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Full Version: Anya Caldera's Profile (SylveonIzzy)
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Player Info

Name: Anya Caldera
Age: 14
Gender: Female


Money: 1000P
New Logora: None yet

Key Items: None yet
General Items: [sp=oranberry] (1)
Poké Balls: [sp=pokeball] (5)
TMs/HMs: None yet

Trainer Details

Pokédex Type: New Logora


Rival Info

Name: ???
Age: ???
Gender: ???

Rival's Team

[sp=male] [sp=acafia] [Overgrow]
Player's Team

[5] [sp=male][sp=spraylet] 24/24 [Torrent] @ None
Nickname: Zephyr
OT: Anya Caldera (SylveonIzzy)
Moves: Tackle, Leer
EXP: 0%
Global Plaza


PC: Box 1

None yet