleep with stacks of wrapped presents under their Christmas trees, eagerly awaiting the following morning when they could tear them open with zeal and enjoy the toys, games and sweets hidden inside.  Imagine their horror when they awoke and discovered that each and every present in their homes had been spirited away overnight!

The police are having trouble finding the culprit, and are asking goodhearted Trainers to help with the investigation.  They say that witnesses noticed an unusual amount of Curlsa and Coiffaire roaming the streets on Christmas Eve, and suspect that they may be under the command of a wily Ostento leader, a species of Pokemon known for its habit of stealing and hoarding trinkets.  Please, kind Trainers!  Help get those presents back where they belong!

Some of you may remember last year Gadari gave out presents to New Logora's Trainers.  He planned to this year as well, but it looks like the Ostento got to them first.  Get them back, and he'll be sure to provide you with a coloured box of your choice once more.

Mystery Boxes Wrote:Red Mystery Box: Battle Box

For the aspiring master trainer there's nothing better than grabbing some extra items to pump up your pokémon and give them the edge in battle. Pick up one of these if you're looking for power above all!

Blue Mystery Box: Capture Box

If catching's your game, the Capture Box is the one for you! It's packed with goodies to help you nab that rare pokémon you've been trying to track down.

Green Mystery Box: Berry Box

Berries have uses both in and out of battle, and they're great for pumping up your pokémon, grooming them for contests--or just selling if you want to score a bit of quick cash. If you're looking for an offbeat surprise, give this a box a try!

You may start the IRP at any time starting today, but don't dawdle! You must finish before January 31st at 11:59pm to claim your mystery box.

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

New Year's Bingo
by: Taav

As set forth by tradition, we will be doing some more Turquoise Bingo! I will be running two games next week: Wednesday, 12/30 at 7pm EST and Saturday, 1/2 at 7pm EST. For more details and to sign up, please refer to the bingo thread.

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

Super Secret Santa
by: Taav

Unfortunately, we could not get Santa to come back this year to battle your trainers. We believe that he was beaten so soundly last year by the rookie trainers, that even his jolly old soul couldn't take it kindly. But do not fret, because there's another Santa in town, and it's you!

'Tis the season to not only receive, but give as well! Introducing the Super Secret Santa, where you get to do both. By signing up, you will be given at random a recipient to send a gift to. The gifts, of course, will be items that your TRPG character owns. The following restrictions apply:

Restrictions Wrote:1. Gifts must range from 1000P to 1500P. You may choose to provide one expensive item or multiple cheap items that fall between this range. See shop details for item values.
2. Items that are not available in the open market, or are limited to one-per-trainer are not eligible for this exchange.
3. Money donations are acceptable, and can be combined with item gifts so long as the total net worth is within 1000-5000P
4. Players with a net worth of less than 3000P may opt to use the basic gift. This is especially for new players who may not have enough items or money to participate. The basic gift costs 300P to purchase, but gifts 1500P worth in items to your recipient. It's a holiday bargain.
5. Players may not receive items with gym badge requirements that they do not meet (e.g. Exp Share without 1 gym badge)

To participate, fill out the following form and post it in this thread by December 30th by 7pm. You will get your recipient shortly afterwords, so be prepared to have your gifts sorted out by January 2nd by midnight.

[b]Gym Badges:[/b]
[b]Preferences:[/b] [i.e. "Battle Items", "Lots of Berries", "Money", "Surprise Me!", etc]

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

by: Taav

We've been working hard to keep the forums afloat, and to bring you these events. And so, we hope you enjoy them. Merry (belated) Christmas for those of you who celebrate it, Happy Holidays, and we hope to see you in 2016~

Until next time,
The Turquoise Staff

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  TA Lite 11/26 - PCT Update
Posted by: Taav - 11-27-2015, 10:36 PM - Forum: Turquoise Articles - No Replies

[Image: TA8_zps0d13ef84.png]

Finally, a PCT Update!
by: Taav

Yeah, I know. Not a lot has been happening for the past couple of months. There are some questions hanging in the back of everyone's minds, and this update will try to answer them.

1. What ever happened to the PCT?

It's still going on. Since the previous PCT Organizers are no longer available to update the rounds, this task has been passed down to other members of staff. Special thanks to Eonrider and Orchestra for volunteering to help out in this regard.

With this adjustment, you will have to PM your results to your new referee. The following matches will be assigned refs, effective immediately.

Round 1 - Match 3 (Referee: Taav)
Turistar vs. Galorindle

Round 2 - Match 1 (Referee: Eonrider)
Dasfix vs. Skrelp

Round 2 - Match 2 (Referee: Orchestra)
Minijina vs. Tinimer

As before, you have 72 hours to send in your commands. Good luck!

2. When can we use the PCT Pokemon we caught in our adventures?

Now! I have added them to your profiles, and you can begin using them right away. Feel free to request nicknames in this thread. Additional moves will be added after the conclusion of the tournament for the winners. As promised, all PCT Pokemon have had their levels lowered to that of the highest level in each player's party and PC.

Thank you for your patience! On behalf of the staff team, I apologize for the wait. Several months later, we're still seeing this through to the end, so we hope you enjoy the long awaited remainder of the competition!

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

Help Wanted!
by: Taav

The staff team has been a little scattered up until recently, and we are working hard to regroup and plan for the future. If you have enjoyed the Pokemon Turquoise RPG and the community we provide here, please consider extending a hand! It will make the experience better for everyone.

1. Community Mod

Fun fact - we don't have any community mods. Community mods play the important role of up-keeping the forums outside of the RPG. They help host community events such as posting sprees, bingo nights, and other activities. Cool, right? You can apply here.

2. RPG Mod

The more RPG mods updating, the faster everyone gets updated! RPG mods learn the inside mechanics to the TRPG, and use their creative minds to guide people through New Logora. You can apply here.

3. Advertising

We have an advertising thread located here. Even if you can't take on a full-time staff position, you should consider advertising at other forums. Tell your friends about PT so they can get in on the fun.

Until next time,
The Turquoise Staff

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  Turquoise Articles 6/16/15: Second Anniversary Edition!
Posted by: Phoenixsong - 06-16-2015, 03:32 PM - Forum: Turquoise Articles - Replies (99)

[Image: TA8_zps0d13ef84.png]

Two Years Ago Today
by: Chronicler

Do you remember where you were two years ago? I can tell you right now that I was overflowing with excitement, frantically trying to get new profiles created for new players from my phone while visiting my grandma. It was an overwhelming experience for many of us, and at the same time there was a distinct feeling of relief. Relief because we had finally done it. July 10th, 2011, one of our retired administrators, Skylar, posted a solemn topic in our staff forum titled "So...", basically questioning where on earth I had gone. I myself had at that point left Turquoise behind, or so I had thought. By some coincidence, Dragonfire introduced Skylar to Phoenixsong a day later, saying that they had something big planned regardless of my return or not. And then by some miracle, I found myself glossing over the topic only three days later after a quite lengthy absence. The very idea had immense potential, and the nostalgia rushed in all at once. The love of the community we had created, the love of the RPG as it brought us together for a common purpose, the love of Pokémon in general. Somehow, I got sucked back in.

Almost two years passed. Countless nights on skype, last minute additions, the decision to move to a new forum that we could host ourselves. Everything we worked on culminated at a single point in time. June 16th, 2013, when we opened the doors to this home and began a new journey with all of you. Relieved that we had finally made it, excited at what opportunities and fun times might lie before us, pride in the fact that our efforts wouldn't be in vain. My point in mentioning all of this is that we, the Turquoise staff, still see the immense potential this place has. We've already done so much, but there's still so much left to do. I want you all to take to heart what I say, because we literally wouldn't be here without your support. I'm guilty of not being able to be around always, but it practically brings a tear to my eye when I come back to see that this place is still standing and growing (and Kathira hasn't accidentally burnt it all to the ground yet). Truthfully, I think that Turquoise will be around for a long time to come. I believe that this place we call a home can get bigger than we ever imagined, and our family can grow tenfold if not more.

So... cheers my friends! Today we celebrate a milestone, but we also remember that our feet have just barely kicked off the ground, with the sky being the limit as to how high we can fly. Read on now, and prepare yourselves for everything we have in store!

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

From Green Grasses to Blue Skies
by: Chronicler

To start the festivities, we'll be celebrating a new happening here at Turquoise. If you haven't noticed already, there's something strange going on with Taav's account, giving his name a blue tint to it. Well, have no worries, because this is no accident! With his continued support and service to the Pokémon Turquoise forums going all the way back to 2007 when we first started, Taav has proven his dedication to making this a wonderful place to be at. However, from now on he will also have RPG Moderator duties, on top of administrator duties. We are confident that Taav will be a fantastic leader going forth, and are expecting great things from him!

Congratulations Taav!

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

Site Updates
by: Phoenixsong and Negrek

The TurquoiseDex website has had a little makeover just in time for the anniversary. Too much has changed for me to go over in this post, especially when we have so much more anniversary goodness to cover, but among many, many other things the new site should be more informative, more detailed and more accessible on mobile devices. Check out this news post to see everything that's gone down!

The update isn't just for looks and additional conveniences, of course. All of the data that was incorrect or missing, such as a few awkward movesets or new TM pages not listing any pokémon that learned them, has been fixed in this version, and it should be much easier to keep these accurate going forward. No more having to figure out whether you need to check the Phoenixdex or the TurquoiseDex for the information you need—it's all right here where it's supposed to be again!

There have also been a few adjustments to some Pokémon's stats and types, all detailed in the news post. This also marks Chantirrus and Khargonaut's official switch from Altaria/Sharpedo evolutions to Swablu/Carvanha evolutions, with new designs appropriate to their new evolutionary stages and the old designs shifted to Mega Evolutions. I don't think any players currently own any Altaria or Sharpedo, but if you do and you were looking to have Chantirrus or Khargonaut, you haven't lost your shot at them—just let us know and we'll be sure to accommodate you.

If you run into any problems while browsing the new website, please, let me know! I can't fix a problem if I don't even know it's there! In particular I know that some lists of Pokémon were wrapping incorrectly on smaller computer/laptop monitors; it was an issue I thought I'd fixed before, and hopefully it's really fixed now, but if something looks off it would be a huge help if you could grab a screenshot and send it my way.

Meanwhile, the brief period of forum maintenance that happened yesterday? Most of that consisted of simple software updates to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes, but a brand new feature has been added as well. That addition is the [random] MyCode tag, which lets you enter a list of items, one of which will be displayed at random when the code is viewed. You can use it to make rotating signatures that display random content with each post you make, to mess with the mods in your RP thread, or whatever else you can dream up. The code works anywhere you can usually use MyCode, including posts, signatures, and private messages.

To use it, all you need to do is open with [random], add as many items as you like separated by the pipe character (|), and then close with [/random]. The random items can be images or text and include whatever other MyCode tags you'd like.

For example, here's a piece of code that will produce one of the three New Logoran starters, plus a brief description below. Try refreshing the page a few times to see it in action!

The Thorn Bud Pokemon|
The Burn Cub Pokemon|
The Seaspray Pokemon

The Thorn Bud Pokemon

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

Bingo for Days and Days
by: Chronicler

Are you ready for BINGO!? Well if not, then you better get ready! Starting tonight, we have three fun-filled, action-packed, rage-inducing games of Bingo happening this week. There are some shiny items to claim, and Bingo's to be screamed, so hurry up and sign up here before it's too late!

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!
by: Phoenixsong

It wouldn't be a party without a promo, and we've got a few new items to help your Pokémon get their party on! Be sure to check out the promo thread here to grab your free stuff while it lasts! Wouldn't want your cake to go stale or your fizzy juice to go flat...

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

Posting Spree, Number Three
by: Taav

Time to get the community wheels spinning once again... and what better way to do that than to hold a posting spree?! The objective is simple: try to make as many quality posts as you can within the time restrictions. Not only will you be helping generate activity for the forums, but you will also have the chance to win some fabulous prizes!

1. All forum rules apply
- Don't spam. Don't be a jerk. Don't double post. Frequent offenders to any rules will be subject to disciplinary action.
*Please be careful not to post in threads older than 3 months.

2. Quality over Quantity
- In spite of this being a quantitative competition, we expect that posts will be of reasonable quality as well. Brief posts can be acceptable, but only if they add something substantial to the topic. Posts that do not meet the minimum quality standard may be discounted towards the final tally.

3. Forum Games Restriction
- Posts in the Forum Games section will not count towards your final tally. However, posts in the Roleplaying forum are an exception to this rule.

4. In-Character Threads and Mod Updates
- Posts in RPG sections, including adventure threads, will count towards your final tally. However, there is a restriction: a maximum of 35 posts may count - anything beyond that will be ignored.

As usual, prizes will be revealed at the end of the competition. Make sure to swing by the forums from [Saturday 6/20] to [Tuesday 6/30] to participate. To sign up, just post in this thread.

1. KathiraNarae
2. Orchestra
3. Negrek
4. Inquisitor
5. Chronicler
6. Ratio
7. Roxas
8. MrKyurem
9. Eonrider
10. Kaelyn

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

Tell Your Friends!
by: Chronicler

Did you think it was over already? Fear not, for we still have a few things up our sleeves for this anniversary. What am I talking about? I'm talking about the referral blitz of course! From now until July 17th, all referrals you receive will be worth double the points! This sounds great and all, but how exactly do you go about getting referrals in the first place? Well, if you visit the advertising thread that has been available, there is now a section in the first post describing how to go about getting referrals. And how to get them ethically as well (we don't condone trolling on behalf of Pokémon Turquoise, unfortunately).

So get out there and spread the word about Turquoise! New friends await us at every turn.

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

The Incredible Pokémon Catching Tournament!
by: Phoenixsong

We've saved the best for last: it's time for Turquoise's first-ever Pokémon Catching Tournament! PCTs are a different sort of event that was first created by our own Dragonfire for another forum, and we figured it's high time we brought one back home!

The premise of a PCT is simple: players sign up to participate with one of their Pokémon (doesn't have to be in the active party) or with a rental provided by the event organizers, and use that teammate/rental to try and catch wild Pokémon found in a special area. You'll have a set time to try and encounter as many wilds as you can and catch them, but you can only keep one of your catches! Once the catching phase is over, you and your new partner will battle it out in a tournament against all of the other entrants; the winner gets to keep not only their new Pokémon, but some additional special prizes as well! (It's Turquoise's first PVP event, too!)

Additional Note: New members can sign up for and participate in the catching tournament—we want you to join in on as much of the anniversary fun as you can!—but if you catch a Pokémon during the competition it may be put on hold briefly or have its level reduced before you can use it in your adventure.

Here are the specifics in more detail (be sure to read this before you sign up!):

[spoiler=Pokémon Catching Tournament Rules]


Interested players will sign up in this thread. For this PCT there are no special registration requirements—anyone can join in! On signing up you must choose a Pokémon, either in your possession (we'd recommend at least level 15) or from the list of rentals given below. This is the Pokémon you will use for the duration of the catching phase.

Catching Phase

Once the signup phase has ended, a new "Pokémon Catching Tournaments" subforum will be opened up and all registered players will create a thread in that forum. These threads will only be visible to the person who posted them and the administrators who are running the PCT; we want the Pokémon that players end up with to be a surprise! (You may RP in these threads if you wish, but remember that a) no one but you and the organizers will be able to see it for now, and b) there is a time limit—get your actions in first, even if it means posting without any story, and then edit in any roleplaying you want to do later!)

For the next two weeks, the PCT organizers will present players with wild Pokémon selected from a special event list that will not be revealed until after the event. Players will battle these Pokémon as they normally would in the RP: you give a command for your chosen Pokémon/rental to carry out, the organizer will control the wild and post the results. Your goal in this phase is to catch any wild Pokémon that interest you, weakening them as best you can and then throwing Poké Balls. All players have an unlimited supply of Poké Balls, 1 Great Ball and 1 Ultra Ball to use for this PCT. The wild Pokémon will be attacking you as you attempt to weaken them. Your Pokémon will be healed between battles, but if a wild knocks it out then your catching phase ends immediately, whether you've caught a Pokémon or not.

There are four areas that you can explore in this PCT. Each area has its own small wild list, and all of the Pokémon found in each area are different. You must choose an area to explore each time you catch or run from a wild (and should ideally do so in the first post of your thread as well); if you don't, an area will be chosen randomly for you. You can choose to explore the same location multiple times or a different location each time.

Once you've caught a Pokémon, it will be set aside and you can continue searching for more. You may attempt to catch other Pokémon after the first, but you may only have one stored Pokémon at any time; any new catches will replace the existing catch, and the existing catch will be gone for good. Choose carefully!

You may choose to throw multiple Poké Balls at once, but remember that each ball still uses up a turn and the wild will continue to attack each turn it is able. If you throw Poké Balls instead of putting it back to sleep, it may knock out your Pokémon before you can catch it!

You may also choose to run from a Pokémon if you know you have no interest in it, but be sure to try and catch something; players who do not catch a Pokémon during the catching phase will have nothing to keep later and will not be able to participate in the tournament phase.

To start off, players will be limited to 5 posts per day in the catching phase (that is, they can post up to five times, and the organizers will respond 5 times; posts beyond the fifth will be ignored until the next day), to ensure that the organizers have enough time to attend to other players and other things and to make sure that no player has significantly more chances at a catch than any others. This limit may be decreased if things become extremely busy, and it may be increased if the organizers feel they can handle more or if things need to be wrapped up quickly before the deadline. Any changes to the PCT update rate will be announced.

The catching phase will last for two weeks, possibly with a bit of extra time to allow players Pokémon to finish up their current catch attempt; any extra time will be announced. Players who have successfully captured a Pokémon get to keep that Pokémon and will move on to the next phase of the PCT. Players who have not captured a Pokémon are eliminated from the PCT, but will receive 1500P as a consolation prize.

Tournament Phase

The tournament phase consists of a single-elimination tournament between all players who caught a Pokémon during the catching phase. You will use only the Pokémon you just caught; your original Pokémon or rental will not participate. The number of brackets and rounds will be adjusted based on the number of players who made it to the tournament phase, with byes given if necessary.

As soon as the catching phase ends, you will be permitted to select up to two additional temporary moves for your caught Pokémon, allowing you to diversify its movepool and attempt to strategize. You may choose any two TM, tutor or egg moves that are legally available to your Pokémon, with the base power of damaging moves not exceeding 70 (no Earthquake, sorry). Additionally, Dragon Rage, Sonic Boom, Night Shade, Seismic Toss and Super Fang are not allowed in the tournament phase, even if your catch naturally knows this move. Other moves may be disallowed at the organizers' discretion.

Once all special moves have been chosen, the organizers will post threads for each match. The two players in each match will post their commands for each turn in their catching phase thread, where only the organizers will see them; do not post commands in the tournament match thread itself! Once both commands are received, an organizer will update that thread with the results of those attacks. This will continue until one player's Pokémon has been knocked out. The winner advances to the next round, and the rounds will continue until a winner is determined!

  • All players who did not catch a Pokémon during the catching phase receive 1500P.
  • Players who caught a Pokémon but did not place first or second in the tournament are permitted to keep their Pokémon as it was when they caught it.
  • The second-place player gets to keep their caught Pokémon and both of its temporary moves.
  • The first-place player gets to keep their caught Pokémon, both of its temporary moves and 1 [sp=dreamdna].

    The inaugural PCT will be taking place on Taluic Island, one of the smaller islands in the New Logoran archipelago. Taluic is a popular destination for expensive beach getaways, but it's also home to an interesting selection of wild Pokémon. Captain Thalassa Neptune has worked with some friends to set up a fun island adventure for any interested trainers, combining her expertise with the Submarine Safari, a new place to explore and a good, old-fashioned tournament to cap the whole thing off!

    The four areas you may choose to explore are the beach, the water's edge, the forest and the cave. That's all the information you're getting; you'll have to start finding wilds in a given area before you know exactly what's there! Remember to say which location you want to search next, or else we'll just have to randomize it for you!

    The list of rentals, provided by the captain's friends, is as follows:

    Multiple players may choose the same rental if they wish.

    Sound interesting? Tickets to the Taluic Island PCT are free, and this little excursion will not interrupt your normal adventure; just post in this thread stating that you're signing up, and either give the name of the Pokémon in your party/PC or the rental that you'd like to use. Signups for the PCT will close on June 20th, so be sure to grab a spot on the boat while you still can!

    1. Kaelyn
    2. KathiraNarae
    3. Orchestra
    4. Negrek
    5. LightKunai
    6. Ratio
    7. MrKyurem
    8. Taav
    9. Roxas
    10. Inquisitor
    11. Pomfrey
    12. Thunderfox
    13. Eonrider

    [Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

    by: Chronicler

    At last, we've reached the end. We wish we could throw some more free goodies at you all, but we have to save some for next time, right? Thank you all for reading, and let's get this celebration and all of these events rolling! And most importantly, don't forget to have fun!

    Always remember to enjoy Fizzy Fun Juice responsibly,
    The Turquoise Staff

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  Turquoise Articles 1/14/15: Ringing in the New Year
Posted by: Negrek - 01-14-2015, 11:40 PM - Forum: Turquoise Articles - No Replies

[Image: TA8_zps0d13ef84.png]

New Year, New Articles
by: Negrek

A lot went on at Turquoise during 2014: the RP's first festival and first storyline event, the reveal of New Logora's first legendary and mega evolution, the first bingo of what is sure to become a site tradition, and even our first visit from Santa. It's too soon to say what 2015 holds in store, but it's sure to be exciting. And to start things off on the right foot, we're happy to release something we've been working on behind the scenes for quite some time...

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

The Sixth Generation Arrives
by: Negrek

As of now, Turquoise is officially up to date with the sixth generation! All movelists have been updated on the wiki, and curlsa, basculin, and all their friends are now out roaming the wilds of New Logora--be sure to check noticeboards throughout the regions to see where you can find the islands' new pokémon species.

Remember that if you have pokémon that had a moveset change with the sixth generation, you can choose to retain the old moves if you'd prefer. If you want them updated, though, be sure to visit this thread and let the mods know what movesets need to be changed.

This also means that the Gen VI Prerelease Promo will be closing soon, too! There's only one week left to nab one of New Logora's newest pokémon, so be sure to check it out if you haven't already.

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

New Year, New Staff
by: Negrek

What better way to start off the new year than with some new staff? Our first RPG mod of 2015 is Metallica Fanboy! If you haven't taken the time to check out his journey, you definitely should, and even if not, you can look forward to seeing his work popping up in your journey thread soon.

On the other hand, you've probably already seen Dazel posting around the RP, but as of today he's adding Community Moderator to his list of responsibilities. He's got lots of great ideas for events to bring the community closer together, and hopefully you'll be able to enjoy some of them soon.

Congratulations to Metallica Fanboy and Dazel on their promotions! It's great to have the two of you on staff, and we look forward to working with you, both in the RPG and out.

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

Promo Time!
by: Negrek

The holiday season is over, but Turquoise isn't done celebrating yet! We're wrapping things up with a festive new year's promo. Be sure to claim your goodies before the month is out!

What's more, we've made an extra little tweak to birthday promo distributions. Starting this year, all birthday promos will know the move Celebrate in addition to their normal level 5 moveset. On its own it's just a bit of extra birthday pizazz, but if you hang onto your gift from the new year's promo and keep an eye out for more like them, you might be able to give your opponents a big surprise...

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

Fire Grace Wrap-Up
by: Negrek

On the other hand, we definitely are done celebrating the Fire Grace Festival. At this point, it's no longer possible to redeem your IRP threads for prizes, although you're certainly welcome to finish them if you wish. If you missed out on this year's festivities, don't worry--you'll have another shot at the fun when the Fire Grace Festival comes around again. In the meantime, there will be other festivals to enjoy, too; we're only getting started exploring New Logora's history and culture!

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

RP Seasonal Returns
by: Negrek

The RP Seasonal's been quiet for a while, but nominations are open again! You have until the end of February to decide which adventures you think deserve the Winter Seasonal title, so keep an eye out for great writing over the next couple of months. Remember that you can nominate event threads and IRP's as well as normal journey threads--we want to recognize exciting stories no matter where they happen in the RP!

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

by: Negrek

And with that, Turquoise's 2014 holiday celebrations come to an official close. I hope you enjoyed the festivities, and with any luck I'll see you back here next year for another celebration. Here's to a happy and prosperous new year for you all, both in-RP and out!

Until next time,
The Turquoise Staff

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  Turquoise Articles 12/25/14: PRESENTS PRESENTS PRESENTS
Posted by: Phoenixsong - 12-25-2014, 09:21 PM - Forum: Turquoise Articles - Replies (21)

[Image: TA8_zps0d13ef84.png]
Happy Holidays!
by: Phoenixsong

The big day (for most of the West, anyway) has arrived, and as is traditional we come bearing gifts and good news! Be sure you all give the moderators in particular a big thank you for what's about to come—they handled a lot of the organization, entry collection, idea generation and more, and personally I think they did a spectacular job setting up a holiday to remember. Awesome work, mod team!

Read on, Turquoise members, and get ready to tear into some wrapping paper!

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

Bingo Time Tie-Breaker
by: Phoenixsong

...actually, one little matter of business before we make with the gift-giving. The poll results for the next bingo game are currently tied. It looks like we're definitely holding it on Saturday, January 3rd, but we're evenly split on exactly which time! I've created one more poll at the top of this thread to decide between these two times, so please cast a vote for the time that works best for you! It's definitely going to be worth your while to try and make it to this one...

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

Mystery Gifts Revealed!
by: Phoenixsong

The mysterious, brightly-colored gifts have finally arrived! Anxious to see what sorts of treats Gadari left for you inside? Post here to claim the gift you asked for and choose what you want from inside (and remember, we *do* know which one you asked for!), and enjoy!

(For randomized gifts, the moderator processing your claim will randomize the item when they add it to your profile.)

Red Mystery Box: Battle Box

If you claimed this box to scratch that opponent-bashing itch, you've received:

1 [sp=snowcrystal] (Snow Crystal: When held, this item replaces the holder's current ability with Refrigerate.)
2 random type gems
1 random plate
1 Rare Candy

Blue Mystery Box: Capture Box

The avid pokémon collectors among you have received:

1 [sp=yuleball] Yule Ball (4x capture rate vs Ice-types and red- or green-colored Pokémon; check a canon pokédex for canon colors, ask a mod about a fakemon if you are unsure)
2 Premiere Balls
1 random ball from the list below
1 Rare Candy
Ball list: Level, Lure, Moon, Friend, Love, Heavy, Fast, Repeat, Timer, Nest, Net, Dive, Luxury, Heal, Quick, Dusk, Faraday, Hover, Solar, Specter

Green Mystery: Berry Box

And finally, for those of you who wanted to receive a sweet, healthy treat:

1 [sp=jinglebell] (Jingle Bell: When held, the power of the holder's moves marked with the "Sound-based" flag have 1.5x power)
2 random happiness increasing berries (Pomeg, Qualot, Kelpsy, Hondew, Grepa, Tamato)
1 random berry from the Open-Air Market appropriate to your badge tier
1 Rare Candy

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

The Wonderful World of Wonder Trading
by: Phoenixsong

The GTS has been buzzing and gifts have been flying across New Logora and the internet, and it looks like they've all finally arrived! Ready to open up the poké ball that's been dropped on your doorstep? Find your spoiler and see the surprise inside, then post here to claim it and have it added to your profile!

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

Someone's Come to Town...
by: Phoenixsong

New Logora, close to the equator as it is, never gets particularly chilly even in the winter. Unusual, then, that people have been reporting occasional sudden bursts of unseasonable cold and even seconds-brief snow flurries throughout the region. Most of the time the spurts of phantom winter wind disappear as though they were never there, but every once in a while someone sees a strange little man through the blast of snow. Some people weren't surprised when they learned that the man is described as heavyset, clad in red and white with a voluminous white beard (whether because they were expecting some kind of joke or because they were actually willing to believe). What has surprised everyone who's met him, however, is that he doesn't open with a line about whether they've been naughty or nice—the man in red is looking for an opponent for a rousing holiday battle! The whole situation is definitely bizarre, but he claims to have some presents for anyone who can defeat him...

To participate, simply create a new thread in the new Holiday 2014 events subforum. You do not have to pause your adventure to participate in this battle—you can continue posting in your normal thread. (You may want to make a post in your main thread to announce that you're starting the battle and provide a link to your new event thread, however, just to be sure the mod updating you sees it!) You will then have a single trainer battle against the strange man. If you lose and there is still time, you may attempt the battle again until you are successful. If you win, you'll get some extra cash and a prize!

Be sure to act quickly and catch the strange man soon, however. Real or no, he's going to disappear for good at midnight EST on January 6th, 2015 (when it becomes January 7th), and unless you're actively finishing up a battle with him you'll miss your chance!

(Moderators: See this post for relevant information.)

[Image: Seperator_zps50e51794.png]

by: Phoenixsong

That's all... for the moment, anyway. Whatever you celebrate at this time of year—Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, or maybe just a little Festivus for the rest of us—we hope you have a very happy holiday season and are looking forward to the brand new year on the horizon! We know we sure are... ;)

Until next time,
The Turquoise Staff

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