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So this is pretty self-explanatory. You just talk, catch up with people, and make friends here. Usually there's a subject that people are talking about, so try not to completely disregard a newly brought up subject if you can. We wanna make sure that everyone feels at home here. =)

To start things off, how's everyone's Summer going?

As for myself, pretty darn great. I start a new job next Monday, have an amazing girlfriend, and I actually just got a car for essentially nothing! Not to mention that this place is open now. ;)
Summer is okie dokie for me. Nice to not be stressed with homework for a while. I've turned almost nocturnal now though. Haha. Though, tonight I didn't sleep again. At the moment, I'm sick with a cold that's been with me for a month now. It sucks... :C
Summer's not as fun as it could be, since I'm stuck in Kansas for pretty much the rest of the month with nothing to do. Working my butt off on a few essays to get into a few super-competitive high schools, though. Not as fun as it could be.
Man summer has been a big ol' ball of stress. I'm taking a summer term and all of my classes have been really hard :'D I'm also coming to realize how much I hate SoCal summers. Miss you cool ol' northwest.
Ouch, Summer Classes. I'm hoping to avoid those altogether with the AP credit I accrued during my high school days, but I think I found out I'll have to take at least one during my 4 years in undergrad. Until recently though, I was really bored so I wouldn't have minded one or two classes at the time I guess, heheh.
I'm in the same boat with summer classes. I'm finishing an intermediate microecon class today (guess I should probably study), then I have a finance class over the other half of the summer. They're actually not all that bad, like yeah they're really short and you have to put in a lot of time and stuff, but I think it's pretty worth it especially if you can use them to boost your GPA.
Discrete Optimization just started on Coursera, so I'm probably going to start working on that soon. It'll be good preparation for college Computer Science. I have no real obligation to it though, since it doesn't cost anything and doesn't leave any kind of record.

I was considering enrolling in a community college course for credit, but I've decided to take it easy this summer. I'm starting a job in a couple of weeks, so trying to take a class for credit doesn't sound very pleasant.
You might as well lay low for the time being, Isaac, and take the break while you can, especially with starting a new job in a few weeks. I know I wouldn't want any classes considering that my job starts training next Monday. >_<

Anyone have anything fun planned for the Summer in terms of vacation or just doing stuff with your family and friends?
Everyone's talking about summer and I just got back from going to the snow for a day. Yay for being in the opposite hemisphere to everyone else!
(06-22-2013, 05:31 AM)Eonrider Wrote: [ -> ]Everyone's talking about summer and I just got back from going to the snow for a day. Yay for being in the opposite hemisphere to everyone else!

We had an awful snow season a few months back that extended the school year. I actually prefer the cold, but I'm just happy that school is finally over.
@Eonrider: Wow, that's different to hear since the weather is all hot here in Michigan now, lol. Where do you live that has all of the snow coming in still?

As for myself, I don't mind the snow and Winter, but I don't like when seasons sort of overstep their boundaries. Like snow in April, lol. I guess that's a bit too much to ask for where I live though. Michigan has the most bi-polar weather you can imagine, haha.
I live all the way down in New Zealand. It doesn't usually snow where I live, but I took a trip south yesterday to some mountains to go see some.
Wow that's pretty cool! I'd like to take a vacation sometime in my life to Australia and/or New Zealand so I hope to see what it's like out there sometime. ^_^

And wow, it's getting really hot here in Michigan area (near Detroit). I'm thinking about just laying in the pool for a while today. Or hopefully going to some grad parties with pools. Anyone here graduate this Summer (besides Isaac and Suzuran I think lol)?
(06-22-2013, 04:14 PM)Eonrider Wrote: [ -> ]I live all the way down in New Zealand. It doesn't usually snow where I live, but I took a trip south yesterday to some mountains to go see some.
Ooh, major jealous over here. New Zealand is definitely in my top ten for places I want to visit. Hopefully within the next five years.
So being that it's Summer so I'm not in school and I need to have money in order to be in school in the Fall, I finally have a job (Booooo, we want updates!). Well don't worry, you guys will still get updates, but I'm officially a Summer Contingent Teller for Flagstar Bank. :D
It's a bit of a change from last Summer when I worked as a field surveyor for a private Assessing firm, but it's very nice that I have an air conditioned building to sit in while I work now. I much prefer that over walking house to house in the blistering heat. But yeah, congrats to me (*sarcasm*)!

That all being said, what kind of job positions have the rest of you worked (if any at all), or are you looking to get a job somewhere?
Oh, the jobs I've had, loved, and hated are few and far between. I've worked as a cashier, IT intern, janitor (It wasn't the job title but it's all I was, really), and greeter. Summer jobs are great for cash, because of so many hours you can work.

The job I have now, I am learning to love more than I did my last job. I'm an IT guy again. I make sure every iPad, laptop, and desktop work in tip-top shape. I'm the guy who makes sure people aren't browsing Reddit at work. And I'm the guy who doesn't have to suck up to the boss, because without me, he'd be unable to figure out his PC.

I'm looking to work for the university I'm looking to attend. They have quite a few opportunities, and good pay, compared to other places around town. Not to mention that they'd be one of, if not the, most understanding of busy college class schedules. That's one thing I really need from an employer: flexibility and understanding.
Yeah, I feel like I've done it all. I've worked in fast-food, restaurants, warehouses, hospitals, car dealerships, grocery stores, etc.

I'm a bit of a jack-of-all-trades in hourly-wage jobs haha.
I just had my drug test for my first job. :)

Though it's actually a paid internship, so I'm not sure if it counts as a real job. I'm hoping it helps me figure out whether I want to pursue software or electrical engineering, or stick with computational neuroscience.

So many options...
Just got a new job, and I will be starting tomorrow, so I might be less on but it is something I always wanted to do, and now I can finally do it :)
I finally have a mandatory vacation from work XD. Can't figure out what to do on my spare time though.
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