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Full Version: RPG Update Required Thread
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While our RPG Moderators and staff will do everything in our power to make sure this topic isn't necessary, there may be the occasional time when your adventure thread is skipped or not gotten to yet with updating, due to personal circumstances involving the staff members.

If there is this off-moment when your adventure has not been updated in 48 hours or more, please post here with a link to your adventure and we will do everything in our power to make sure the situation is handled with the utmost priority and speed. ^_^

On behalf of the forums and for future occasions, we apologize for any inconveniences brought on by you having to post in this thread.

I think I got missed since I went a little out of the way.
Oops, it seems like it. Hopefully it won't happen again, though I'll take note as to do more thorough checks of all of the islands from now on. ^_^

You should be updated now, sorry for the late response!

I'm at 49 or so hours, update would be appreciated but don't rush yourself.
Kitsune, it looks like it's not just you; most active threads on Brol Island (and probably other places, though I haven't checked) passed 48 hours sometime this afternoon.

But like kitsune said, no pressure. Goodness knows if I were modding, I'd have burnt out by the second or third day.
Sorry for the wait guys, I'll be going through everything right now. Things have been a little hectic lately since I used my free time yesterday for the new T.A. write-up and I started working today, but hopefully I can keep up a little better once Te-em is all set and more mod apps come in.
It's been a little over 48 hours for me so could I maybe have an update today? Please and thank you. http://pokemonturquoise.com/showthread.php?tid=247
We apologize for letting your adventure reach 48 hours without a response. We are currently updating everyone, and have almost finished training our new RPG Mod (with more on the way), so hopefully we can prevent this in the near future. ^_^
Thank you for the quick response and update. It's greatly appreciated.
I really hate being *that* person, but

Yuppp I think it's been about 48 hours for mine. No rush though of course uvu http://pokemonturquoise.com/showthread.php?tid=241
Sorry about that guys, and there's nothing wrong with being that person. We appreciate posts here as they help us find areas we might've missed while updating. You're all set now!
Hit 48 hours, link to adventure to the left. :)

Mod Note: Huh, could've sworn everyone there was updated. Anyway, you've been gotten sir!

48. Sorry guys!

Mod Note: Sorry about that AJ, you're all set! ~Chron

Achtundvierzig stunden.

Mod Note: All taken care of. Sorry for the wait.
Huh two days already and I didn't even notice. Link to the left.
I got it updated for you. Good luck!

stop skipping me guys ;__; i feel left out of the adventure

Mod Note: Sorry for the wait. We don't mean to skip you :(
Not sure if this counts but I had to close a thread as soon as I opened it so it probably went unnoticed that I reopened it and technically has been more than forty-eight hours since I posted it. There's a link to the left.

Mod Note: It doesn't really, in my opinion, but you're taken care of nontheless.
It's been 48 hours for me now. So many mods currently out of commission.

Mod Note: Seemed pretty unfair for you to get passed up while you tried to handle everybody else, so I took care of your thread.
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