Forum Rules and Warning Information
Rule Description/Penalty
Rule I:
Swearing/Drama/Inappropriate Discussion
Due to the fact that there is a wide variety of ages that are present here at Pokemon Turquoise, we prefer that swearing, drama, and inappropriate talk in general is kept to a minimum. An occasional slip won't be much of a problem in terms of language, but the rest should be kept outside of the Turquoise forums. Continuous usage of inappropriate language will be dealt with accordingly. Drama and talk of inappropriate material unsuitable for forum discussion will be dealt with immediately.

Penalty: 1 Warning point - Expires in 30 days
Rule II:
Flaming, trolling, and bashing towards other members will not be tolerated on the forums and will result in warnings. Flaming and bashing is a deliberate attack on someone with hostile and demeaning posts, while trolling is being a general annoyance just to gain attention or to create drama. Neither will be tolerated.

Penalty: 2 Warning points - Expire in 60 days
Rule III:
All spamming, the posting of pointless material on the forums, should be contained solely within the Miscellaneous Discussion Forum, and no where else. If we find that you are spamming outside of this forum, penalties will incur.

Penalty: 1 Warning point - Expires in 30 days
Rule IV:
Advertising is generally accepted here at Pokemon Turquoise. However, we ask that you keep advertising to your signature or the appropriate forum -- the Advertising Forum. Follow the rules of advertising. They are simple, and not worth getting a warning from for breaking.

Penalty: 1 Warning point - Expires in 30 days
Rule V:
Inappropriate Content
Posting any inappropriate content such as pictures, videos, or links to pornographic material, hentai, etc, is a serious problem. We have several younger members on the forums, and exposure of the forums to that kind of content in any way is prohibited.

Penalty: Temporary 30-day ban upon first offense. Follow-up offenses of this rule will result in a permanent ban from the forums.
Rule VI:
Bumping Topics
Bumping means to post a thread that is relatively old. The cut off here at Turquoise is three months, so please, do not bump threads older than three months if it is clear that the discussion is dead. If you are unsure of whether bumping something is okay, please send a private message to one of the forum staff members..

Penalty: Upon first offense, we'll simply remind you not to bump. Repeated bumps will result in 1 Warning point - Expires in 30 days
Rule VII:
Double+ Posting
Double posting is when a member posts twice in a row in a single topic, usually to get people to notice it. Double+ posting is posting more than two posts in a row. Both actions are not allowed on the forums, and will deserve penalties.

Penalty: Upon first offense, we'll simply remind you not to double post. Repeated double posts will result in 1 Warning points - Expires in 30 days
Rule VIII:
Alternate Accounts
Unlike several other Role Play Forums, creation of more than one account on the forums is prohibited. Creating a separate account, whether to evade a ban or not, will deserve penalties and the alternate account being deleted.

Penalty: Every offense results in the addition of 2 non-expiring warning points on your main account. If you are already banned, your ban will be increased by 30 days. Follow-up offenses when you are already banned can result in an indefinite ban on your main account.
Rule IX:
First of all, keep any inappropriate material that wouldn't be allowed elsewhere in the forums out of your signature and avatar. Now, we have a few rules regarding signatures due to the fact that some people will have signatures that are taller than someone's monitor display. You are limited to two image blocks outside of spoiler tags, which together must total 300 pixels in height and 750 pixels in length at most. An image block can consist of up to a single banner, several sprites for a dream team, or any other shorter images in height that fit inside the 300 pixel height limit when measuring both image blocks together.

If we notice that there is way too much text in your signature, we will either ask you to put it in a spoiler or we'll enact a smaller character limit if it's a problem among many members in the forums. You can put however much you desire in a maximum of two spoiler tags, but be considerate of length and images that might stretch someone's screen upon opening the spoiler.

Penalty: A verbal warning via private message upon first encounter of the unsuitable signature. If the problem is not dealt with by the member, we will take action and remove the problem ourselves.
Rule X:
The Turquoise Staff members are chosen carefully by the the leaders of Pokemon Turquoise after deciding who is best fit. Please, do not ask to be a part of the staff team. It will only hurt your chances. Throughout the year, we might hold several applications for RPG Moderators, as well as Community Moderators. Applying for one of these positions is the best way for you to become a part of the staff team, and there are no rules against applying for both. In addition, by noteworthy contribution to the forums, members may earn the position of VIP by being dubbed Member of the Month by the Turquoise Staff. This is a position where you have a three-month trial period of access to a couple of the staff forums, where you can contribute more and earn a permanent spot on the staff team..

Penalty: None, but asking to be on the staff team will not leave a good impression for the current staff members.
Warning System: 40% Warning Level - 10 Day Ban
80% Warning Level - 30 Day Ban
100% Warning Level - Indefinite Ban